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09:21 PM on 11/08/2012
We already know Obama won't deploy the shield , damm Nato,Europe this guy in the White House is seting the world up for WW3 very soon.
warfare state is pathological
09:00 PM on 11/08/2012
Yes, as in missiles from Iran liek the WMD's from Iraq going to rain down on us any minute despite being defeate, under sanctions, weapons inspections and no fly zones. Essentially laying on ther belly with hand tied behind their backs and their glases taken away. Iran is obviously just waiting for us to put in the missiel so they can start firing at all of their faraway neighbors.
roy brophy
Dyslexic F. O. "Sorry!"
08:41 PM on 11/08/2012
Is this the right time to mention this missile defence shield dose not work and all the tests have been faked?
This nonsense was part of the Bush/Cheney give away to the defence industry that Obama is just going along with for some reason..
11:19 PM on 11/08/2012
Right, Obama is just going along with it "for some reason." I guess your oppinion of Obama isn't muh higher than your oppinion of Bush. How do you know the missle defense system does not work? Why do you think that Obama would go along with such a "deception?" Do you have a "magic helment" like your cat's?
12:24 AM on 11/09/2012
the dems had to much of the OBAMAN'S kool-aid Tues night.
01:14 AM on 11/09/2012
Do you know how to spell opinion? Nope. So can we assume your education ended around grade 3?
11:37 PM on 11/08/2012
If it is so fake then why would Russia worry about it? sounds to me their spies know more about this system than you do.
08:31 PM on 11/08/2012
I overheard a conversation today here is the jest of it. Girl gets a call and says" I will meet you there in about 30 mins." Hangs up the phone and her boyfriends asks " Who was that?" She tells him "oh it's the lady that buys my foodstamps every month." It's great that this girl is so giving that she is selling my tax dollars. Glad I can help you out there, wish I recieved some type of assistants during the 3 years that my husband was out of work.
08:24 PM on 11/08/2012
Can you imagine if Russia set up a Missle Defense System in Central America.... I think we would pissed off too. If Iran is such a threat to that area... let them collectively build their own shield.. at their own expense..
Marcheal Gideon
11:14 PM on 11/08/2012
Due to the Monroe Doctrine Russia can't get involved in affairs over here.
12:17 AM on 11/09/2012
LOL... right because that stopped Russia from placing missles in Cuba. The Doctrine also says the US won't meddle in the internal concerns of European countries...
Anyways I was speaking hypothetically... the US would flip out of Russia tried to do what we are with the Missle Shield. If Europe feels there is a threat from Iran, then let Europe build the shield and deal with Russia's concerns. Why don't we use that money and build some much needed things for our own people.
11:22 PM on 11/08/2012
You realize a missile dense system in central america would have no effect on us don't you? The ICBMs would go over the arctic circle if, God forbid, they were ever to be used. Who do you think we would target with ICBMs in South America?
08:11 PM on 11/08/2012
This will prove to be very interesting and ...revealing.
08:08 PM on 11/08/2012
Hey, what are they worried about???Obama has already told them he'll have flexibility after the election. He can continue the apology tour and selling us down the river at will!! And trust me, he will and we will pay the bill.
08:06 PM on 11/08/2012
"Russia expects Barack Obama to show more flexibility in a dispute over U.S. missile defense plans in Europe following his re-election...." LOL Of course they expect it, obama PROMISED it.
08:45 PM on 11/08/2012
yes, but how often has the prez kept his word?
11:21 PM on 11/08/2012
08:04 PM on 11/08/2012
Lets wait and see if Obama gives in to the Russians, or listens to his military advisers.
08:02 PM on 11/08/2012
Yeah Putin got the "President" he wanted!
08:01 PM on 11/08/2012
Russia really doesn't have anything to worry about with Obama. He is totally committed to the downfall of America, and if letting the Russians run amuck will speed up the process I'm sure he is all for it. Like he said to the Russian when he did not realize the mic was open - after his re-election he will be able to be more flexible.
09:20 PM on 11/08/2012
I totally agree. And know for sure that we are witnessing the downfall of the U.S. even as we write here.
11:16 PM on 11/08/2012

Yep ...
11:15 PM on 11/08/2012
Mike Cantrell:

I agree.
07:46 PM on 11/08/2012
Obama did tell Vladimir he would have more "flexibility" after the election. Obama does not want the US to have any missile defense. Wonder why.
11:42 PM on 11/08/2012
I served in a certain military agency in Europe. For your information the US has more missles then you can even begin to imagine over there. We would have no problem hitting military and/or civilian targets. The problem is Russia also has missles and there are bound to be some that would get through any defense we set up. Why would anyone in their right mind want to take that risk? Russia does not have missles in our backyard but we certainly have quite a few in theirs. I would assume they would start to get a little nervous if we were to bring in even more. The fact of the matter is, we are not at war with Russia. The Cold War ended in the eighties so, what would be the benefit of starting a nuclear arms race again? Also, where would we get the additional funds to build more and more missles? Would we have to borrow it from China? The US is not letting Russia run amuck like Mike Cantrell comments says. We are over there, they are not over here. It takes quite a bit of diplomicy and a level head to run the most powerful country in the world that's why all of us on Huffington Post are just Monday Night quarterbacks and not president.
09:29 AM on 11/09/2012
Do you think you are the only one who served in the military? We have 1500 missiles. Obama wants to take  it to 300, then 0. Maybe you just don't have the right security clearance. Just because you were in the military doesn't mean you know everything. If you trust Russia, that's on you.
07:35 PM on 11/08/2012
God, please save America.
live fast , die hard
07:26 PM on 11/08/2012
I'll have more flexibility after the election . And so it starts .
Dance in the rain
12:17 PM on 11/09/2012
He won't waste any time!!
Disabled Vietnam veteran and proud American
07:18 PM on 11/08/2012
So very hard to get comments posted today. Guess the mods are all p.o'd
Pot Smoking Political Junkie!
07:29 PM on 11/08/2012
only the republican mods! lol
Disabled Vietnam veteran and proud American
02:48 PM on 11/09/2012
why don't you go to work
carpe diem!
07:57 PM on 11/08/2012
Really? Why should they be in such a foul mood? Their candidate won.
Disabled Vietnam veteran and proud American
08:00 PM on 11/08/2012
I agree they shouldn't be but I have had pure he)) getting a few comments through. Most were comments I made about the drone being fired upon and about the departure of Eric Holder. Some nights are worse than others. I have alays known HP to be very liberal but they like to suppress anything that is negative about Obama
09:21 PM on 11/08/2012
They're protecting all of their interests!