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Mod. Rep. Financial Conserv. & Social Lib
06:12 PM on 12/08/2012
Glorifying inappropriate activity seems to be all that TV is about today. I went to high school in Wheeling, attended WVU (it wasnt a party school then) and had friends from Parsons Charelston etc. The people portrayed in this "Reality Show" are not typical of West Virginians but unfortunately are typical of uneducated rednecks from all states of the union.
Go Mountaineers
06:07 PM on 12/08/2012
I will not watch the show but I think the senator is over stepping. How can he get upset over this show but no one intervenes for that poor child Honey Boo Boo who is being exploited in the worst way? He doesn't want the people in his state to be seen as a bunch of hillbillies but it seems no one cares about that poor child.
07:21 PM on 12/08/2012
Presumably Ms. Boo Boo's parents signed off on the exploitation of their daughter and the rest of their family. As long as people are willing to make fools of themselves in order to appear on TV there will be a ready supply of these tacky shows.
05:59 PM on 12/08/2012
I'm from Pittburgh and lived in WV for 5 years. It has its backwoods parts but overall the people are kind and there is a sense of communtiy that is missing in many places today.
do you want fries with that?
06:35 PM on 12/08/2012
I agree. The community really comes together there. Especially when someone fills up a dump truck with water for the kiddies when the swimmin' hole down in frog holler dries up in later summer. Now that's what I call community spirit!
If you lie to win you lose, always, eventually.
06:40 PM on 12/08/2012
1st 48 Hours or Buckwild would never be filmed in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota or Utah - that image would never see the light of day - that would destroy their image (real or make believe) currently held by society.

Buckwild will only reinforce the stereotypes some already hold for West Virginian's.
Reading IS
05:54 PM on 12/08/2012
Well, it's only one show, but it is a start. Who knows? Maybe it'll set things going that'll free us from all these crappy reality series.
solid centrist
The moral majority are neither
05:41 PM on 12/08/2012
I have no intention of watching the show. But, I'm all in favor of letting the bubbas and bubbettes be bubbas and bubbettes on full display. Any and all ridicule will be well deserved if they are typical of the bubbas and bubbettes we witness every day in any walmart near you.
05:33 PM on 12/08/2012
remember when MTV was cool... its been a while!
I may make you feel but I can't make you think
06:28 PM on 12/08/2012
Yes, I do sachazg...sigh
This is just silly. Not everyone in Georgia is like the Honey Boo Boo family. Not everyone in NJ is like Snooki. Not everyone in Alaska is like the Palins. In fact, I "betcha" the Palins could change places with the Honey Boo Boo's and no one would even notice.
Curious Georgy
Get the facts right then you can distort them
05:30 PM on 12/08/2012
Can't hurt to ask
drama mine
I facebook therefore I am...
05:12 PM on 12/08/2012
MTV is only here to be sure that stupid remains in style.
05:06 PM on 12/08/2012
Just another level of gross stupidity being broadcast on MTV!! They must really be desperate to keep on putting out trash like this!!
Read about Operation Northwoods
05:05 PM on 12/08/2012
all episodes of BUCKWILD will instead be preempted by Wrong Turn, Wrong Turn 2, 3, 4 & 5
06:08 PM on 12/08/2012
We can only hope! I LOVE those Wrong Turn movies!! Yeah they are disgusting and weird but I like them anyway lol
Read about Operation Northwoods
10:26 PM on 12/08/2012
they ARE entertaining. was playfully suggesting the Wrong Turn movies because that franchise plays on the stereotypes of West Virginians as well
04:55 PM on 12/08/2012
Congrats Senator MAN CHIN, you just gave the show about a million more viewers.
04:37 PM on 12/08/2012
I doubt they will cancel it. They didn't cancel Jersey Shore when it first aired and people complained about it. Maybe they will cancel if it gets a low rating.
04:17 PM on 12/08/2012
He needs to be careful he bucking his constituents, the very party dogs that put him in office. Maybe MTV will let him be on a couple of episodes and he can read his script that says " Kids.... Now Kids..... Now Kids....Stop it ...don't do that....Please "
04:14 PM on 12/08/2012
If it were up me real show's with real actor's would come back. With the exception of Big Brother I have never watched a reality show. I did watch the first half of Kim's wedding. It was so boring I didn't watch the actual farce of a wedding. I have seen clip's of Honey Boo Boo on talk show's and my opinion is someone should remove that child from it's gold digging mother while it is almost sane. A woman who would stuff their child with extremely fatting food and laugh when it is acting nut's is a horrible mother. To televise junk like that for money should be criminal. I don't get it.
06:10 PM on 12/08/2012
um why the apostrophes in words that should not have them?
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03:57 PM on 12/08/2012
How come The senatore said nothing when he was governor and they had a sow called The wrights of West Virgina. Now there were some backward rednecks