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10:07 AM on 05/07/2009
Has someone notified the Palins? This is just the sort of hypocritical thing they would ace!
02:25 PM on 05/07/2009
Did you notice the glasses on the pageant admissions woman in the photos - who was that?
09:56 AM on 05/07/2009
There she is, Miss Beautiful Morals
There she is, your ideal
The dreams of a million girls
Who are more than pretty
May come true in Riyadh City
Oh she may turn out to be
The queen of femininity
There she is, Miss Beautiful Morals
There she is, your ideal
With so many beauties
She'll take the town of Riyadh
With her all-Arabian face and jihad
And there she is
Walking on air she is
Fairest of the fair she is
Miss Beautiful Morals
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09:54 AM on 05/07/2009
Faith is exactly what the word means, believing whatever fairytale makes one feel happy, protected or superior. There is a religion to fit every need. Apparently the men of Islam love the brand that keep women "in their place," a sort of male superiority religion. But then all fundamentalism has this strain running though its ideology.
09:32 AM on 05/07/2009
In the talent section, the judges will be looking for the contestant who can build an IED in less than 2 miinutes
11:36 AM on 05/07/2009
I thought it was doing martyrdom ops and blowing up the most people in the shortest amount of time.
09:13 AM on 05/07/2009
One drawback of this pageant: If you flub your lines, they execute you.
Liberal Like Jesus
09:00 AM on 05/07/2009
08:49 AM on 05/07/2009
Do we either have to put women in burkas and veils or in thongs and pole dancer outfits (Both extremes)? Why can't women allowed to be humans, meaning neither to defend men's honor, wearing bags, or to entertain them with their asses out in the open? What is this "mis beautiful morals" crap? Oh she obeys her parents most. I would put a few sheep in burkas which would compete with the best, then. And here in the West, we parade women in bikinis (they remind me of the old slave auctions, turn around baby, better have good teeth too) . This has nothing to the with Islam bashing or Christian goading or whatever. I can't wait till women to be recognized for "the beauty of their mind," for once, for goodness sake. Does a brilliant bespacled independent female scientist in loose pants and droopy half sleve t-shirt , no nonsense short hair, no make up, no head cover, and flat sandals make the cut?

-She is the "true beauty" but men are too intimidated to admit it. That's where the problem resides...
09:57 AM on 05/07/2009
You are SO hot, what's your sign?
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my micro-bio is under nsa review
02:44 PM on 05/07/2009
Well said. I fully agree.
Thanks for reading, (even if you disagree)
08:48 AM on 05/07/2009
Straight guys help out a gay brother on this one?

Beautiful Morals? When you are out there following those primal urges is that really what you guys have in mind? Kind of throwing me for a loop here.
08:40 AM on 05/07/2009
In a nation of women degrading themselves in music videos, obsessed with their face and body, selling themselves for a few minutes of fame, taking a crap on C list celebrity’s steps, whilst destroying everything that Susan and Rosie worked for, I feel we should be working on our own “Miss Beautiful Morals”.
10:04 AM on 05/07/2009
12:02 PM on 05/07/2009

But I thought that's what women's liberation was all about - taking off clothes? Like if we take those of womens' head scarves off, they'll be FREE. Like butterflies! They'll be "DAZZLING", like in liberal Lebanon! But hey, if some societies choose not to play that game, they are obviously barbaric, primitive savages. That's why it's ok to torture them (shhhhh!). And of course their womenfolk - that poor, mysterious harem of pathetic creatures teeming with untapped sexual energy, er, yearning for freedom - have no voice or agency whatsoever. In fact they don't really exist or have valid points of view about anything. Let's write about them, since they don't have voices of their own. Oooh and you know what's a funny word? "Burqa." Say it - "burqa, burqa-burqa". Hahahaha that's a fun word to say - see I told you! What does it mean? Oh, I dunno: "Shut up woman while I define you out of existence" or something, I think. Whatever. Arabs kiss camels.

So what is to be done? No time for deliberatin'! Let's do some liberatin'! Get my gun, Sam!

Wait, huh? Colonialism is over? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
trying to be more zen in a zany world.
08:00 AM on 05/07/2009
These people give me the creeps. Don't trust em and never will.
11:37 AM on 05/07/2009
I feel the same way about the Huffpo readership when scanning the comments of a story like this.
07:56 AM on 05/07/2009
Wow. Some of them must have been watching Bill Maher last season. So the woman who wins is the most subservient? Now that fits into the Muslim mold for how they treat their women.
12:33 PM on 05/07/2009
"Their women"? I didn't realize women were still talked about as property. Oh that's right, Muslim women don't exist as anything more than evidence of the barbarity of Muslim men!

You know, there are many different Muslim cultureS around the world. Most are somewhat patriarchal, as is the world in general. But there are a lwhole hell of a lot of Muslim women who would wholeheartedly take issue with any idea that Islam somehow subjugates them. They would cite the content of the Qur'an and its historical context, the sayings of the Prophet, and early Islamic history in their argument. And they would frankly not appreciate being objectified and spoken for by others - least of all those who would claim to want to 'liberate' them. But we aren't listening to them. We prefer meaningless, crude jokes about "burqas" and polygamy - odes to our intellectual and moral mediocrity preserved forever in the comment galleries of the Huffington Post.
04:32 PM on 05/07/2009
Likewise, many North Koreans would call Kim Jong Il their great leader. Your point being?
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07:50 AM on 05/07/2009
This site has just as many ignorant hatemongers as world net daily or washington times. Except here people espouse love of gays and hatred of all religions. The desire to condemn everything about Islam serves as a scapegoat for redirected helplessness and anger over the downward spiral of American society. Collapsed economy, cheating and corrupt banking system, rising unemployment, widening disparity in wealth and income, increase in crime, but blame Islam and Muslims for all the world's problems because it feels better.
07:58 AM on 05/07/2009
look in the mirror....
08:41 AM on 05/07/2009
And you are generalizing as well. I certainly don't blame Islam for anything that's happened within my country. How could I? Islam is in the gross minority in this country. It would be very difficult to say that it affected anything here. And if you read past the ignorant comments ( here as well as in any country, Islamic ones as well), you will see there are few here who could blame Islam for ANYTHING you have mentioned. Not economy, not morals, NOTHING.
07:32 AM on 05/07/2009
Those who compare Christianity (or other religions) to Islam - especially in Saudi Arabia) are missing one point. Namely, in Christian countries, people who are born Christian have a choice about whether they will follow all the precepts of their religion. In many Moslem countries - especially Saudi Arabia - they have no choice.

As a non-Christian, I wish people would stop making these shallow blanket statements.
06:23 AM on 05/07/2009
meri comment kahan hai? comment-ku di mana, ya? wo de comment zai nar? arrrgggghhh
06:13 AM on 05/07/2009
Perhaps ALL beauty pagents in which women are paraded around and judged should be considered archaic, disrespectful and pathetic. I don't want to see women in burkas (anywhere) or women in bikinis on a stage who will then be de-crowned if pictures surface of them in underwear. I mean..where is the logic?

It's all stupid.