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03:58 PM on 06/01/2009
Guns and Bibles....agree that it was a nasty campaign comment. Just wish it was less true.
My bio is the only micro thing about me...
07:00 PM on 06/01/2009
No doubt.
03:58 PM on 06/01/2009
Afraid many Canadians don't have much respect for this woman!
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The more I talk to people, the more I love my dogs
08:03 PM on 06/01/2009
Why is that.
08:36 PM on 06/01/2009
From talking with my family & friends that live there -- that's your opinion.
Liberal Vietnam Veteran
03:56 PM on 06/01/2009
The guy who shot at the recruitment station in AR had an assault weapon. How many liberals carry assault weapons? Do you think he may be another right wingnut fringe candidate?
04:23 PM on 06/01/2009
How many liberals can actually define the term "assault weapon"?
08:21 PM on 06/01/2009
any firearm that can cause widespread death and dismemberment. includes automatic pistols. my shotgun has lawful plugs for hunting. my rifle fires one round at a time. my pistol shoots one round at a time. they all kill just fine...
08:45 PM on 06/01/2009
This one

11:47 PM on 06/01/2009
And how many of us abhorred this murder? Many. A murder in cold-blood should NOT be tolerated.
So, don't change the subject or deflect the blame.
03:48 PM on 06/01/2009
It was a terrorist attack and should be treated as one.
Annoy a liberal, be independent
03:34 PM on 06/01/2009
How is a murder considered the same as terror? Is there terror all over Chciago where 7 people were shot down in 24 hours? It is a big stretch to make this into some kind of terror network working to take over the government. Or even anti-government for that matter. I guess the Dems/libs have to try anything to cover their actions.
03:23 PM on 06/01/2009
There should be a federal investigation into the murder of Tiller. This is not a random event. It is orchestrated and supported by rabid anti-choice institutions like Operation Rescue, where the murderer is known to have interacted.
03:13 PM on 06/01/2009
Chicago has 7 shooting deaths in 24 hours
11:48 PM on 06/01/2009
So, round up Randall Terry, etc....and go up to Chicago and protest THOSE DEATHS.
Go on...since you're sooooooo "pro-life"
Or, does it only matters if you can subjugate the rights of women and/or if it concerns a fetus?
02:40 PM on 06/01/2009
Talk about nutcases. How do people equate murder with saving lives? If that isn't terrorism, what is?
02:34 PM on 06/01/2009
As soon as this was announced yesterday my thoughts went directly to that report. Let's see how many of the wackos stand up to defend the murder since they said that it was an attack against them. Let's see how many of them are going to apologize for characterizing the Secretary as having an agenda.
02:33 PM on 06/01/2009
This is an interesting read:

All the grown women I know who have had abortions have been Christian Republicans. If the anti-abortion folks want to reduce abortions, they need to begin with their own flocks and with the people who impregnate these women.
Andrea Castillo
07:52 PM on 06/01/2009
Might want to take a closer look at the nation-wide numbers, there.
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The more I talk to people, the more I love my dogs
08:14 PM on 06/01/2009
Thank you, that was an excellent read, very informative. Anti choice people do not own their decisions if they have aborted because they go right back to anti choice. They are hypocrites of the worst kind. They seem to feel that they are the only ones going through a pregnancy. They are narcissists and no man should have any right to interfere in a woman's right to choose.
02:31 PM on 06/01/2009
Obama needs to show some spine. I read his books, but i do not see the same guy in the books in the white house. He seems more like a tamed republican in office. When the homeland memo came out, he back tracked because of the pressure coming from the extreme right. That memo was dead right, if you are not going to stand up for anything, then what did you think americans voted you in there for. We are watching, the whole world is watching, BEING PRACTICAL IS ONE THING, BUT NOT EVERYTHING. He is going to step on toes, he should realize and swallow that fact.

Likes: Chasing villagers. Dislikes: Fire
02:27 PM on 06/01/2009
I work in the field related to the DHS report and it was spot on.
02:24 PM on 06/01/2009
Do not tie one crazy murderer to a "right wing movement". Whoever murdered this doctor is a murderer, period.

And once again, believe it or not, the "Tea Party People" are objecting to our government spending money we do not have. Why suddenly object now, when a black man is the President? It has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of our President's skin. Everyone was stunned when President Bush agreed to the first, secret bailout. We didn't know what questions to ask, we didn't have enough time to process the info (what info we DID have). At the time we did not have the economic information that we gathered by December and January.

After several months of economic downfall, these "Tea Party People" understood the need to stop spending money in their personal lives and in their businesses. When President Obama presented a bill that spends SO MUCH money, at this time, your "Tea Party People" stood up and said STOP. Have you never, in your personal life, had to tell someone you love to stop spending money, money you didn't have?!?!

The "right wing Tea Party People" are not snaggle-toothed knuckle-draggers, they are American men and women who love their country and are very concerned about our long term prospects. They were also infuriated that our elected officials signed a bill they did not read. Aren't you angry that Congress passed a bill that noone read?
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08:06 PM on 06/01/2009
" Aren't you angry that Congress passed a bill that noone read?"

Not really. I would be shocked if Congress passed a bill that 30% of the Congressmen read.
That is the way it is in Washington.
That is the way it has been for decades.

And the money ($2 Trill) Obama is spending on the economic crisis?
That is a necessary expenditure, if one expects our current economy to survive.
(If you want to argue that our current form of crony capitalism deserves preservation, that is a legitimate topic for discussion.)

The money ($5 Trill) that Bush spent?
A give away to the right wing uber rich for which the country got nothing in return.

I do not think you know the difference.
08:50 PM on 06/01/2009
I read the bill. You elected the wrong people.
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I don't need badges or the GOP
02:22 PM on 06/01/2009
Truth hurts.
02:12 PM on 06/01/2009
The Southern Poverty Law Center has been reporting on right wing extremism for a very long time. Check out their website.

In the weeks leading up to the elections, there were reports of right wing terrorist threats against Obama himself, thus the extra secret service. In that time since, the increase in hate group membership has skyrocketed and the sale of guns and weapons as well. Don't forget we've already had some right wing nutbags this year shooting cops and people in church. Add to this paranoia the continuous hate speech by morons like Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, and the rest of these cowards, you get a recipe for violence and an increase in domestic terrorism tragedies. I hope the FBI are watching these groups. Some have already taken down their hate filled messages from their websites.