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10:50 PM on 10/25/2012
That is a great ad. Richard Carmona has an incredible resume. What this shows you is that republicans put their party over their country. Sorry folks but these are the words of John McCain and John Kyl in this ad. Either they meant what they said about Mr. Carmona or they were lying. Which is it?
Kiss my ___, This is a Holy Site!
10:48 PM on 10/25/2012
Slick move Richard.

Gotta love videotape.
Miko Heart
The only lasting truth is Change
10:37 PM on 10/25/2012
Members of the Democratic Party residing in AZ have very few party options on our ballots. Most state and county Republican candidates run with no opposition.

This election, we have an opportunity to speak and be heard nationally in what may be, for many of us, the most important vote of our generation. We have an important and viable chance to elect a Democratic Senator (Richard Carmona), Representative (Gene Scharer) and locally retire our “State Embarrassment” named Arpaio by electing Paul Penzone.

We can do this Arizona. Vote early, vote absentee or vote in person. Just make sure you VOTE!
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An Arizonan, a voter, & a snarky progressive!
10:53 PM on 10/25/2012
I voted early, for Obama, Carmona and every dem on the ballot!!
Robert A Alba
11:08 PM on 10/25/2012
Molly Ivins should have been here for this
05:11 AM on 10/26/2012
Same here.
"We have met the enemy and he is us"
01:10 AM on 10/26/2012
As well as Ann Kirkpatrick and Krysten Sinimea, both of whom have been viciously attacked by the mysogenic wingnuts.
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10:16 PM on 10/25/2012
Many of the Senate seats the Cons are hoping to pick up are too close to call with more Dems in the lead then cons in the majority of these races. A Dem victory in Arizona by the well rounded, highly qualified Richard Carmona over Con Flake, would go a long way in thwarting Repubs Senate majority hopes. Maybe, Mr. Carmona's very positive story & surge in popularity he will develop some Coattails in neighboring states which have large Latino populations!

This senate race in red state Arizona now has Mr Carmona closing in on Mr. Flake!
Help a GOPer reject their alternative reality
10:01 PM on 10/25/2012
Jon Kyl of "not intended to be a factual statement" fame when he blatantly lied and represented Planned Parenthood on the Senate Floor, is not a credible endorser even if it might help a Democrat.

He is part of the serious problem we have with the broken system in Washington.

And what can I say about John McCain? His latest antics around Mourdock and his "godly rape" statement indicates he is not the same John McCain we use to respect.
10:57 PM on 10/25/2012
All true, but one thing they both can agree with the Democrats on is that Carmona is an amazing guy.
Help a GOPer reject their alternative reality
11:00 PM on 10/25/2012
A Canuck, eh!
09:56 PM on 10/25/2012
Awesome ad. Good luck Mr. Carmona.
Ignore rudeness, honor discussion
10:12 PM on 10/25/2012
Carmona is one of the very special individuals running for office who could make major changes in the direction of American politics from several different anges. I agree with you.