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08:58 AM on 07/01/2009
Second try past the HP Zionist "sleepers"
Two actions are necessary.

Israel leaves the UN, and the UN revokes Resolution 181, that established this interloper state.

Obviously, Israel has violated UN resolutions so many times it has no respect for the organization. Just as obviously, much of the world's population detests Israel.
Jimmy Buffett is the greatest American
11:10 AM on 07/01/2009
Your posting is nonsense. But at least you are consistent.
07:52 PM on 07/01/2009
"interloper state?" jesus, you sound like a, well I can't say it. All I'll say is that Jews have been accused by the worst people of being "interlopers."
09:59 PM on 07/01/2009

Your use of "jesus" (sic) is offensive to many Christians. Kinda like using Yahweh.

One should try to be sensitive to other people's traditions.
11:50 AM on 07/02/2009
The non-indigenous Jews of israel are interlopers, they were put there against the will of the people who lived there, the term fits. We're not talking country clubs here, we're talking ethnic cleansing by Zionists.
01:32 AM on 07/01/2009
Again, Alan, you hit the nail on the head! I have read both The Case for Israel and The Case Against Israel's Enemies! Two spectacular books, and you deserve only praise. It is sickening how the OIC runs the entire UN and extorts everyone based on oil to hide their Islamist agenda. Sickening. I hope Obama comes out against this "investigation," as he should know what its really about.
08:53 AM on 07/01/2009
Yeah, it's anti-semitism. Right? Isn't that what you are eluding to?
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01:53 PM on 07/01/2009
Dershowitz knows what he is talking about and always uses logical reasoning to explain his ideas. More people should read his books and articles. Unfortunately most people are too stupid to comprehend logic or too blinded by hatred of Israel and Jews to even care about logical reasoning.
12:55 AM on 07/01/2009
America must stand for American value. The Truth:
12:25 AM on 07/01/2009
Dershowitz: it's great that you love Israel.

It's despicable that you deny its war crimes.

The U.S. committed war crimes in the Philippine, World War II, in Korea, in Vietnam, in Panama, in the Gulf War, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and now in Pakistan. Those are facts, just as Israeli forces' use of flechettes, white phosphorous, and other massively destructive weapons supplied by the U.S. on civilians in Gaza is a fact.

Face facts: Hamas are not the only ones who terrorize civilians. War crimes are war crimes, and their perpetrators, whether Hamas, the IDF, or U.S. forces, are war criminals who should be tried, convicted, and sentenced. Remove your blinders.
12:45 PM on 07/01/2009
Really? So when is the UN going to censure Hamas for rocketing Israel? Or for killing PA member? Or for using their citizens as shields? Or when they take supplies from the UN and keep them rather than distribute to their people? Remove your blinders.
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01:51 PM on 07/01/2009
Dershowitz is not denying Israel's war crimes. He is just pointing out that Hamas' war crimes and the war crimes of other nations are much worse and more numerous, yet the U.N. does not bother to investigate or condemn them as much as they condemn Israel. His point is that the U.N. is not a fair arbiter when determining who committed what crimes. The U.N.'s decisions are based on politics, not justice.
03:17 PM on 07/01/2009
Right on, lightningbolt
10:37 PM on 06/30/2009
Possibly because Israel has received so many condemnations is because they ARE guilty. Oddly for Gaza not being occupied, Isreal continues to control their sea coast and borders. Israel just arrested former Cynthia McKinny today, but then I guess she shouldn't have been on that Greek boat in the first place.
Jimmy Buffett is the greatest American
07:14 AM on 07/01/2009
Israel monitors air and sea traffic into Gaza in order to limit the smuggling of illegal weapons into Gaza and the illegal smuggling of terrorists out of Gaza into Israel.
07:42 AM on 07/01/2009
Israel doesnt 'monitor sea traffic' into Gaza. It blockades sea traffic into Gaza.
It shoots at Gazan fishing vessels off the coast and it illegally boards civilian vessels in international waters.
semantics shamantics
09:18 AM on 07/01/2009
The Greeks are anti semitic. And people called Cynthia. And boats are anti semitic too.
09:24 PM on 06/30/2009
You keep selling, but fewer and fewer are buying.....

Joseph Marks article which details Isreali drone attacks on Gaza:

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH......charged Tuesday that Israeli......drone aircraft at least six times during the Gaza war, firing missiles that killed at least 29 civilians.....Marc Garlasco (AMERICAN-former US DIA Official), a senior military analyst with the group, charged that drone operators had fired before making sure their targets were actual threats.........Israel has acknowledged loosening its rules of engagement in Gaza to minimize military casualties. RIGHTS GROUPS have accused Israel of using disproportionate force and failing to protect civilians........HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH investigated what it said were six drone strikes for its report: three that hit children playing on Gaza rooftops and three others that hit an elementary school serving as a refugee center, a group of students at a bus stop, and a metal shop near a refugee camp..........HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH said it verified the six attacks by investigating the strike sites.......Garlasco said. An independent NORWEGIAN defense analyst confirmed those findings, the group said........The Israeli human rights group B'Tselem claims 87 Gaza civilians were killed in more than 40 drone strikes during the war, but Human Rights Watch investigated only six of those attacks..........

You can add HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, other HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS, NORWEGIANS, AMERICANS, and ISREALI HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS to the opposition of Isreali actions, with the UN.......
11:02 PM on 06/30/2009
PS, I forgot the French. Add the French to the list as well......

JERUSALEM — French president Nicolas Sarkozy urged the Israeli prime minister to fire his foreign minister....a hard-liner whose party tried to force Israelis to take a loyalty oath...Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's appointment has been ill-received internationally because of his hard-line positions on peace and Israel's Arab population, among other issues.......Sarkozy told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that "you must get rid of that man,"...........At an address later Tuesday to EU ambassadors, Netanyahu expressed "full confidence" in Lieberman.........
........In May, Lieberman's party unsuccessfully tried to advance a proposal to strip the citizenship of Israelis who do not pledge loyalty to the state.....a proposal viewed as aimed at Israel's Arab minority...........Lieberman has also harshly criticized the U.S.-led peace talks launched by former President George W. Bush in Annapolis, Maryland, in 2007..............."If the things attributed to the French president are true, then the interference of the president of a respected democratic country in the affairs of a different democratic country is very serious and intolerable," Lieberman's spokesman Tzahi Moshe said.........

Mr. Dershowitz, how do YOU reconcile YOUR self professed status as a pre-eminent civil rights, and civil liberties lawyer with your unabashed spologetic support for Isreal, and its government, and its loyalty oaths..........?
Jimmy Buffett is the greatest American
07:16 AM on 07/01/2009
Mistakes with drones are unfortunately not uncommon, review the use of drones by the US. Which does not make the outcome any less terrible, but hardly makes the occurence a war crime.
If you had read the Dershowitz blog with an open mind perhaps you'd understand what he was trying to say about the bias the UN displays against Israel.
12:28 PM on 07/01/2009
Tell me how the unintended civilian casualties caused by Israeli drones are any different than the unintended civilian casualties caused by American drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan, other than that the americans go on and on using them. When you condemn the US and President Obama to the same extent you condemn Israel, then you at least will be consistent.
05:51 PM on 06/30/2009
Professor,no disrepect, but you have to accept that the people of the great US have finally caught up with world opinion. We are all god's chosen people.
In Times Of Sorry Leadership.... Cry or Manage Up?
12:49 AM on 07/01/2009
Re: "We are all god's chosen people."
Indeed we are, pomegrante. Indeed we are. And it's time some body says so. Let's hope Alan gets it too.
12:46 PM on 07/01/2009
That's right. Including the Jews who have a right to a homeland where they can live in peace. It is the Arabs who have never allowed this. It is so sad that all of you comment but have no knowledge of the history. You have bought the propaganda fed to you by the Arabs. Congratulations!