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02:31 PM on 05/20/2009
It is nice to see married couples show true affection for one another. I think most Americans have lost that culture, which is a shame.
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02:39 PM on 05/20/2009
It is definitely a shame! There was a recent tv commerical (don't recall the advertiser) which showed a young couple walking hand-in-hand in back of a much older couple doing the same. The young couple seemed in awe of the old couple and it struck me they might be asking if they would still be that much in love 30+ years down the road. The simple act of touch shows an enormous amount of affection and I too wish we saw more of it.
Hippy survivalist academic gamer chick
04:50 PM on 05/20/2009
sadly it was a diamond commercial, trying to tell you that if you REALLY loved each other you (the customer is assumed to be male) would buy her diamonds. If you buy her diamonds then you can be the sappy old couple some day..

(okay so less cynically they were saying the only thing almost as long lasting as true love is diamonds, but... )
02:31 PM on 05/20/2009
This is definitely one of the dumber articles on HuffPost
02:17 PM on 05/20/2009
Sweet. Here's wishing the two of you many years of love!
02:13 PM on 05/20/2009
Does she have a sister who's single?
02:21 PM on 05/20/2009
No. She has a sister who is actress and married
01:50 PM on 05/20/2009
she is super skinny... there would be nothing to hold on to.......
01:58 PM on 05/20/2009
I love her slender, elegant figure. She looks wonderful.
01:23 PM on 05/20/2009
Why is HuffP so focused on Carla Bruni? Who cares?
01:44 PM on 05/20/2009

There are not so much about Michelle Obama in France
02:12 PM on 05/20/2009
the French don't need fashion pointers so I am unsuprised by that.
01:56 PM on 05/20/2009
easy - she has great style and I enjpy seeing her.
02:15 PM on 05/20/2009
me too. And when you really know her she is shy, cute and a warm person, who is able to listen to people.
Sick of the bible & hypocrites
01:21 PM on 05/20/2009
01:20 PM on 05/20/2009
its derrière.
01:42 PM on 05/20/2009
That's what it says
01:17 PM on 05/20/2009
That was cute.
01:13 PM on 05/20/2009
They are trying to hard to be like the Obama's......
01:33 PM on 05/20/2009
Why do you think that just Obamas love each others? it's ridiculous
01:50 PM on 05/20/2009
Bafun....why are you so upset? Is it because Carla (the 3rd wife) didn't get the responses that you wanted.
Take the red pill. See the true nature of reality.
01:52 PM on 05/20/2009
Well minus of course the fact that they were like that before the Obama's became public figures...but that's okay continue to let the whole world revole around two people you will likely never meet.
12:56 PM on 05/20/2009
Look who's dressing like Michelle?
Sick of the bible & hypocrites
01:21 PM on 05/20/2009
Before you knew of Michelle and her started wearing designer clothes, Carla was modeling them and after she became first lady. Carla has style as well as Michelle.
01:25 PM on 05/20/2009
you are so right!!!
01:51 PM on 05/20/2009 has nothing to do with wearing designer clothes when it comes to Michelle or being a walkway beauty......with Michelle it's about her being down to earth.
01:22 PM on 05/20/2009
Oh please people, don't be so rediculous with your obsession with the obamas, and that the whole world is trying to copy them. Those are really childish and pethatic remarks!!
01:31 PM on 05/20/2009
you are also so right !! it's so ridiculous to bring the Obamas in every article about Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and make comparison where there is no comparison. Can you imagine Carla also dressed before Michelle came on stage? Have a look at pictures of them 5 years ago and you will see how Carla Bruni dressed and how Michelle Obama dressed....nobody is trying to copy anyone... it's just the trend at this moment.
01:37 PM on 05/20/2009
Rodri76.......I hear more rightwing people talking about Obama than I do his supporters. Tune into any talk rightwing radio show, fox news show or rightwing website and all they talk about is Obama so I think they are the ones that are obsessed with them and I think that's pathetic....