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W. Carolina hillbilly
11:21 AM on 12/14/2012
Next Ursain Bolt? Come on. Only the "casual" track fan is excited about this. He "IS" a fast 12 year old, but not super, so hold up the press. An 11.7 hundred isn't that impressive, even for a 12 year old. If he's turning sub 10's in high school, we can take get excited. In the hundred, from start to finish, is often a lot further than a hundred meters.
Vince Vaccaro
It must be true, it's on the internet...
10:29 AM on 12/14/2012
The raw speed was very impressive ..... he has a natural talent that is very formidable even at his young age .... Good Luck!!
Author of Getting Back in the Game!
09:41 AM on 12/14/2012
He has potential....But a grossly Premature comparison....
10:43 AM on 12/14/2012
Get used to it. You'll hear it for the next 20 years for many many fast kids (unless there's some other guy that comes along as amazing as Bolt). See comparisons to Michael Jordan in the 80's-00's as reference until LeBron and Kobe got huge and people slowly stopped using "the next Michael Jordan" for every awesome kid basketball player.
09:24 AM on 12/14/2012
Guys must check this fact about Usain Bolt
Truth-Justice-And the American way !
09:21 AM on 12/14/2012
That kid had a gear that nobody else on that field had....impressive..
Science, and government are "NOT" the enemy...
05:25 AM on 12/14/2012
OMG that kid is fast...
05:21 AM on 12/14/2012
when I was 12, I was fast too, taking 100 meters in 20 seconds LOL
10:45 AM on 12/14/2012
It was never fair for us "slow developers" to try to compete with the kids that were already shaving by age 12-13... I don't think I actually "had" to shave until I hit about 16 or 17.
I live in the real world, I'm an Anti-theist.
04:01 AM on 12/14/2012
03:24 AM on 12/14/2012
There's many a slip twixt cup and lip. I hope James Gallaugher is allowed to develop. It's a lot tougher in the big leagues.
David Ramirez
01:54 AM on 12/14/2012
Many precocious 12 year-old kids eventually get caught by their late developing contemporaries. They almost always come back to the pack by the time they are 18.
07:08 PM on 12/14/2012
Reminds me of a star basketball player on our 7th Grade team. He was 6 feet tall and dominated the court, scoring at will. By his senior year, he was still 6 feet tall and just another player on the court. Well said.
12:57 AM on 12/14/2012
was honestly excited to think that this guy was gonna be a non african sprinter. nah, just another naturally fast black guy...
01:38 AM on 12/14/2012
The kid named James who this article is about looks like he's 'non-african' though he might have some aboriginal blood...we need a closer look to confirm but I think you can get excited again.
02:46 AM on 12/14/2012
id love that, just for sake of equality because if bacl people have a genetic advantage as it appears they do then there SHOULD be a white only or black only olympics. 
11:55 AM on 12/14/2012
Your micro-bio is empty!
12:06 AM on 12/14/2012
It was like a talented 12 year old competing against 12 year olds!
11:44 PM on 12/13/2012
I was Usain Bolts' teacher in elementary school. There are many 12 year olds there running close to that speed. Also, that was top end speed (fast). The kid that got ran down would not qualify for sports day in Jamaica, in any school. Heck, I barely made a track team, the kids are fast and they know they are fast. Track there is like what baseball or football is here, everyone participates at some point or another. If you are fast (standout), you will get noticed. Is this kid fast? Defenitely! Will he maintain that speed? We will see.
11:43 PM on 12/13/2012
He tested positive for Vegemite.
11:24 PM on 12/13/2012
The difference between 9.58 and 11.7 in the 100m is insane. Yes the kid is fast for his age but there are 1000's of kids that will run faster than 11.7 in high school in any given year.