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05:58 PM on 06/21/2009
what's all this cra*p about how universal health care will cost the govt an extra 1.6 eliminating the 40 cents on the health dollar going to health corporations a medicare system based on contributions by employers and employees will actually save money compared to the present health corporation based system......
06:06 PM on 06/21/2009
Well, there are two problems with your post. First, the extra 1.6 Trillion was for 10 years AND it only covers 16 million of the estimated 50 million that are uninsured. So it's not universal coverage at all.

The problem, as I see it, is President Obama and the Democrats not obviously in the pay of the health insurance industry are supporting a plan called "public option". This is where the Government goes into the insurance business but doesn't cover everybody. Think of a Military that only defends Texas while the rest of the nation has to take care of itself. With this plan the 30% of every health care dollar that is lost to the private health insurance companies is still lost so we have to raise taxes (or debt) in order to pay for the relatively few extra people covered.

Now with the "single payer" plan the government goes into the health insurance business and replaces all other insurance companies at least for "basic health". With this method the 30% we're currently losing to health insurance companies goes instead to health care so we can cover all 50 million currently uninsured people at no or little extra cost.

Under single payer we start to actually save money instead of throwing tax dollars at the problem.
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06:10 PM on 06/21/2009
thanks for agreeing with me.....
05:55 PM on 06/21/2009
Why not implement a health care plan that appeases all? It's possible. A two-tier plan that offers full quality health care coverage for free, for those under a certain income (ie. $100k per year). And those over $100k get to pay for their private health care, and whatever luxuries it might come with (ie. private beds, etc). Of course, all taxpayers would be helping fund the free health care system, but rich people should not be complaining about that, because they're already at an advantage. And no one decides what their taxes can and can't pay, as it stands.

Another idea is free health care for all, but long waiting times. And if you don't like the long waiting times, prive health care firms would still exist, and you'd have the option of going there and paying for your care. Simple.
06:10 PM on 06/21/2009
A bronze, silver, gold, and platinum option. With platinum being all the bells and whistles one is willing to pay for, and bronze being a level of access and coverage that is humane for a so-called advanced society. One that may come with high wait times in cases of non-emergency, but one that treats all emergencies like emergencies and does not turn such a determination into a cynical implementation of hate and ethnic know, like a credit default swap backed, ill-advised home loan. The case where the government said help the people and the free market promptly took advantage of the people, the people who could least afford to be victimized, and in so doing harmed the entire nation. The equivalent in regard to medical coverage would be an implementation of the bronze level where real emergencies suffer high wait times due to inane bureaucracy built into the level of coverage. If I took the GOP view, my healthcare coverage is phenomenal, so what happens at a county hospital does not concern me. It is this view that will see people dying on emergency room floors at the bronze level. But then, per the GOP view, as evident in their rhetoric and actions, that is as it should be. “Those people” are unworthy of life anyway.
05:52 PM on 06/21/2009
Mr. President, it is not that people do not think you mean well, but they ponder their own life. They surmise that if they reach out in the spirit of cooperation to a party (or Party)...reciprocal respect and willingness to cooperate shall surely ensue. When it does not...after reasonable attempts to reach out, people expect (in their own lives) to negotiate around obstacles, to avoid the naysayer, to disavow the ways and the means of any obstructionist force.

I know, I know -- bipartisanship -- the view from the cheap seats...and what of bipartisanship? Here are some headlines from a previous day in the Huffington Post environment

GOP Senator Refuses to Meet with Sotomayor
Sen. Kyl Puts Hold on State Department Nominees
GOP Uses Iran Resolution to Slam Obama, Undermine Iranian People
Gibbs: We Don’t Have the Votes for Immigration Reform
Karl Rove Whines...
GOP’s Sotomayor Attack Lawyer Helped Bring Down Moderate Judges
Ensign Mistress’ Husband Pleaded...
Pat Buchanan to Fix Conservatism...

Seen enough?

Bring brilliance to bear Mr. President. Bring boldness and vision to bear Mr. President. You have the mandate. Stick not your finger in the air to determine the direction whence the wind comes, for the times have dictated the wind at your back and at your feet. Do the things to be great, present a coherent vision in which can all can believe and make it happen. Do the things to be transformative and workaround those who benefit from and seem to love...broken society.
We are the Many. They are the Few.
06:25 PM on 06/21/2009
Bravo, GrainoSand. I just wrote to Pres. Obama along those lines.

09:31 PM on 06/21/2009
I have utilized the White House site to air my grievances and to share my support. It is a good tool of expression. What good it does beyond placating an individual need to do something...I have no idea. It is the spirit of democracy to engage in such expression. For my many rants against the historic and current implementation of this democracy, I do see the beauty, the diamond in the rough that America is (I also see the oft-ignored giant warts). Dissent is part of the promised gleam and brilliance of such diamonds and it contributes to the process of diamonds emerging from rough states (States) to promised states (States) or “More Perfect Unions”.

So right on -- power to you, to all the people to make our homeland the best land it can be!
Solidarity. Courage. Humor.
05:50 PM on 06/21/2009
I sit here with what feels like a rock in my gut. To sit and watch the Sunday talk shows, as i do every week, and watch all these entitled people who, every one, have great health care. Only Robert Reich knows what the people are going through.

Yes, if you know or love anyone with no medical, how could you not get involved? How could you sit here and not have called or written to your Senator or Congress person?

But for you progressive Christians out there? Please ask your priest or minister if they think health care in a human right and ask them to SAY SO from the pulpit.

This is a glaring example of how the abortion issue has corrupted Christian debate. The only place we see Christians in public is when they are doing litmus tests about abortion or gay rights. Their conservative politics have made them irrelevant to real, suffering humanity. Martin Luther King would have cared about public option. Gandhi would have cared about access to health care. WWJD?

Where are the Christians? Jesus talked about helping the poor more than any other issue. At the time of Jesus, Judaic law said a women might have an abortion up to forty days from her last missed period. Jesus didn't say a word about that. Where are the Christians in this? If they want to get relevant again....? Step up!
05:44 PM on 06/21/2009
In DLC world they exist in the orbit of the Republican party, which they are powerless to pull away from, the country is conservative (in their view) therefore they must moderate to appeal to voters. That is the line.

Funny, Reagan won over democrats to his side with convictions and sold them on his ideas?

The DLC concede to Republicans, but argue that they can do the job better.

Anyway, they all manage to cash in after "public service" quite well, which is a long way from the days of Harry Truman when a gift to his wife of a scarce post-war chest freezer was a big scandal.
05:38 PM on 06/21/2009
Obama needs to take the lead and do what the majority of Americans are asking for and what is best for the country not insurance companies: single payer health care.
Even Iran has universal health care.
We have enough for trips to the moon, wars and don't work on getting taxes from corporations with offshore tax havens. There is plenty of money, the lack of will is the problem. The people making decisions don't have the terror many of us feel who have inadequate or no health care.
Greetings from Florida!
05:25 PM on 06/21/2009
People...we KNOW it's gonna cost a lot of money. Get it done, and move on already!!

Sheesh...we call you guys LEGISLATE!!!

WE THE PEOPLE are payin' you guys. Now stop wastin' our time!!

If you guys were my personal employees you'd be FIRED!!
06:22 PM on 06/21/2009
It only costs a lot of money if we do it half assed. If we go for single payer we may very well get universal coverage for no more and possibly LESS than we're paying now to leave 50 million people without coverage.
05:24 PM on 06/21/2009
I agree. I'm like Bill Maher. I'm tired of seeing the President in these Press events or whatever.

Stop being scared Obama. If you want a public option, DO IT, SAY IT!!!
05:24 PM on 06/21/2009
OBAMA should have reid pass this thing under reconcilliation,publicly say screw the republicans and the 4 consevative dems,put in the plan everything the public is calling for set the pay rates equal to medicare,and WATCH THE PRICES IN THE HEALTHCARE AND INSURANCE MARKETS DROP DOWN TO ATTAINABLE LEVELS,no one is going to repeal this 5 years frrom now,it would be political suicide for the republicans. DONT WAIT TILL OCT !5 DOIT NOW
05:22 PM on 06/21/2009
Can't we please get a real liberal party in power for once?
05:26 PM on 06/21/2009
You'll have to build a third party from the outside to get issues addressed, at lest that's how it worked at the prior turn of the century. Expect to be reviled by the Democratic party, they'll show more spine and venom toward you, than any Republican they're running against.

Green Party? Something?
05:39 PM on 06/21/2009
Exactly. Want to see the Democrats come alive? Take away some votes they think they own.
06:08 PM on 06/21/2009
Good luck with that
.I have an uncle whos the head of a union and doesnt know unions are socialist or that europe and canada are democracies.Americans are so poorly educated the word socialist bring up images of hitler and stalin......just the way the corporate masters like it.
05:15 PM on 06/21/2009
I agree. The Dems always do this kind of 'press criticism', which is non- productive, and makes them come off as 'attention whores'.

Any Dem who wants to discuss policy with our president should talk to him, not the media
Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs - Feb. 24th
05:10 PM on 06/21/2009
Congress needs a leader on this issue and they don't have one. This is where the President comes in.
We are the Many. They are the Few.
06:30 PM on 06/21/2009
Senator Bernie Sanders has sponsored S. 703 advocating for a Single Payer system, and he has a petition for it --
05:09 PM on 06/21/2009
Reality Check: The REAL COST of 1RAQ was determined to be $3 Trillion as published in Harvard Magazine!

That can more than pay for the CBO False and Exaggerated COST of Health Care that ASSUMED NO PUBLIC OPTION!

They exaggerated the cost at $1 Trillion over ten years while 1RAQ cost THREE times that over 7 years!

We have nothing to FE_AR but the ELITE OLIGARCHY that rules Congress and the Presidency!
05:48 PM on 06/21/2009
True, but the important thing is, what the $3 Trillion dollar Iraq war bought you Americans is that now you are under no threat from Iraq, from its weapons of mass destruction. Oh wait... you never worry. Sorry, looks like you got screwed out of $3 trillion dollars and have no health care to show for it, because too many Americans allowed Bush to helm the controls.
Just another hostage of the poopy heads
12:14 AM on 06/22/2009
The elections were stolen. It was a coup.
Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty...
05:07 PM on 06/21/2009
I agree with your post. I think Obama is part of the problem. While in Illinois, he was for a single-payer plan and in a speech in Washington, D.C., in 2007, he said there was no reason we couldn't have universal health coverage by the end of his first term. Then, in office, that all morphed into "a public option." Then, he considered a bill without a public option. Obama's inconsistencies are seen as a weakness by conservatives, Blue Dog Democrats and other Democrats who are afraid of the insurance/pharmaceutical lobby. The White House, by not taking a strong, consistent stand, has let the process evolve into a mess.
former Repub till W
05:22 PM on 06/21/2009
Manx Obama like any Pres discovered it s much much harder to push all thru all your programs than he once thought LOOK - .Its been a short 5 months The GOP had 20 long years of power -many with a GOP congress - and their deregulation policy has led to this disaster. THat is fact.
Bush / Cheney started 2 wars - one they lied us into - that is to most folks - an UN forgivable act.
Obama is trying to clean some of this ' mostly GOP made ' the mess up as best he can.
Ye- he will make mistakes . But I'm giving him a fair shake - since he took on
20 years of TOXIC POLICY - that went horribly awry !
05:30 PM on 06/21/2009
Well said, dianhow.

These people act like President Obama could clean up over 20 years of GOP disaster in a few short months. They need to be realistic for a change.
05:49 PM on 06/21/2009
Ok, so when is he going to start "undoing" that? So far, he has been embracing GOP policy.
Strictly 3rd party.
05:34 PM on 06/21/2009
Obama's inconsistencies are seen as a sign of weakness because they are a sign of weakness. He come to office with a paper thin resume and no executive experience of any kind and he's waffled and wavered on every one of his major campaign promises. Under the circumstances, it would be surprising if people didn't perceive weakness in the man.
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04:58 PM on 06/21/2009
Health care reform as government single payer could easily be had if we take the useless waste from the Pentagon and raise taxes on the wealthy to pre-Reagan levels. We could have a more just society.

Be bold Obama!
former Repub till W
05:24 PM on 06/21/2009
tell him
Then go to tell those DEMS that we want them to support the people. !!
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05:37 PM on 06/21/2009