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Finnish reader
08:43 AM on 11/21/2012
Poor girl, she went to the wrong place and the wrong country for a sauna bath, plus suffering the sight of Austrian "Mozartkugeln" on wood. Austrians and most Central Europeans cannot be expected know anything about the real sauna. You have to go further north, to Finland, Russia, Estonia, and parts of North Sweden for the authentic experience. If she could go in there wearing a bikini and a robe, it couldn't have been more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 C). You can catch a cold in a place like that. A proper sauna has to be heated to at least 180 to 200 Fahrenheit and you throw water on the stones of the stove for the real effect. Besides, in our neck of the woods, ladies and gents go to separate public saunas. Families, however, often bathe together in their own saunas - in their birthday suits - which I suppose is shocking enough for most Americans, not to mention the Brits.
02:13 AM on 11/24/2012
Well maybe shocking for a lot of Americans. Don't know about the Brits. Don't believe they are as hung up as Americans. But there are naturist clubs in the USA that cater to singles, couples and families where the outfits are mostly restricted to sandals. I am also sure that there are families that spend their time together in their home nude. Some people do not get hung up about nudity and some get into having a hissy fit.
I guess the Fins are experts on saunas since they are the ones that have the most of them and use them more often than say Americans. Have heard stories where some spend time in a sauna then go outdoors stark naked and jump in the snow. Don't know whether they would end up melting snow or freezing sweat.
03:18 PM on 11/20/2012
Obviously she has never spent time in Europe. Grow up Jessica. This is like cliche 'ugly American'. Have you never been to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland before? This is how it is. And I'm American so don't fault me.
10:49 AM on 11/21/2012
You should grow up yourself. It's a funny anecdotal story she told on a talk show. Relax.
11:45 AM on 11/22/2012
It does fit the stereotyp and thats why almost everyone is making fun of her on Austrian discussion boards. And the way she presented it was either acted out very well or and thats more plausible to me, a demonstration of prudery.
09:20 PM on 11/24/2012
I didn't see anything funny about her story. I saw a culturally naive twit acting as an ugly American. For her sake, I hope she never goes to a European beach. She might have a stroke with all the balls in the sand.