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11:25 AM on 05/12/2009
Why do I try to follow the logic in this man's comments? It's like reading a mad libs. And I'm tired of the right picking out words - 'socialist', 'communist', now 'empathetic' - and beating them to death. Just an example of them reducing everything to the lowest common denominator. You can't examine the nuance of any issue or have a real discussion about anything when you just swing these words around without any context or understanding. How is a party that 8 years ago campaigned on 'compassionate' conservatism now wailing about empathy?!!
11:19 AM on 05/12/2009
Michael Steele is confused on the meaning of empathy. It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Hilton did not empathize with Prejean. Secondly, anyone could be a judge in a beauty pageant, it's not like you have to have any special education or training for the job.
Former Executive Chef, tr0ll watcher
11:30 AM on 05/12/2009
Exactly. Why equate a gossip columnist with a pick for Supreme Court?
Micro-bio this
11:55 AM on 05/12/2009
After the Myers debacle, are we sure that Rushpublicans think there are any qualifications for the Supreme Court??
Liberal Like Jesus
11:17 AM on 05/12/2009
11:16 AM on 05/12/2009
This argument about her answer is a fool's quest. Her position as Miss anything does not in title her to make laws at the state or local level. She does not hold the annals of power so she does not effect the lives of Gays or straights. What in the hell does her opinion on Gay Marriage have to do with the price of tea in China? Her job does entail responsibilities and maybe maybe just maybe you should ask her questions about the actual duties she does have power over. Just a thought. People are two busy trying to get approval for their life choices. Why would someone care what I or anyone else thinks unless I pay your bills?
02:14 PM on 05/12/2009
Very good argument TJ!
11:12 AM on 05/12/2009
Here comes the new Obama Derangement- question his masculinity.
"What kind of man puts dijon mustard on a hamburger? Why can't he use ketchup?" -Laura Ingraham and the rest of the wind machine trying to show he's an elitist metrosexual snob because of his choice of sandwich condiments.
11:20 AM on 05/12/2009
Why even get mad when they do this. They want a reaction so why give it to them? No one thinks Obama is a punk but if they can get to you they will. We do not have to respond to every low down trick the Republicans pull. I did not even bother to read that garbage about the mustard. Like I said people need to stop worrying so much about every little thing the Republicans do.
11:39 AM on 05/12/2009
the fact that Obama can get talking crazy about mustard, just shows how desperate they are... what are/were their plans on healthcare and education again?
11:10 AM on 05/12/2009
Ok, so if she'd been asked a similar question, but in the context of interracial marriage instead and she'd given a similar response, that should be ok too?
11:34 AM on 05/12/2009
In a word "YES". It is her opinion she has a right to it. So yes it would be okay.
Former Executive Chef, tr0ll watcher
11:09 AM on 05/12/2009
Is Steele seriously equating Obama with Perez Hilton? Steele continues to expose himself as a fool. Perez Hilton is certainly empathetic to the LBGT community, he's gay himself. How does that effect Obama's choice for the Court? Empathy was only one criteria Obama cited, but is the only one that Republicans and Conservatives are talking about; in typical fashion seizing on one word they can obsess about among the many that the President spoke about.
11:05 AM on 05/12/2009
Perez Hilton for the Supreme Court!!

is not Chicago
11:00 AM on 05/12/2009
Poor Shemp. He'll never be one of the favored Stooges, but he does his best to act ridiculous and keep up.
11:12 AM on 05/12/2009
Best laugh I've had in a few weeks! Thanks
Art & Music
10:59 AM on 05/12/2009
I'm no fan of Perez Hilton. I'm less of a fan of Steele. Could you imagine him as a judge? Actually- can you imagine him as a politician?

Sarah Palin's soulmate.
"Conservative" is not a political party, genius.
10:58 AM on 05/12/2009
This must be the kind of highbrow discourse Republickins mean when they say they want to discuss ideas.
10:47 AM on 05/12/2009
In the words of my leader: "Wazzup?"
10:39 AM on 05/12/2009
To be fair?

Fair would have had that he was merely responding to a question in the first paragraph.

Instead you manipulated the facts of the situation and after getting in your kicks then added the facts. He was asked a question and he answered it.

How you tortured the truth gives the impression he just waded in and threw out his two cents unprovoked.

How shameful.
Don't bogart that duck
11:07 AM on 05/12/2009
You certainly are working hard to twist this around on the author but, the fact is, the article is about Steele's answer - his statements about Obama's desire for empathy in a Supreme Court Justice. How the subject came up doesn't matter in the least - it's what Steele did with it. And what he did with it was twist it and leave out every fact except the one that Obama wants a Justice with empathy.
10:39 AM on 05/12/2009
Step and fetch is slowly losing his mind, and I'm loving every minute of it.
10:37 AM on 05/12/2009
Steele will do anything to get some attention now. He is the little drunk punk in the bar who thinks he will impress somebody by picking a fight with the biggest guy there. Obama shouldn't and won't bother to oblige him.
is not Chicago
11:01 AM on 05/12/2009
His speeches do capture the essence of a drunken rant. How does he do that so stone sober?
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Think before you fan - I'll only offend you...
11:17 AM on 05/12/2009 mean he's been saying this BS *SOBER*??