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I'm the baby; gotta love me!
09:19 PM on 06/12/2009
I wonder if Ralph Nader is running in 2012
09:36 PM on 06/12/2009
Is this a joke, of course he is. This man is still going to run well after is death.
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09:10 PM on 06/12/2009
Somehow I doubt Politico is as informed as they think they are. But outrage is their business and they have to keep it going.
09:13 PM on 06/12/2009
Their coverage of the facts dont change the facts, and the fact is, the Obama administration (through the DOJ) just defended a law that they once claimed to want to repeal. How can you spin that any other way than to say somebody lied?
09:38 PM on 06/12/2009
Maybe you should look at the coverage of the facts from another point of view:

Obama on DOMA: He IS Keeping A Promise

"Because what happened the last 8 years was this: We were a nation of men, or, more precisely, a handful of men. If Cheney, Yoo, Addington, Feith, Bush, and the rest didn't like a law on policy grounds...well, we can just ignore it.

"I don't care if it is DOMA, or FISA, or whatever. The law is the law, and the executive must apply it and defend challenges to it, if it is legally defensible. (The Americablog assertion that Presidents routinely and frequently simply decline to defend enacted laws in Court is wrong for reasons far too numerous to entertain here, and on the occasions it has happened without good justification, I submit those Presidents were wrong, too).

"The point is: The man I voted for told me he would return us to a nation of laws, not of men. That means we follow (and apply, and defend--or else it means nothing) the law. Regardless of the whims or policy desires of the man in the chair. Because he is bound by the law, too.

"Have you all forgotten this so soon?"
09:40 PM on 06/12/2009
No one has to spin it. They can take Obama at his word. He doesn't want things changed by a lower court that can be over turned in a socially right wing Supreme Court with far reaching consequences. He wants things done by laws that the courts have to obey so that they're permanent. We need to think more with our heads and less with our emotions. That's what Obama's doing and in the long run, we'll be grateful when we still have our rights ten years from now instead of getting them and then having another court yank them away-----and not just in one state, but all across the United States.
50yr old, Moderate-liberal in S.NJ/Phila
09:02 PM on 06/12/2009
jtown - while talking about it isn't gonna change anything....dialogue is not bad......we all know Obama has a gazillion thiings to do......Being a alaw abiding,Tax paying American & just WAITING for your Equality seems Ironic in the Land of Liberty & justice for all and the Constitution... It should be a given...its obvious....its the 21st century...really?
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09:13 PM on 06/12/2009
There are times when I think people expect anything to happen instantly and after less than six months. Expecting someone to court political suicide over an issue that cannot be won currently is the height of not only selfishness, but short sightedness. If healthcare reform fails because of DADT and Gay marriage, which it will if they are brought to the table now, there will be NO progress because everyone will hate us and we will again become the whipping boys for the Republican election machine and this time they will be right.
09:20 PM on 06/12/2009
So it's okay for the government to deny rights (or priveledges if you want to call them that) to a specific group of people for the simple reason of political expediency?? I guess you'll just never know what it feels like to be treated like a pawn in a chess game then, and I can say I have twice now, with health care as a disabled man, and as a gay man. And this is the kind of degradation and humiliation, codified by our government, that I wish on NO one
A radical leftist with a JS Woodsworth avatar.
01:57 AM on 06/13/2009
Are you so sure this issue is unwinnable? Or are you incapable of imagining that Obama might do less than he can?
09:01 PM on 06/12/2009
Sounds to me like President Obama (through the DOJ or his reps or whoever in the administration) just threw the first shovel full of crap onto the grave of the now dead grave of DOMA repeal
08:57 PM on 06/12/2009
give this a rest already please!
09:06 PM on 06/12/2009
Why? We shouldn't be given information that tells us how our president acts in regards to an issue that some of us feel is incredibly important?
09:15 PM on 06/12/2009
a long the riverrun
09:18 PM on 06/12/2009
Fail x infinity LoLLers!11!!