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02:15 PM on 05/21/2009
I really hope that Ruth, the kids and family friends that worked for Bernie get prosecuted, they were all part of it.
01:55 PM on 05/21/2009
I'm glad the Feds are seizing family property and assets, the family (like the mafia) aren't babes in the woods, they benefited from the scam and those items - ALL of it is stolen goods.
01:43 PM on 05/21/2009
$3,800 shopping "binge" in Paris..????That's not a binge, that's a bag, and not even a good one.... particularly if you're uberrich or pretending to be...if it were $38,000 maybe...
Don't bogart that duck
03:53 PM on 05/21/2009
That's what I was thinking.
03:56 PM on 05/21/2009
I had the same reaction when I saw that item. Big deal -- $3,800 is not hard to spend in any major city of the world.
05:12 PM on 05/21/2009
I could easily spend that here in Cincy's Hyde Park district and fit it all in one shopping bag.
01:26 PM on 05/21/2009
I'm no fan of this Madoff clan, but I'm sorry, there's nothing extravagant here. $3500 isn't a Paris shopping spree--it's a nice handbag at a designer store. Let's get real here--even if we are jealous that our discretionary income doesn't allow for fine living, nothing in this list goes beyond the pale. Tell me about $300,000 shopping sprees--with jets left on the tarmac, engines on--etc and maybe I'll join the "oohs and ahh's" and finger wagging. $13,000 ski trip? My family has done that before. The homes aren't outrageous, considering their locations. Let's not be morons here people... Considering how much money Madoff stole, he wasn't living like a robber baron at all.
02:44 PM on 05/21/2009
Well, he wasn't putting it on his AmEx that's all, but I wouldn't go so far as saying he wasn't living like a robber baron (because there is plenty of evidence that he was). This article is only giving the AmEx expenses for a VERY short period (and not even all of them) and aims to get EXACTLY the reaction you just had... i.e., playing for sympathy ("oh look, he wasn't THAT bad"), don't fall for it.
03:20 PM on 05/21/2009
OK so uhm I would guess that your pretty well off huh?
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01:23 PM on 05/21/2009
I really don't consider the spending all that big. I could spend $3800 in less than a minute on the Hermes website if I had it. She had it. How she got it is the big story. I really don't feel sorry for the people who invested with the Madoffs because you had to have known you were never going to get the returns promised to you. You might have wanted it but to believe it was going to actually happen? That's kind of crazy. To me it's the same as gambling in Vegas. You put your money down and hope for the best. When I lose no one feels for me.
01:01 PM on 05/21/2009
How did ABC get their American Express card statement? I got rid of my American Express card in 1979. Does American Express post everyone's purhcases on line or sell it to the media. Madoff is a crook. American Express is something else.
01:18 PM on 05/21/2009
Through the courts.
12:55 PM on 05/21/2009
Please explain to me what any one person or family does to deserve this much wealth. I know Madoff collected this money illegally, but is there even a legal avenue that justifies the wealth of some people?

To me, maybe if you cured cancer you should get to have a huge yacht and a few vacation homes, but we all know the scientist who does find a cure won't get it. Whoever owns the company that employs him will. Yeah, that's balanced. Meanwhile, the people with this much wealth now do what exactly? They operate hedge funds. What a tremendous service.
07:08 PM on 05/21/2009
This thinking is what gets us libs in trouble. As long as its legal there should be no limits to the amount of money you make. If you take the risk, you should reap the rewards. Period.
11:53 AM on 05/21/2009
$3,000+ in Paris doesn't really constitute a shopping "binge." That's the price of a normal designer bag and maybe a shirt.
12:02 PM on 05/21/2009
I am thinking it may be a typo, as that was my exact thought too. Maybe they meant $38,000.
12:13 PM on 05/21/2009
Exactly! Spending $3,800 in Paris is not a "binge" - it's probably two scarves at Hermes! Get real HuffPo!
10:21 AM on 05/21/2009
Frankly, for the truly rich, these are modest expenditures. The house, vacations,, not so much.
09:51 AM on 05/21/2009
I guess they have to do somethng with all those money, can't just stuff them under the matress can they; why should this be news is a mystery to me.
Go and dare before you die
08:45 AM on 05/21/2009
To my mind, the crime of the Madoff mess is the damage done to the sanctity of professionalism in American life. For citizens to see their values trashed by those in whom they trusted to care for the sanctity of those values, is a societal tragedy the size of which is not yet known. This is a big deal.
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11:43 AM on 05/21/2009
Madoff and his family forfeited their decency. They sold their own integrity. What can you possibly own in self pride and dignity after you have screwed so many people over and over? They can't have a soul. It's not the issue of money and wealth as much as it's the wholesale betrayl of other people's confidence and trust, friendship and belief in you. It's just not criminal. It's so cold. The Madoffs turned their backs on humanity. They stepped into a very dark place where they preyed like spiders continuously spinning a web to ensnare hapless victims.
01:20 PM on 05/21/2009
I don't understand why she doesn't come clean. Apologize to the victims. Give up her apartment and start a new life.
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02:51 AM on 05/21/2009
Some of his customers will probably be scooping up his boats and properties now for a relative song.
02:32 AM on 05/21/2009
His lovely wife is up to her eyeballs in this mess but will avoid her own indictment if hubby agrees to reveal where he's hiding the money. The offspring of these creatures reportedly were unaware of what Pops was actually doing. He ruined the lives of relatives and friends. The Madooff name will forever by damned by the parents' sins.
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07:21 AM on 05/21/2009
I feel no pity for the wife, kids or relatives.
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11:42 AM on 05/21/2009
Oh please,
The American public has has the memory of a titmouse.The uber rich will welcome them with open arms as soon as they get their pound of flesh from pops.
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02:09 AM on 05/21/2009
I don't see what the big deal is. I have trouble feeling angry at Mr. Madoff. After all, he was a mere charlatan who wanted to better himself and his family, and in the process, took some filthy rich people for a ride. Obviously, these people were way more rich than they were smart. Most lost only pocket change when you look at their bank accounts.

And as far as the pictures trying to drum up outrage from us commoners, I have to point out the real outrage. It's not outrageous that they spent $1900 for dinner at a NY restaurant. To me, the outrage is that a NY restaurant would charge a couple $1900. I've never seen gold plated food that was edible.

All in all, I have a hard time feeling sorry for all of these multi-millionaires and billionaires who fell victim to a mere charlatan. Come back to me when you're only making $1500 a month and the State ponzi schemes you for tax payments on your home, car, income, gasoline, electricity, phone service, cable service, etc.
09:24 AM on 05/21/2009
Some of those people were not filthy rich when they first started investing with him.

The reason I don't feel sorry for these people is that they were gullible enough to believe that they could see returns of 11% +, year in and year out. In my opinion, they knew it was too good to be true, but never questioned the methods of how Madoff really made those kind of returns. I call that willful ignorance and plain old greed.
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11:47 AM on 05/21/2009
It's like a father telling you he's taking care of you. He's your friend. You believe him because he seems to be acting in accord with what he's telling you. Then you find out he's bought you lock stock and barrel. Kicked you out of your home and could careless to talk to you ever again. Oh yeah he's left you penniless too.
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11:30 AM on 05/21/2009
Get off your self-importance pedestal. He also wrecked a few retirement plans and harmed some charity organizations as well. It's not who got screwed in all this but that it could happen. That it did happen shows a flaw in the investment world. Your reverse snobbism smells as bad as what Maddoff did. The items cited were nothing. The crass, heartless, lying and conniving in this story of relentless greed and dishonesty is what is astonishing. These people "f--cked-over" anybody their greedy tentacles could wrap themselves around. What's also outrageous is your blase, oh so nonchalant attitude and stupidity. Maddoff also cheated the "state" out of tax money. What the hell is a State Ponzi Scheme? There are certain expenses we have to pay to exist or to enjoy our day to day life. It's called responsibility. If you can't afford to pay for those things you want ...don't buy's called logic. If you get yourself into financial binds you're doing a "ponzi" on yourself. Get Real !
01:43 AM on 05/21/2009
madoff looks like fagin & his wife a viper.. like that roman empress Lydia.. phss.. what a clan..