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Hank10303 03:30 PM on 10/18/2012
"The governor and GOP leaders in the Republican-controlled Legislature have argued that the expansion will foster a culture of dependency on government," -- WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE FOOLING! --- Mississippi, where the federal government channeled $5,584,088,732 -- $1,900.24 per capita -- ranked tenth in per capita spending. -- CLEARLY, there is already a culture of dependency among the republican  Read More...
07:06 AM on 10/19/2012
Have any of you Socialists stopped to ask if these uninsured are that by choice? When I was in my 20's I would rather spend my money on other things rather than someone elses health care. I love these Big Brother proponents, lets share the other person's money.
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08:29 PM on 10/19/2012
And when they get sick or injured and can't, or won't, pay the rest of us have to. Which is why the right came up with this. The rightwing Heritage Foundation pushed it as a counter to the Clinton's bureaucratic nightmare. They called it personal responsibility then. Romney took it and ran with it, and it's been pretty successful since. Now the right is against it because Obama is for it, despite an actual liberal plan being a pubic option, or even outright single payer.

As far as paying for things, my tax dollars help subsidize their state. MS gets back $2.47 for every dollar it puts in. We get $0.87 for every dollar they put in. Meanwhile they have some of the worst levels of those with healthcare, right up there with TX, and we see this as some sort of model over a tax like MA? Really?
06:35 AM on 10/19/2012
It's Mississippi folks, no surprises here. Somebody needs to explain to their govenor that the plan is a good thing otherwise he's never going to understand it.
07:11 AM on 10/19/2012
Maybe they shouldn't be entitled to an opinion, since it doesen't agree with yours.
Lets just allow only the people on welfare to make the policy. That will improve the country.
08:03 AM on 10/19/2012
I'll bet you don't understand it. As a matter of fact, I guarantee you don't. Prove me wrong and explain how Obamacare is a good thing, leaving out feel-good talking points, demogoguery, spin, and blaming.
on a crusade for truth
08:11 AM on 10/19/2012
take it one step further, tell me who is going to pay for this plan? not the poor or illegals, I guessed right the middle class and small businesses. Take it one step further, the business community isn't going to take the loss, result lay-offs. Simplyfied for lib understanding-- so much for the wonderful healthcare plan.
06:21 AM on 10/19/2012
the state is refusing to expand medicaid ,not decrease the current people on medicaid.
a big difference than the implication of the title of the article.fed money is only for 2 years and then state becomes responsible.states have to live within their budget,and fed gov does not and also fed govern has not even made a budget in more than 3 years.
Rose Morris
02:52 PM on 10/19/2012
In Louisiana, another state that refuses to expand Medicaid, it goes much deeper. The gov'nah is closing public hospitals and expects private hospitals to take up the slack and to take over training medical students.
04:44 AM on 10/21/2012
not true.
expanding medicaid increases the states budget which has to be balanced.
They cannot afford it.
why do we want to increase the welfare state and dependency.
It would be much better to help people to become self reliant.
Aware, alert and listening
06:13 AM on 10/19/2012
These "representatives" have superb benefits, that we pay for.

However, they do not care for their constituents.

Aware, alert and listening
06:11 AM on 10/19/2012
05:13 AM on 10/19/2012
The democrats need to win the senate & the house so we can move on
07:01 AM on 10/19/2012
Move on to poverty.
05:00 AM on 10/19/2012
Another republican clown playing politics with people's lives.........unbelievable....but probably not for these guys...
Aware, alert and listening
02:45 PM on 10/19/2012
Thank you for fanning me on another forum.

best wishes to you, jaded lady!
04:50 AM on 10/19/2012
People had better wake up and smell the coffee. Obamacare is NOT free health care. It will put some states and businesses in a terrible strain and millions or perhaps billions of people will still not be insured. There has got to be a better way to handle health care than borrowing billions from Social Security to fund it.
04:23 AM on 10/19/2012
Medicade is a big rip-off. The rest of us have to pay for our own health insurance,why shouldn't they? Save us some money and stop medicade.
04:12 AM on 10/19/2012
Mississippi was one of the wealthiest states before the Civil War. After, the Feds confiscated untold acres of farmland from the plantation owners, their currency was worthless, and the freed slaves had no jobs to turn to anymore, even those that would have paid them. The war put Mississippi out of business. Then, during the depression many of the farms that survived that period went bust and the Feds stripped off mineral rights before reselling the land. So what you have now is vast amounts of land either owned by the Feds and vacant, or land that the property owners cannot develop mineral resources. Mississippi has vast underground oil and gas resources that cannot be accessed being blocked by the Feds.

My ancestors fought in the Civil War for the north in a Minnesota company. They fought Indians as far west as Yellowstone, and Confederates as far south as Tenessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and other states. I retired to Mississippi a few years ago and learned a lot about the history. They fought on the wrong side, no mistake. But the treatment of this state by the federal government in the years after that are a big part why it is still in poverty, especially the blacks. Had there been a reconstruction plan to rebuild farms and retain mineral rights it could be a much different place now. Increasing Medicaid to one third of the population is not the answer. Give back the land and mineral rights.
07:31 AM on 10/19/2012
Please, the civil war was 150 years ago and you're still blaming the state's problems on that, how about blaming a conservative populace that won't move onto the 20th century let alone the 21stand legislators who won't act to improve the education system, the foundation to moving into a better place.
08:09 AM on 10/19/2012
Mississippi actually had more millionaires than New York prior to the Civil War. One could understand why they might be nervous when someone from the federal government states they are here to help.
john hodgson
One Lab Accident away from being a SuperVillian
04:02 AM on 10/19/2012
This is Republcian Leadership, An Ideal at the expense of the people
Bobby Whyaskin
Out of order comes chaos
03:41 AM on 10/19/2012
"Mississippi has long been one of the sickest and poorest states in America, with some of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease and more than 1 in 7 residents without insurance"

And don't forget it is also the state always among the bottom 3 in education spending per capita. What else do you expect from a state with one of the most corrupt governments that profits by keeping people too uneducated and ignorant to question "them good ol' boys" in the state house.
03:05 AM on 10/19/2012
Jindal is doing the same thing in my home state of Louisiana. Now, LSUMC---which supplies care for a huge number of people--is buckling under the weight of his policies. Taking a hatchet to the program is not only going to hurt the poor, but the people who work and take care of them.

Poor and Republican are two words that should NEVER go together, but are surprisingly common there, and they are getting exactly what they asked for. That is the template the GOP wants to implement on a national level. Like Charlie Brown, impoverished Repubs can't seem to understand that Lucy will never stop snatching that ball away at the last minute.
06:06 AM on 10/19/2012
but they work well together when you add the word ignorant !
02:29 AM on 10/19/2012
well the party of NO is hard at work and they are willing to watch this country sink before they allow one good thing to happen while the dems are in office
what they have done in congress is treason and they should all be jailed or senteneced to death for trying to destroy america to get what they want
and as for the president he should charge them all with crimes against this country
02:20 AM on 10/19/2012