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Beatriz09 01:20 PM on 10/25/2012
"I'm not in a position to say mathematically if it adds up or not," he continued. "We'll have to leave that to the American people. [But] how do you make the numbers add up in the end if you're not going to specify the loopholes and deductions?"

To the American people ... ?!? Since when are "the American people" experts in mathematics? Why doesn't he leave math to those who studied it ...  Read More...
Give someone a hand today!
02:48 AM on 10/26/2012
Mitt, you say tax cuts for the middle class? Everyone knows thats a lie. You will get some votes anyway. So many can't see the forest for the trees.
02:46 AM on 10/26/2012
Waiting to see if Huntsmans man is going to pull a McCain and re-embrace the "God is the father, not the rapist" Mourdock and friends.

Figuring out who is going to be part of the new Rape-publican Party. The Party of Rape. The Party that is so intent on creating a path to fatherhood for rapists. Not that rapists actually exist. and if they do and you get pregnant, don't blame the rapist, that was God's doing.

That Rape-publican Party.
Give someone a hand today!
02:43 AM on 10/26/2012
Mr. Huntsman, this is not the first disagreement with romney yet what you say and what you do are at opposite ends. Typical of a true goptp member.
01:57 AM on 10/26/2012
If Jon Huntsman was the Nominee I would have voted for him now I am an Obama man

Obama/Biden 2012
A thimble of moral humility is better then an ocea
04:29 AM on 10/26/2012
I'm with you. Obama/Biden 2012. This election has made me pro-choice, so it's likely even a moderate like Huntsman wouldn't get my vote anytime soon.
"Don't you know who I think I was?"
01:54 AM on 10/26/2012
so you endorse the guy who's endorsement you stridently object, to.

disappointing, Jon.
01:36 AM on 10/26/2012
what is the core of this guy? He can't seem to figure it out.
01:24 AM on 10/26/2012
Collin Powell, Robert Gates, and Jon Huntsman are three republicans who have not stooped to pandering to the John Birchers now calling themselves tea partiers.
GOP= if u cant beat em..cheat em!
04:11 AM on 10/26/2012
You must have not watched the video cause Huntsman is basically against all that robme stands for yet in still he endorses him. Huntsman can and NEVER will be in the same book as Colin Powell. Huntsman's endorsement of robme after all of this reflects that he puts party first. Powell doesnt.
01:19 AM on 10/26/2012
Seeing all the videos of most Republicans, it is hard to see Huntsman as one. He looks like such a chill guy.
01:05 AM on 10/26/2012
You had me there, Jon, until that last paragraph. I was beginning to think you were one of the last reputable Republicans, then you had to blow it by continuing to support a ticket that you know is bad for this country. You're just like the rest.
01:15 AM on 10/26/2012
Or maybe when you are alone in the voting booth, you will do the right thing and vote for our country and not your party. You have to know by now Romney/Ryan would be a disaster for this country. Do the right thing.
GOP= if u cant beat em..cheat em!
04:12 AM on 10/26/2012
Sure is. My sentiments EXACTLY! Huntsman puts party first over intellengence, core, integrity and country! Huntsman is just like all of the other republiCANTs. Powell is in a class by himself.
doctor pangloss
the best of all possible worlds
12:55 AM on 10/26/2012
Huntsman was the only really moderate candidate among all the republicans vying for president and the party trashed him at the very beginning of the debates.
The Wolf's Den.
05:56 AM on 10/26/2012
But you had the extremist that were bolstered by big pockets that needed to heard first. Notice that extremist by themselves are pretty much ignored until the purse comes out. The oligarchs are using the churchy rights and as soon as they are elected all those moral agenda issues will go by the way side and they will resume the status quo of coup de ta of the natiion from the CEO boardroom.
Life is a series of adjustments. All aren't good..
12:48 AM on 10/26/2012
Unlike Huntsman, Romney is trying hard to be President and will not take back anything that he thinks will improve his chances.
The Wolf's Den.
05:58 AM on 10/26/2012
I don't know that last debate had him sounding like Obama in the mirror. If he shifted any more left that night he would have been in Obama's lap.
Michael D OBrien
We can be heroes, if just for one day!
06:15 AM on 10/26/2012
Romney's entire campaign has been a political version of 'musical chairs!'
And he's the only one playing!
12:48 AM on 10/26/2012
Yeah, there are some issues where I disagree with Huntsman, but not anything he said in this article...well except the endorsing Romney part. I think Huntsman's a decent guy. This guy qualifies as one of the few Republican's I can actually respect.
12:41 AM on 10/26/2012
He could have been a contender.
12:34 AM on 10/26/2012
Jon Huntsman, one of the last good Republicans.
America...where Left is Right and Right is Wrong
12:50 AM on 10/26/2012
...the 'only' one as far as I can tell
12:31 AM on 10/26/2012
John Huntsman come join us already. You are a Democrat at heart and soul.
Tom in FTL
I am always for the working person
12:47 AM on 10/26/2012
Finally a voice of reason in the Republican party. I think the Republicans picked the wrong man. We don't need another Bush.