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09:10 AM on 10/17/2012
Why haven't these teens been arrested and held accountable for her death????? They did with the other teen who committed suicide! There were like 5 teens who were arrested. Plus where the hell were her parents???
03:17 AM on 10/17/2012
anti depressants?? Parents?? GIVE ME A BREAK!! She killed herself because of BULLIES and THEIR parents' lapse in responsibility. PERIOD. How could her parents know she sent naked pics of her chest?? Were they supposed to be there spying on her in her bedroom or the bathroom maybe?? PLEEEASE's just stupid.
02:40 AM on 10/18/2012
At least someone is speaking sense. Amanda Todd made a mistake that A LOT of teenage girls make. Her parents did what they could-- switched her schools, even moved her to a different city. But that can only do so much good when the bullies keep harassing her no matter what she does. Why is nobody asking where the BULLIES' parents were? They call HER parents "irresponsible" because they didn't pay close enough attention to what she was doing online, but nobody's calling the bullies' parents irresponsible for the exact same lack of attention.
10:26 PM on 10/22/2012
Amen to that!!! Her parents did everything they could, and the self-righteous people who are blaming THEM should be ashamed of themselves. Do they think that they could have done better? They better pray that God never takes them up on their "offer" to show how well they would do in that same situation. The bullies should be charged with some degree of murder or manslaughter. Her parents should bring a civil suit against them for manslaughter. As for what this world is coming to.... it will only get worse. Read your Bibles.... in the last days there will be terrible times. It's not going to be getting any better people. The breadth and depth of evil is definitely spreading and will continue to do so. Seek God now.
01:23 AM on 10/17/2012
I am Amanda's kin-related by affliction,experience.To those who say,look at everyone who has less than you, be grateful!--It's not that. If acquisitions could heal, healed we'd be. Our parents? In some cases, they may have been able to try more, but in most, they can't comprehend the depth of our despair. And try to explain? It confuses, it pains them. We learn early on that they don't 'get it', & we thank God for that & still wish for someone who does,so maybe we'd know if we alone are this 'wrong', this flawed? After 4-odd-decades of trying to understand why I am this way, trying to understand how I fit in, being told that everyone goes through this, &yet finding out that no, they don't( & I am so happy they don't because it's relentless & coldly logical and so, so very soul-crushing)Please don't judge, don't say you understand, because 99.99% never will, & thank God for that. All I can ask is that you never TRY to be cruel-cruelty can happen, & does, but if on purpose? My God, how awful can a human be. Those in the 'typical' range--please know that you'd be horrified if you were brought over into our existence. The majority of us try to wrangle some meaning from it while trying to shield those that love us from delving into these depths. Don't say you understand, because you don't, & I hope to hell you never do.
11:31 PM on 10/16/2012
This girl regardless of her mistakes sent out a gut wrenching story on cue cards. It was devastating as a person with any feelings for our young people and even more so as a parent with kids in todays social media age. We should ask where are the parents? sending naked pics online? being judged for a lapse in judgement or something that her friends may have also done? the world can be a dark dark place on a decent day.... my heart and prayers go out to her family and the families of all who go thru this....we can all make a difference before it hits home
01:16 AM on 10/17/2012
I'm really wondering the same, Where her parents was all this time? Very sad decision of someone to commit suicide. Hope that she is now in peace resting a side of the Lord.
06:14 PM on 10/18/2012
Her parents were doing what they could, Just like im sure YOUR parents couldn't follow YOUR eveery move, so why expect her parents to ? Even people w/ severe depression (Such As Myself) Can't have people around ALLLLL the time , That's flat out , impossible, Plus this girl just couldn't take it anymore. Look at how OLD she was compared to how old you are, you REALLY think she's going to think the same way you do about situations? At the end of the day, she shouldn't have been bullied to the point she committed suicide, her parents , trying to involve and blame them for this, is crazy...sorry
10:22 PM on 10/16/2012
I think most people overlook the fact that these antidepressants cause suicidal thoughts and shouldn't be prescribed to these developing children... I've been depressed a lot at different stages in my life. All those anti-depressants do is zombiefy you. Chances are, if you're that depressed, it's likely your environment (and trust me, these public schools foster that feeling in anyone with a little creativity). A shame we're attacking free speech, rather than the likely culprit.
09:42 PM on 10/16/2012
this is dumb i lost 2 friends because of bullies and they arent in the news what makes her different?
10:18 PM on 10/16/2012
So you want your friends to be in the news too?
01:28 AM on 10/17/2012
No what he's saying is that this happens all the time what make her so special? My best friend jumped in front of a train last year due to being bullied I saw him in my local newspaper that's it. It's horrible what happens and this is terrible but what make her special enough to make world wide news?
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07:58 PM on 10/16/2012
Such a beautiful young lady. She should have had the world at her feet, with everything to live for. My heart aches for all the dreams she would never see come to pass.

I truly empathize with this poor child. I was also terribly bullied in school. (I still carry the scars, dating back fifty years. Mere words, can cut as deeply as a knife. Lest anyone say otherwise.) It was a small town and much like Amanda, the bullying followed me everywhere I tried to make a new start. They gave me a cruel nickname in one school and a different one in the next. Kids can be extremely malicious.

I was every day quarry, with no escape! In a maze, with no entrance and no exit! I am certain, that is EXACTLY how Amanda felt!

May she be in the loving and eternal embrace of our Lord and Savior. All pain, torment and ridicule have passed. Smiles, laughter and joy have since become Amanda's only reality!

I extend my deepest condolences to the Todd family. I pray they find the solace they seek, knowing Amanda is finally at peace.
07:42 PM on 10/16/2012
This is so sad. I can't believe this happened.
06:48 PM on 10/16/2012
I am disgusted by some of the replies. The complete lack of compassion for this dead girl and what she went through, my Goodness, where is your heart? Evene IF this girl was a 's.lut', as some have alleged, WHO CARES? That is NO reason to torment and abuse her! She didn't go to 3 different schools, 'just because'. THERE WAS A REASON. Shame on those of you who are blaming the victim. I hope to God you never have children!
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06:43 PM on 10/16/2012
It's sad that little girls who look just like this...take the same pictures, pose in just the same ways, wear the same clothes, have the sames teenage insecurities and fears are turning around and passing foul and harsh judgement. Saying things like "what's so special about her" in a sad and spiteful way as if they think they deserve the attention. Our society of youth is sick. I can't stand that it's not getting better. Preying on someone else's issues doesn't make you makes you one more of a mob of sick, sad, disturbed jackyls who is scared to admit that they would rather be with a pack of cruel people than deal with themselves.
05:48 PM on 10/16/2012
Question: Why was this girl so afraid of her parents?
05:28 PM on 10/16/2012
Australian TV had a doco about this sort of tragic situation at the start of October - - was so sad, wrote a song to help me process it -- // - it's a bad recording, but maybe it helps lift someone up a little - cheers / matt
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Resistance is Virtuous
01:34 PM on 10/16/2012
Rough time to grow up. Parent's generally know very little about the computer world we (90s kids) grew up in. Dark time to be a kid.
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