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Tom Airhart
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
11:32 AM on 10/26/2012
60 minutes did a survey many years ago on why women voted for Ronald Reagan. The single most popular answer was "because he is so handsome."

This has me wondering how many men voted for John McCain because Sarah Palen was his running mate. I'm sure the answere would be "because Palin is so gorgeous/attractive/good looking.

Many men voted for Reagan because he looked presidential.
Internet=no excuse for ignorance
02:48 PM on 10/26/2012
And we know how that turned out don't we. Reaganomics trickle down and Iran/Contra.
11:32 AM on 10/26/2012
In response to hatpillbill;

Everyone knows what PMS stands for, right?
"Putting up with Men's Sh*t"
Resisting the tyranny of ObamaCare
11:53 AM on 10/26/2012
For sure, too many women today have been taught its OK to be vulgar and to use profanity. It is NOT OK for either gender and shows we are a declining population.
The only One
Equal opportunity offender.
11:55 AM on 10/26/2012
Hey sweetie how long did it take you to come up with that?Not bad for a broad
11:29 AM on 10/26/2012
First let me say that women can be rational when voting. That being said, anyone who thinks that women never get "Hormonal" has obviously never been married.
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11:27 AM on 10/26/2012
Breaking News: Do men vote with their Junk? Has testosterone poisoning ruined this country?! What next?
01:14 PM on 10/26/2012
I do,'cause I dont want to put my finger on that dirty keyboard.
11:22 AM on 10/26/2012
This is why we need more woman scholars. . .and not just the "Yes"-women who seem to agree with everything their favorite males say.
11:14 AM on 10/26/2012
The operative word here is ...Texas
01:08 PM on 10/26/2012
What is that supposed to mean Cross?
01:25 PM on 10/26/2012
Why did you capitalize the c ?
11:08 AM on 10/26/2012
Just like all these unwarranted "anti-voter fraud" laws aimed at cutting down the number of democrats voting, this is obviously a prelude of Republicans trying to justify legislation taking away the vote from women, primarily because they often vote Democratic. Why? look at all the anti- woman's choice and anti-equal pay legislation the GOP rams through the second they get in office instead of the "jobs, jobs, jobs" they promised during their campaigns. So obviously, they ARE voting in their own interest and not hormonally, it's just that the GOP don't like the way they vote!
01:13 PM on 10/26/2012
Not only do you sound sour,you also sound ilinformed.Legal residents who are regestered to vote have no worries.In Chicago dead democrats continue to vote.No such legislation has ever been brought much less rammed through.
08:33 PM on 10/26/2012
Actually, they are finding more fraud among Republican voter sign up people according to an article yesterday.
11:01 AM on 10/26/2012
10:58 AM on 10/26/2012
The Clinton News Network probably has continual feelers out for this type of idiocy. ROFLOL
11:15 AM on 10/26/2012
Hillary is getting ready for the next persidential election!! She sure a hell does not get my vote
Tom Airhart
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
11:35 AM on 10/26/2012
She'd get my vote because she's tough and she's smart and she'd get the job done.

Hillary Clinton 2016
11:43 AM on 10/26/2012
In light of the recent debacle resulting in the killing of four American citizens, I don't understand why she's still SOS! I can't believe that she'll have the intestinal fortitude to run for President. Daily hearing of the lying and misleading actions to cover up serious, serious mishandling of the Embassy attack, I can't believe anyone would vote her.
10:56 AM on 10/26/2012
Such ground-breaking science! All women must be bi-polar by inference, because we will vote Dem when we feel sexy and Rep when we are not feeling so sexy. Flip-flopping just like one of the candidates. Or, hang on, I am starting to feel a hormonal surge, definately the Dems have more fun. Ok, that's the choice; oh yeah, they will let me choose, as well. Woopee, double wammy! Let me check the calendar to see where my hormones are going to be on election day. I had better ask my hubby to hold my hand in case I make the wrong choice. Darn those hormones!
Happy New Year...
11:04 AM on 10/26/2012
I think you need to ask hubby to bring you the meds, you're not thinking rationally...
10:48 AM on 10/26/2012
Austin and University of Texas are as left wing liberal as Obama and CNN. I live in Texas and I know.
11:00 AM on 10/26/2012
What Hillary said...
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The right is consistently wrong.
10:41 AM on 10/26/2012
Hey girl.

The "study" was done in Texas ... what else did you expect?
Moderation is for monks
10:31 AM on 10/26/2012
University of Texas, same Texas that elected Rick Perry? I'm start'n to put two and two together
11:04 AM on 10/26/2012
Are ya getting four?
Tough times don't last- tough people do
10:16 AM on 10/26/2012
Are the people at CNN republican? Don't the republicans hate women enough already? They want to cut our rights re: our body and now surveys re: "hormonal voting" was made? Seriously? Here's a heads up: we do have an intellect; we are people that can actually multi-tsk by working full time, cooking, cleaning and raising children- which is more than I can say for any man these days. Better be careful- According to Census 2000, 281.4 million people were counted in the United States — 143.4 million of whom were female and 138.1 million male- WE outnumber you stupid men that want to revert women and our rights back to the 17th century- WE have the majoirty vote.
common sense is the best party!
10:43 AM on 10/26/2012
Sorry couldn't get past your first question. Are the people at CNN republican. Let me think, owned by Ted Turner, (Obama supporter), one of the most liberal outlets, only less than "Mother Jones", "Rolling Stone", "New York Times". Any possible point that you have beyound your initial question, is really made useless.
10:51 AM on 10/26/2012
You're right. They are all owned by one party or the other. The biggest problem is that so many folks just dont' seem to be free thinkers and processors of information. Take a little from here, a little from there, apply some logical thinking, do some research, and then form a decision. THAT'S why the media will decide the election.
10:57 AM on 10/26/2012
Turner is not a liberal- he is a neo-liberal. Now go look up the terms, get it clear, and report back in a month when you understand.
10:04 AM on 10/26/2012
Back when my husband did university research I asked him once when he was ready to publish the results if the premise had been supported by the research. He laughed and told me I was naive. Standard protocol for university research was to do the reasearch and then fit the premise to the results. sounds like just what this broad did.