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05:23 PM on 11/30/2012
Dang !!! They look like a couple walking around my neighborhood.

Normal looking but evil.
05:22 PM on 11/30/2012
So sad. How many more precious children are out there? I am prayerful that they will continue to be revealed.
Randy Ayo
05:19 PM on 11/30/2012
A lamp with no lampshade. So that was a big deal Huff? How about we lock them for a while.
life is as good as you make it
05:16 PM on 11/30/2012
Every time I hear about children being mistreated, it makes me sick to my stomach. How can parents do it? I watched the clip and I hope that they get the stiffest penalty of 20 years. They abused all of their children. They are evil people.
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05:12 PM on 11/30/2012
The couple look like they have had enough to eat. They should be put in solitary and fed bread and water for three months.
",,,and pull up your pants!"
05:19 PM on 11/30/2012
No food, just the two of them in a cell with a sharp knife.
05:22 PM on 11/30/2012
That's a very generous proposition if ask me.
05:11 PM on 11/30/2012
Does it never stop? This abuse of children by unfeeling parents seems to go on and on. There is a never ending stream of news stories about such terrible situations. If people don't want to care for kids then use birth control! Use a condum but quit having children if you don't want to take care of them. And quite often these abuse cases come from families that home school. Every household that home schools should have surprise home visits where the kids not only have to prove they are learning something but that they are being adequately fed. People like these "parents" make me ill. There is absolutely no reason or excuse for such behavior.
Viam aut inveniam aut faciam
08:03 PM on 11/30/2012
I agree. I think that all "homeschooled" children should (1) get all curriculum and materials from the local school district, and (2) be periodically visited by truant officers from the school district who can assess how the homeschooling is going. Weekly visits would be very nice. This would serve to check on the child and to make sure that REAL education is actually happening and it would serve to check on how the parents are treating the child and whether or not they were actually educating the child. Not only is abuse a real problem with "homeschooling," but there are thousands of cases where no real education is occurring with boys being taught to "fix things around the house," and girls being "educated to become homemakers," both of which are mere excuses for free domestic slave labor by the kids. I have been in contact with "homeschooled" people who could not spell, could not read properly and could not write a single grammatically correct sentence. This homeschooling sham needs to be investigated and curtailed.
11:02 AM on 12/01/2012
I believe it.  In our area, most of the home schoolers seem to attend the same church.  I am in contact with a home schooler and that mother really tries to teach the kids. 3 of the 4 kids have attended the local high school after age 16.  They all seem smart enough and one is in college. BUT, I do agree that in certain situations, the kids are not taught adequately.