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04:55 PM on 11/11/2012
Courtney is a spoiled gold digger who is extremely disrespectful towards others and she doesn't respect herself. Next!!!!
08:46 PM on 11/11/2012
Leave the "money statement" out of it and your comment is really "spot-on" and perfect.
Catalina hime
Humor and Pocky is how I get by.
03:23 AM on 11/12/2012
I actually don't think she is spoiled. Her mother would have had to pay attention to her in order for her to be spoiled. He mother did not watch over her or care until she became a "celebrity" (I use that word very loosely).
02:55 PM on 11/11/2012
Maybe if Krista had been a better parent, then her daughter wouldn't have married a 52 year old! Let alone disrespecting other people.
He who laughs last probably didn't get the joke
02:29 PM on 11/11/2012
If I was of ANY relation to Courtney Stodden, there's no way I'd admit it... She is nothing but an embarrassment and I think mommy has been grooming her to look & act that way so mommy won't have to get a real job. No doubt she's got a high percentage of teen bride's "earnings"....
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Not here to make fans/faves but voice my opinions.
01:42 PM on 11/11/2012
I dont have cable anymore, but I did enjoy NYC housewives and my favs were Alex and hubby Simon. If they are in couples therapy, I wish them well. I thought they had a good combination of respecting money, each other, their kids and people in general. I liked the way the did so many things together and enjoyed each others company in small things too : )
08:48 PM on 11/11/2012
Great comment. I agree.
01:07 PM on 11/11/2012
Most of this comments about this young woman & her husband are always harsh & negative. I've been watching Couples Therapy, & Doug & Courtney are the Best parts about the show. Everybody else are soo uptight & annoying. Courtney & Doug are a fun & entertaining couple, & unjustly critised. She's 18 now, and if she & her husband are happy, that's all that matters!
01:34 PM on 11/11/2012
RE: your statement:
" .....and if she & her husband are happy, "

Welllllllll......let's see now.....if she and her husband are HAPPY......

What the hell are they doing on "Couples Therapy" ???.........LOL !!!!

03:00 AM on 11/12/2012
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Not here to make fans/faves but voice my opinions.
01:43 PM on 11/11/2012
the hubby might be happy is all he requires is a decent body. cuz looks wise, take off her make up and she ... is about a 2. Brains wise... it aint happening.

all we are left with is a teen bride with moms ok and a sleazy horny old man.
Dede Eagleburger
Beauty is in the eye of the makeup brush holder
11:10 PM on 11/11/2012
she actually looks alot better without all the makeup really and she is alot more smarter than people think!!!
Happy scotty
01:06 PM on 11/11/2012
Alex McCord looked beautiful as a cheerleader at 18, in a classy way, unlike trashy looking courtney.
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Not here to make fans/faves but voice my opinions.
01:43 PM on 11/11/2012
I always liked Alex : )
06:25 PM on 11/11/2012
Agree 100%-she looked young and fresh as opposed to old, harsh, and used up.
12:25 PM on 11/11/2012
Why can't she wear whatever she chooses to wear? When she was living at home with her mother she had no control over her life, now she is living on her own she needs to take responsibility for her own life. I think she would be better off ditching her mother and her husband so she can work on improving her own life and being all that she wants to be.
01:09 PM on 11/11/2012
RE: your statement:
" .....she can work on improving her own life and being all that she wants to be. "

...........being all that she wants to be.........

She....IS....."being all that she wants to be".......

And that is what is truly "sad"....about her.......
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02:48 PM on 11/11/2012
Spoken like someone who

a) is barely (and questionably) above the age of 18, and
b) doesn't have children.
10:52 AM on 11/11/2012
I agree with Alex whatever is going on I do believe that her Mom is at the root of it,, On a preview she makes a comment about how many shieks wanted her daughter thats disgusting and maybe Doug has in some way saved Courtney from her mother?? There is way more involved than we know its easy to judge a book by its cover but the story on the inside will speak volumes, I think we all agree her behavior is wrong but I certainly hope Dr. Jenn finds out whats going on and helps her,,
10:14 AM on 11/11/2012
Love her daughter
10:00 AM on 11/11/2012
My daughter would be locked up in a convent if she acted even one tenth of the way Courtney acts. Her mother should be ashamed and should have already turned herself in to Children's Protective Services for neglect.
09:10 AM on 11/11/2012
Still not buying that she is a teen..... the cheerleading photo looks like it is from the 80's.
09:43 AM on 11/11/2012
The cheerleader is Alex McCord. Look at the description above the picture.
09:06 AM on 11/11/2012
Anyone who raised a daughter to behave like that had failed beyond words!!!
08:59 AM on 11/11/2012
A little off topic but I am just now catching reruns of RHONY and in every episode Alex gushes about how wonderful her husband is and gets real defensive when the other women talk about how they don't like him. Does this click with what's happening in Couples Therapy - I don't have the show where I live.
10:04 AM on 11/11/2012
No, it's all fake...they just can't get on tv anyone other way since she was fired.
Everybody lies, all of the time
01:39 AM on 11/10/2012
I can't believe I actually clicked on this link and read this!
10:05 AM on 11/11/2012
Oh great thanks, now I feel stupid too...LOL
06:28 PM on 11/11/2012
Add me to that list! But, I am proud to say I don't click on ANY Kardashian stories anymore, and won't until it's a story about how they have all decided to leave the spotlight forever!
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01:16 PM on 11/11/2012
Ha! you not only "clicked on this link and read" took the time to comment!

NOW!,...go sit in the corner and suck your thumb!
01:52 PM on 11/11/2012

Who made you ......"hall monitor" ???.......LOL !!!
01:14 AM on 11/10/2012
What does Alex McCord have to do with Courtney Stodden? She's so desperate for attention post-Housewives that she's causing tabloid arguments with a D-list "celebrity" ?
Amie Nogrady
you say witch like it's a bad thing
06:20 PM on 11/11/2012
D? I think you are being way too generous here. I don't think ol' Court deserves to be on any list.