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05:28 PM on 11/29/2012
As Sean, the smirk, Hannity asked: 'What Would Reagan DO?"
Reagan said as much himself in a televised debate with Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale in 1984.
"I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though sometime back they may have entered illegally," he said. He then granted amnesty to three million!
07:51 AM on 11/30/2012
Yes he did.....but that was 1986.......Reagan would not recognize the GOP of today.....
I am retired military and a political activist!
05:19 PM on 11/29/2012
The GOP is so far right they are now stuck to the Wall! They will only change their policfies when they are all voted out of office! We need immigrants to make america the country of opportunity. There are many jobs in the Southwest and in the southern states that many whites will not do! When these immigrants come into America if we treat them right and allow them to become citizens their children will get a good education and move into the labor market. This will include managers and engineering. Immigrants bring new ideas for industry, the will in turn lead to an improved ecomony. We need to give the majority of these undocumented immigrants the ability to become citizens and enhance our economy, not cost us more for immigration enforcement!
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10:07 PM on 11/29/2012
That's exactly what occurred over the last 200 years. The ancestors of the stupid old white guys were immigrants.
04:48 PM on 11/29/2012
"We need to quit making offensive gestures to the Latino community,"

aye, there's the rub.
04:48 PM on 11/29/2012
It'll take more than them going to Taco Bell for lunch & shouting Mi Hermano in front of some TV cameras.......
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I only drink to make you more interesting
05:14 PM on 11/29/2012
People's memories can be short, but with every insult, they get longer.
does not suffer fools gladly
06:14 PM on 11/29/2012
Right! And when you are the party being never forget.