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I connect the most dissimilar things
02:02 PM on 05/26/2009
Overturning of the ideal of Martin Luther King? What do you call Nixon/Reagan/Bush?
01:43 PM on 05/26/2009
That's a good debunk Mr. Linkins. I was just thinking the same thing. "Activist" means that reality is somehow magically hardwired to be Republican.
01:32 PM on 05/26/2009
If by Media, he means Foxnews and other conservative venues, then yes the media will smear her. But that is not the media I see. I see a strong bias to the left, overshadowing any opposition from the right.
01:32 PM on 05/26/2009
after listening and reading about these right wingers and lame arguments beginning to think there is a direct correlation between a low IQ and right wing conservatism...
I think, therfore I am not a Repub
03:05 PM on 05/26/2009
Keep em dumb, that way facts don't get in the way....
01:21 PM on 05/26/2009
In addition to this being an outstanding pick on merit alone, it is brilliant in its political impact. When La Opinion gets through reporting on the Republican hate-fest that will accompany the confirmation hearings, the Republican party will lose the Latino vote overwhelmingly for the next three generations.
01:14 PM on 05/26/2009
media will only pretend to smear her, she's on board
01:08 PM on 05/26/2009
What makes this so great to me is that I listened to Judge Sotomayer and her bio. Obama searched for this person. He didn't just make a blanket ethnic appt so she could be the first Hispanic, like George Bush did with his unqualified attorney general. He found a qualifed Hispanic. How about that?
01:07 PM on 05/26/2009
Each side will always try to put a judge that serves their interests. Period. The hypocrisy is to make it sound like you are amazed by how this time Obama can do that. The people who try to look amazed on the screen of your TV are the same ones that were saying that judge Samuel Alito has no bias and was not a conservative at all, he was just perfect for everyone... Now look at his record since then. Hypocrisy - that's what makes me sick.
I'd rather laugh with sinners than cry with saints
03:09 PM on 05/26/2009
And not just Alito. Roberts, Scalia, Thomas.. all idealogues who consistently vote in favor of the party with power. Corporations vs. individuals, goverments vs. individuals, etc.

How on earth do Republicans justify their claim to 'individual liberty'?
01:07 PM on 05/26/2009
Disqualifying attributes of Sonya Sotomayor from your RNC:

She's hispanic
She's a woman
She has real judicial experience and temperament
She's empathetic
She's smart
She's pro-choice
She's not a rabid right wing partisan
She'll rule according to law rather than ideology
01:06 PM on 05/26/2009
Paranoid much?

01:05 PM on 05/26/2009
Do you think this pick reflects racism?
Why not?
If your side does it, it isn't racist??
Can hispanics or blacks even be racist?
What do you think??
Do you really believe she is the wisest, most qualified person in the country, or was there some "reflection of the diversity of the population" going on here??
If the latter, why is it not racist? Because she supports your side? Because she is not a white male?
Are we past racism or not? You accuse everybody else on the right of this great moral crime, yet is it the very air you breathe.
sf girl
I like my micro-bio empty.
01:37 PM on 05/26/2009
No, I do not think Obama's pick reflects racism. If you're assuming he picked her just beacuse she's Hispanic it seems you are the racist one. Newsflash: the Supreme Court should reflect the diversity of our country and there are many qualified candidates out there--not just white males. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this choice. Were you claiming Bush was racist when he made his nominations? Doubt it.

Sotomayor is highly qualified. Case closed.
01:42 PM on 05/26/2009
Hmmm... I wonder why it took america so long to elect a catholic president and then a black president...shucks racism doesn't exist it's just a figment of our imagination...btw Sotomayor, unlike Bush, was top of her class at Princeton while Bush got in to Yale (and did poorly) because of his father's connections...again no preference (no good ol' boys network)?...just another figment of our imagination...Wake UP!
12:57 PM on 05/26/2009
I am all for the judge; in fact I wish an even more stridently liberal nominee had been chosen who could duke it out with Scalia in their opinions. But to be fair about the process, if McCain was replacing Souter with a conservative jurist the media and the Left would also be spoiling for a fight.
The 24/7 media needs to sensationalize everything and both the Left and the Right have to cater to their base. That's just the way it is now. But this pick just repaces one liberal with another. Wait until BO has to replace one of the conservative jurists. That would permanently change the ideological balance of the court, and the ensuing process would be the Mother of all battle-royales.
12:40 PM on 05/26/2009
Here's her quote: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life,”

Sounds like bias to me - she's saying a member of one race has an innate advantage over a member of another. As long as we tolerate racism anywhere by anyone, it will continue.
12:52 PM on 05/26/2009
And the basis of the advantage is a particular set of life experiences. Don't leave out the nuanced part of the quote that contradicts your binary racial argument.
01:05 PM on 05/26/2009
No she's not. That comment speaks about someone actually living a life while someone hasn't and coming to a better conclusion. Look at how decisions are being made for gay people by the GOP who have no gay social circle, don't know any gays and aren't trying to comprehend some of the gay issues discussed today. There's huge factor in making decisions when someone has been around, lived it or knows about a certain situation.
02:42 PM on 05/26/2009
It was a dangerously stupid thing for her to say, but you are right about people who know absolutely nothing about being gay are always the ones that have some insane hateful stand against it. so, you have a point
12:34 PM on 05/26/2009
Jason, is there anybody that you know that the media doesn't smear?
12:29 PM on 05/26/2009
This just in:
An unnamed person who used to know someone who once saw Clarence Thomas suspiciously eyeing a coca cola bottle said that he had heard from someone unnamed who used to clean the bathrooms near the supreme court cloakroom that Sotomayor used to know someone who knew someone that knew someone who puffed on a marijuana cigarette.

Alert David Schuster.