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12:01 PM on 11/16/2012
Is he dead, no, too bad!
Who cares? What is reality?
11:58 AM on 11/16/2012
The feller sure has his eyes wide open. I say let him whack himself. He's probably figured out by now how much sorrow he caused because he thought he was a character in a Batman movie.
11:55 AM on 11/16/2012
I think one of the very first things they should do is check to see if he is "hyperthyroid". His bug eyes could be a sysmptom. Not blaming that on the atrocious act he committed but something is not right physically. He definitely deserves whatever fate the judge and jury decide.
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12:07 PM on 11/16/2012
Hi Turksy, Those 'Bug Eye's' as u call them are no more than a ploy to make everyone think he is a certifiabley 'NUTS' Too bad it was only a half hearted attempt and he didn't finish the job. Would save the taxpayers a lot of money.
12:57 PM on 11/16/2012
We'lll just have to trust the "system" huh?
12:08 PM on 11/16/2012
A very good thought. It is what came to my mind when I saw his eyes and how he behaves.
Tose bug eyes are a real giveaway, if one has a bit of medical knowledge.

First fan for a good lucid thought and post. :-)
12:23 PM on 11/16/2012
Thank you Labradoodlepups. We'll see what happens.
ya never know.
11:48 AM on 11/16/2012
To bad he has such a freakin hard head. He could have saved us a lot of money.
11:30 AM on 11/16/2012
I get that it's probably some technicality thing, but I really can't stand how they refer to him as the "alleged" gunman. The victims are not "allegedly" dead. They're dead, and he killed them.
12:13 PM on 11/16/2012
I hear ya but they have to say that so his lawyers cannot use any technicalities to set him free.
11:29 AM on 11/16/2012
His photo speaks for God, what a mug!
11:29 AM on 11/16/2012
Oh well, too bad he didn't succeed and save the taxpayers a lot of money to house him,feed him, and cloth him,not to mention his trial and how much that costs taxpayers.
10:48 AM on 11/16/2012
I think they should let him out. The people will do the rest
11:29 AM on 11/16/2012
What a moronic statement. Do YOU want to GO TO JAIL for murder? Which is what would happen is an individual killed him or even a mob..
Doreen K M
10:43 AM on 11/16/2012
You know what they,James... "If at first you don't succeed, Try, Try, again"...Good luck on your next attempt...
10:37 AM on 11/16/2012
Ex of predictive programming- lil wayne - my homies still. came out one month before the colorado theatre shooting
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10:26 AM on 11/16/2012
I can not imagine this man being ruled sane enough to stand trial.our society should just go ahead and try crazy people just like anyone else and be done with it. If you do the crime, you do the time. Insane or not you go to jail if you commit crime from shoplifting to murder you will be prosecuted and go to jail.
10:25 AM on 11/16/2012
It's a shame there is not video footage of this.
10:21 AM on 11/16/2012
Why do you call it half-hearted? Are you jumping on the media band wagon in the portrayal of this guy?
10:20 AM on 11/16/2012
I'm getting tired of reading about Colorado's problem with mass murdering psychopaths. Maybe it is the thin air, the lack of oxygen, the abundance of designer drugs or a combination of all three. Columbine, Aurora, these places will forever be known as human slaughterhouses. Colorado means 'colored red' for a reason. Since John Denver's untimely death years ago that state has been on a downward slide. I say, fence off the entire state and treat it like the Chernobyl it has become. And did I mention I got a speeding ticket in Colorado Springs back in 1994? All the more reason to encase the entire state in concrete.
10:20 AM on 11/16/2012
Two words will solve this: General Population