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02:17 PM on 10/16/2012
I don't think it will be like 2008, it will be more like 1888 in the "Gilded Age" when "The Trusts" ran the country.
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04:35 PM on 10/16/2012
Too late.
Scotland Dave
Stop lying to kids,break the cycle of religion.
02:12 PM on 10/16/2012
Quick Mr Levin, get over to the President ASAP and get him to read this article before he goes on debate tonight: maybe it will get his gastric juices flowing as to how much we need him to knock Rmoney out of the ball park. OBAMA 2012.
Fox News is Watching Our Henhouse
03:54 PM on 10/16/2012
Or stuff him under the podium.
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01:47 PM on 10/16/2012
Conservatives want to convince the voters that the choice is between socialism or capitalism, when the real choice is between regulated capitalism or predatory capitalism. Because the voters foolishly gave the GOP a majority from 02 to 06, they'll say and do just about anything to regain power, (and frankly they blew it, just like they did with their majority in the 20s.) If the democrats knew how to message they would point that fact out over and over until the gullibillies get it: republican majorities = economic disastor.
Gisela McClean
Mainz 05 Fan
01:46 PM on 10/16/2012
After reading this, I am even more afraid of a President Romney!
04:03 PM on 10/16/2012
You should be. A Romney presidency spells disaster for most of us.
01:44 PM on 10/16/2012
"...we're talking about the governance of history's greatest democracy, not some pump-and-dump scheme that sacrifices middle class America on the altar of an offshore bank account..."

Brilliant article, Adam.

Just about one of the best lines I've read, which quite masterfully, sums the whole matter up. Great work, and I hope your message commands the attention, it so richly deserves.
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Soylent Green IS People.
01:24 PM on 10/16/2012
There will be no recall, we will get tar, feathers and, America will move on.
01:16 PM on 10/16/2012
Sad. Scare mongering. Romney's record in business, politics and Olympics is very moderate.
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There's a RAT infestation on Wall Street
01:48 PM on 10/16/2012
We don't care and we don't want him----- so on with the "scare mongering"
Dedicated Truther!
02:27 PM on 10/16/2012
Telling people without health insurance to "go to the emergency room" is not moderate. Abolishing an institution like Planned Parenthood, that provides health care to millions of women, is not moderate. Telling all Americans age 54 and under that Medicare will not be there when they reach retirement, but private, much more expensive insurance is now their option, is not moderate. Abolishing the right to an abortion even in cases of rape, incest, or the life of the mother, is not moderate.

Telling people that you can't worry their pretty little heads with the details of your budget and economic plans until after the election, is not moderate!

I can't believe that ANYONE would trust Romney the Raider, who had absolutely no problem with destroying companies, laying off workers, plundering their pensions, and moving jobs to China. His platform is CUT TAXES FOR THE WEALTHY, CUT SERVICES FOR THE NEEDY.

04:08 PM on 10/16/2012
Romney isn't about solving problems, that's for sure. He is about creating them.
12:58 PM on 10/16/2012
As we are all consumers, consumer protection seems to be a no-brainer. If the middle class is greatly reduced and only the rich have money, who will the consumers be? I like the better version of the US government a whole lot more than unregulated trade and Wall Street unleashed.
12:56 PM on 10/16/2012
""In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks." Now, he wasn't lying. That's what the Republicans think."

Jon Corzine, former New Jersey governor, a Democrat, and head of MF Global Holdings at the time they raided individual investors funds and caused $1.6 trillion to "disappear" has not been prosecuted, and likely never will be. Corzine allegedly got at least $200 million out of the swindle.

Jon Corzine has raised at least $500, 000 for Obama for this election.

Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer both worked for MF Global's law firm, Covington & Burling.

If you want to bring Wall Street under control, you better not vote Obama.
Mone me si erro te amabo
01:26 PM on 10/16/2012
There are bad Democrats. The problem is, on this issue, there are no good Republicans.
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There's a RAT infestation on Wall Street
01:51 PM on 10/16/2012
Tell me where---anywhere ---where you have seen anyone stick up for Corzine? We ALL know he's a thief and we ALL want him in prison

What is wrong with you?
04:24 PM on 10/16/2012
Obama and Holder are as aware as you and I that Jon Corzine is a thief, and if they wanted him in prison, he would have been there. They are co-conspirators.

What's wrong with you, that you buy into the fiction that Obama is for the 99%? Separate his deeds from his words and it's clear what he is.
Music keeps me sane in a crazed society :-)
12:35 PM on 10/16/2012
Romney ALL by himself IS a nightmare AND a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE for this country or ANY country!
small government liberal
04:05 PM on 10/16/2012
I'm not a Republican so I'm very open to such a critique. But do you not think there are any issues on which the president has been a complete nightmare or at least wrong?
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12:32 PM on 10/16/2012
Mr Levin naively thinks only evil capitalists (except the ones in the credit reporting/identity theft business ) and Republicans lie in politics and not his purer than the driven snow Democrats!!!..........Just kidding, he knows exactly what he is doing. He’s another politically connected 1%er shoring up his place on the gravy train that is politics in the wealthiest nation on earth. Better living (for him) through regulation!
12:27 PM on 10/16/2012
My biggest fear of Romney is that he will push regulation aside in a multitude of industries from banking to coal mining. Anything to make another buck.
Shari L Creech
literate liberal, hopeful human
01:52 PM on 10/16/2012
I agree sobe123 and I think in coal mining there have already been too many regulations pushed aside. Also now we have to worry about issues surrounding Fracking. Romney said in an Ad that he wants to get energy out of the ground in Ohio, so I assume that is what he is talking about. They want to take it out of the ground in OH and then they want to fill the space back up with waste from Fracking in other States for $$. I have already read articles about fracking polluting drinking water in Pennsylvania...... I think the public deserves to know a lot more about Fracking.
12:24 PM on 10/16/2012
Apparently, it’s not just politicians who have a lazy relationship with the truth, Mr. Levin.
The Community Reinvestment Act was passed by Congress in 1977 under Carter as a result of national grassroots pressure from groups like ACORN which brought pressure for affordable housing for the poor. It was opposed significantly and aggressively by the banking community. The Clinton Administration’s regulatory revisions with an effective starting date of January 31 1995, were credited with substantially increasing the number and aggregate amount of loans to low and moderate income borrowers for home loans. Contrary to the myth that the private sector and deregulation cause the financial crisis it was liberal policies and government regulation that caused the subprime crisis. Government used the force of law to compel these private institutions to make bad loans.
01:04 PM on 10/16/2012
Mr. Levin’s lazy relationship with the truth fails to mention that the same party that rails against and blame deregulation today was arguing for it before the sub prime crisis. Chuck Schumer wrote in the WSJ on 11/1/06 titled: To Save New York, Learn from Britian. (google it)
Schumer; “What lessons can we learn from other nations' regulatory systems? Currently, there are more than 10 federal, state and industry regulatory bodies in the U.S. The British have only one such body. Industry experts estimate that the gross financial regulatory costs to U.S. companies are 15 times higher than in Britain. Beyond cost savings, the British enjoy another advantage: While our regulatory bodies are often competing to be the toughest cop on the street, the British regulatory body seems to be more collaborative and solutions-oriented. With the benefit of hindsight, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which imposed a new regulatory framework on all public companies doing business in the U.S., also needs to be re-examined. There appears to be a worrisome trend of corporate leaders focusing inordinate time on compliance minutiae rather than innovative strategies for growth, for fear of facing personal financial penalties from overzealous regulators.
Love expands to meet demands.
02:59 PM on 10/16/2012
The Bush Home Ownership Program was the straw that broke that particular camel's back. He had all 3 branches of government from 2001-2006 and never reinstated Glass-Steagal. Instead, he doubled down on the mistakes and destroyed us.
01:52 PM on 10/16/2012
A perfect example of a lazy approach to the truth. No one forced banks to make bad loans. Banks willfully and eagerly jumped into the subprime market.
07:49 PM on 10/16/2012
You really need to expand your education beyond the leftist talking points. Here is the CRA Law of 1977. Pay attention to Sec 802.,803,.804. Maybe in the future you should do your own fact checking. 
HuffingbookPost: no comments
12:24 PM on 10/16/2012
close the book on them in november.
12:17 PM on 10/16/2012
On talking about the truth plays wild with it himself.He leaves out that the mortgage crisis had other the government forcing loans to people who never should have been given them.(Thanks Barney Frank!). Without the overblown laws on credit cards one could have prevented any problem with them by not using them in the first place. Not to mention that the same people get programmed into thinking that we can borrow for anything to buy what we want rather than earning it. And gee...which candidate for president thinks that?..hmmmmmmmmm