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force fed up
I serve no party that serves to divide.
12:02 PM on 05/29/2009
I like how Bloomberg thinks that the people will have a chance of voting him out. He spends how many billions every election to guarantee a win?
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11:52 AM on 05/29/2009
so rude. the thought of this guy for president is frightening.
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11:44 AM on 05/29/2009
well, unfort. Mayor B. has gotten on his big power binge----which is toooo bad; he did some good work;, now, perhaps, he should entertain the idea of MOVING ON--------
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Thorium "IS" the answer.
11:36 AM on 05/29/2009
bloomberg is a disgrace. I'd like him to explain why the taxpayer is on the hook for building a new Yankee stadium for the richest sports franchise on the planet?
11:33 AM on 05/29/2009
Little Napoleon has been getting his way behind the scenes forever. He's used his billionaires to pay off untold victims of his abuse and now he wants to steam roll the rules regarding mayoral race by basically saying "if you guys vote to let me have a third term, you're sweet ass jobs are guaranteed". The best thing Bloomie could do is give the city $2 billion out of his $20 billion as a parting gift for allowing this overrated blowhard to be mayor of NYC. He should tithe 10% of his wealth to the city and help it out in some real, concrete, way.
Speaking Truth to Groupthink
11:13 AM on 05/29/2009
Another "Bloomberg Moment", like when he went off on the handicapped reporter. He is a wealthy bully, nothing more, nothing less.
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11:12 AM on 05/29/2009
Ahh..New Yorkers,
After many, many trips to New York, you couldn't pay me to go back to that rude and obnoxious city.
11:32 AM on 05/29/2009
That might sound funny, if it wasn't so cliche. :o
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11:35 AM on 05/29/2009
He's not a New Yorker and I hate having him as my mayor. That said, we don't need more obnoxious tourists here, so maybe you should stay home.
11:50 AM on 05/29/2009
Children, enough!
12:00 PM on 05/29/2009
THAT WILL HELP NY? Tourists stay home!
11:12 AM on 05/29/2009
I agree with Mayor Bloomberg, and I think he was right to confront the repoter. Aren't we sick of these
silly questions? The reporter was resorting to "gotcha" journalism which is boring and low. The mayor was answering questions, discussing substantive issues. If the reporter can't deal with that, let the reporter deal with gossip columns.
12:44 PM on 05/29/2009
So now term limits are not a substantive issue? Who decides what's substantive -- Bloomberg? You?
... there'd be days like this!
02:08 PM on 05/29/2009
This has been asked and answered so many times it's ridiculous. He wanted to run for a third term, he got the okay, he's running.

Is it a serious question to ask "Now that the economy may be turning around, will you drop out of the race?"

That is a gotcha question and the reporter may well be a "disgrace" to the profession. Bloomberg has every right to voice his opinion strongly, because he has power doesn't mean he has to wear kid gloves.
11:10 AM on 05/29/2009
Typical repukulan, we push the letter of the law how Dare you question me when I bend it. Hope that reporter starts DIGGING real DEEP. Find out the real reason he TWISTED arms of the council to run a third term.
11:53 AM on 05/29/2009
Starts digging and deep? How many times do you think this question has been asked, answered and printed. I am not defending Bloomberg but I do think this was a question past its prime. And yes, I do think that Bloomberg pulled shenigans to get the council to okay it Something like "we are in a recession and I need to help get us out of it" or something to that tune. He is protecting his job, holding it for someone else or trying to keep someone else from running. You betcha.
Defend The Innocent_Protect The Weak
10:47 AM on 05/29/2009
well he's a republican again what did you expect.that overweening sense of entitlement comes with the (R) after his name.
Wounded by beauty, I am one who struggles with God
11:13 AM on 05/29/2009

His attitude didn't change when he put the R after his name. He was also a D and an I. Still the same guy.
10:32 AM on 05/29/2009
that's what happens when reporters do thier job. the subject gets pissed off.

your not supposed to be buddy buddy with them like the entire msm.
10:50 AM on 05/29/2009
Don't question the Viceroy Bloomberg
when he works so hard to buy-off the media.
Send this reporter to the Gulag!
Carpe Diem!
10:31 AM on 05/29/2009
So Bloomberg is running again and all the money backing him will win this election unless the people come out in droves and vote for someone beneficial to them.
10:25 AM on 05/29/2009
I saw this on the news last night and Bloomberg's response to the reporter's question was so unnecessary.
10:21 AM on 05/29/2009
Sounds like he did some reporting to me.....Props to Azi Paybarah
10:18 AM on 05/29/2009
D@mn those reports, is he going to put through a bill banning them as well?