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12:21 PM on 11/15/2012
I have never heard of Pete Wells, but given Guy's history and his mentioning three times "personal agenda", I would say that Guy knows or thinks that Mr. Wells is gay and that would be a problem for Guy.
12:59 PM on 11/15/2012
>.another maryland man< careful ! the glbtq crowd is a potent force ... don't arouse THEIR ire. ... I enjoy Guy ... if anything the only fault I can observe about Guy is that sometimes he may be too nice .. too forgiving when tasting at some of those dives ... but who would you rather share a meal with? Guy Fieri and smile and laugh your way through? Or Pete Wells and walk away with a bitter taste in your mouth from all the bile?
11:31 PM on 11/16/2012
As I said "Never heard of Pete Wells". As for guy, I don't think he would be confortable have a bit to eat with me. Gay people terrify him.
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12:20 PM on 11/15/2012
When you get that many bad reviews you would wise to spend your time improving the food rather that going on tv to fight back.
Devils advocate
12:43 PM on 11/15/2012
I would work to make this restaurant as incredible as it can be. Why waste your time with critics who think they are know it all's.
01:00 PM on 11/15/2012
That many ?? What ? Did Wells write more??
12:18 PM on 11/15/2012
maybe he knows something ? eaten at emrils several times & his absence wuz beyond noticeable, scorched gumbo, hot food served chilled.......the staff tried to make it up with free desserts & thats ok if thats what yer after, taking my mom who is now deceased, its one of those deals that the first impression really stuck & it wuz not good so we have not been back on top the prices are exorbitant. maybe he should try spending less time joking with the band & get his store in order. just an observation
John Jorczak
Silly wabbit, tricks are for kids
12:18 PM on 11/15/2012
Arrogance is not in my spice rack so I won't be eating at his dive.
01:05 PM on 11/15/2012
I see little evidence of "arrogance" from Guy> So he stands up to a critic ! (UGH .. foul taste in my mouth just from the word critic ! ) That is personal courage or strength from ones convictions.
01:14 PM on 11/15/2012
schist funny how we all see people differently. I stopped watching his T.V. show long ago. I couldn't get past his overly bleached blonde, spiked hair and arrogant attitude. But to each his own.
12:17 PM on 11/15/2012
The part where he mentioned he hasn't eaten at his restaurant got me. I like Guy, but not eating the food you serve is bad on your part. You should know what you're serving people, and what your staff is doing.
12:17 PM on 11/15/2012
Celebrity chef? Fieri is not a chef. A brand new 500 seat restaurant and he's never eaten in it?
2 months to "iron out the kinks?" Look, either the food is good or it isn't. Unless they're waiting for someone in the kitchen to invent "fire," this excuse is ridiculous. Maybe he hired a bunch of ex-McDonald's cooks.
12:16 PM on 11/15/2012
Guy, I KNOW you and you always took the high road.. "I would say Brilliant marketing" and people from all over the world NOW will want to check it out... Just to see for themselves!
Whoot Whoot
12:16 PM on 11/15/2012
As Robert Irvine has shown when he rehabilitates restaurants in 2 days with hie crew of Tom and whomever the designer is, even Guy's new York experiment could be turned around in a short time if desired. Change the food, the chef and whamo, its all different. I think it would take Guy at least a year or two to find his level in the new restaurant, so I would just chalk this up to a learning experience, not some big takedown. Give the guy more than one New York minute. Thankyou.
Life is tough.. it's tougher when you're stupid..
12:15 PM on 11/15/2012
Food Network must be really embarassed... but then again, probably not considering their cast of no-talent cooking personalities. Iron Chef, the last holdout, has now reduced itself to worthlessness, bringing us recent secret ingredients as Halloween candy and Thanksgiving leftovers. PBS, on Saturday, has a great alternative lineup of cooking shows that, pardon the pun, bring something to the table.
Marc Spiritus Colter
12:12 PM on 11/15/2012
His restaurant seems to me like the Planet Hollywood ilk. Appeal to the tourists and live off your name. Show how ballsy you are eating fattening fast food upgraded.
12:12 PM on 11/15/2012
Just like he looks that is how BAAAD his food is. I was there and felt sick and ripped off
it tastes disgusting for the money. A Tourist trap and its emberrasing what they offer
If i would have know it earlier I would have NEVER entered this place. The review is justified and this cheap blond bombshell just cannot accept the critic and what he is doing the the public.
Devils advocate
12:46 PM on 11/15/2012
Jerold - post a picture of what you look like. It isn't fair to criticize someone's looks, when we can't see what you look like.

L. Thompson, Esq.
ya never know.
12:09 PM on 11/15/2012
It seems incredable that Guy has never eaten in his new restraunt. That's a big mistake on his part.
French Toast
11:48 AM on 11/15/2012
So Guy hasn't eaten at his own restaurant. What a cynical person he is.
It's not you, it's me...seriously.
11:31 AM on 11/15/2012
I stopped listening after Guy said he hasn't even eaten at his own restaurant...
The Levee Was Bri
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11:05 AM on 11/15/2012
So Fieri hasn't eaten at his own megaraunt, by we're supposed to?