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09:36 PM on 12/20/2012
The headline and the quoted line "Like Jesus, Annie laid down her life for her friends..." is far off base. A hero or heroine risks their own life for another and so she is a heroine.
But the speaker is wrong in 2 major ways: No human can be compared to Jesus Christ. Christ was the living son of God in human form and no comparison can be drawn.

Second, Jesus did not die for those who were his friends or associates. He died to expiate the sins of all people of the world past and future.
10:30 PM on 12/20/2012
John 15:13

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

"God is love" (1 John 4:8)

I'm not a "religious" man, but I do believe in God. If the Bible is the infallible word of God as Christians believe, the teachers at Sandy Hook who gave their lives were living examples of what it means to be like Jesus. God Bless all of them.
11:07 PM on 12/20/2012
the pharisees liked to split hairs too.
09:34 PM on 12/20/2012
Menal health is an issue in our country but let's not leave some important people with emotional problems out of the loop:
Those who think they'll be alone without their automatic weapons like it's a dog.
Those who think they need to hoard automatic weapons for survival
Those whose self esteem depends upon their gun
Those who make a living (incl congressional members) from gun makers
Those who believe teachers should be armed
Those who need automatic weapons for hunting
Those who think only about themselves
Conspirators who see the sky falling on them and others as enemies
Those who listen to and acually believe Fox News
Television clergy who incite violence and anxiety while using God's name
This a partial list,please feel free to add your favorites
09:44 PM on 12/20/2012
You should add your name to the list...
09:45 PM on 12/20/2012
did you ever watch Fox news...Those who believe believe in the liberal progressive ideas...and don't believe in a God
I wish I didn't know now,What I didn't know then
09:33 PM on 12/20/2012
A back round check should INCLUDE ALL who reside at applicants house also.Mental illness IN THE HOME should be a REJECTION.
09:44 PM on 12/20/2012
Most all mental health like all health records are and should be private. So to get around that a potential spree killer will also have to be willing to lie.Thats two bad things so maybe they won't.
09:58 PM on 12/20/2012
People who want that gun too much are the ones who shouldn't have one. We all know one, don't we?

If you don't, I know a couple you should meet.
Dinner King
Equal Opportunity, not outcome
09:32 PM on 12/20/2012
How is she compared to Jesus?
09:29 PM on 12/20/2012
God lives and will always live! for those that do not belive in him. God Bless this teacher who did the ultimate sacrifice for those kids.
09:46 PM on 12/20/2012
09:28 PM on 12/20/2012
Why did your "god" allow this to occur in the first place? To pray to him now seems even more absurd. Get a grip folks.
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09:50 PM on 12/20/2012
It's a fallen world...bad things will continue to happen, until Jesus returns.

It's not that far off.
07:15 PM on 12/21/2012
If there were an all powerful god why did he enable this horror to happen.
09:27 PM on 12/20/2012
The VOID will never be filled. God through Jesus said " I am with you always". I trust God enough to be a man of his word. Those children are in a better place. They just are in a better place.
I pray for the parents and even the shooter. It's a mess that can be fixed.
Time does not heal all wounds.
Time makes them know that we must all move on.
We need to get "guns of hate" off the street and stand up to the NRA.
Guns don't kill people, but guns make it a lot easier.
If that kid would have walked in their with a knife... it would have been a different story.
Why do sane people need assault weapons anyway?
Tell me it's a firing range and I will say no.
I am willing to let assault weapons ONLY be kept at your property.
Otherwise... they have to go.
A 20 year old taught us a lesson.
09:26 PM on 12/20/2012
mr. dolan, how bout our soldiers who lay their lives down every single day for their friends?
09:25 PM on 12/20/2012
While I admire her heroism, she shouldnt be compared to Jesus at all...She did not die for the sins of the world...She was heroic, true indeed and should be internationally recognized for her deeds and efforts, but she should never should she be compared to Jesus in that aspect..
09:39 PM on 12/20/2012
It just might be possible that that Jesus will be not overshawdowed, nor offended, by a comment on HP.
04:31 PM on 12/21/2012 just might be possible.....but I wouldnt do it...Thats just me...cant speak for no one else..
Hillary 2016
09:42 PM on 12/20/2012
Thank you. Comparing this teacher to Jesus was a little much ... That is not to minimize Anne Marie Murphy's extraordinary courage, bravery, and sacrifice of her own life to save children. Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things when called upon. All who tried to save children last Friday are heroes -- even those that survived.
04:35 PM on 12/21/2012
Very true...and you're right..they should be acknowledged for that...but to put them on the same level as Jesus is total blasphemy...thats not right at all...
09:23 PM on 12/20/2012
id say every usa military soldier is like jesus then
09:22 PM on 12/20/2012
now whats the government going to do when the next attack is done by a suicide bomber..then what laws are we going to pass ???
09:34 PM on 12/20/2012
It has already been done twice. 911 and OK, niether used guns. So we must get rid of air planes and fertilyzer, but don't forget the rental truck that was used. so we gotta get tid of them also
09:48 PM on 12/20/2012
Lets fix the problems we currently have before we deal with all the right wing hypotheticals.
Ralph Preta
knowledge is the key to life.
09:21 PM on 12/20/2012
one armed guard at each vehicle entrance and two to guard the perimeter of the complex or building. its sad that its come to this but it is what it is. welcome to the new millennium. we need to get back to old school basic common sense FAST.
Stir big stick, little pot.
10:17 PM on 12/20/2012
Should they be as trained as our TSA agents in the airports??
02:08 AM on 12/21/2012
I think within 20 to 30 years, all kids will be homeschooled, via an internet classroom and more parents will be working from home. I think this violence is part of the reason why it will happen.
John J Palazzini
Never underestimate the power of very stupid ppl
09:19 PM on 12/20/2012
Jesus Christ is a comic book character//// just like superman, the boogey man, the flying spaghetti monster, the easter bunny and santa's all delusion.
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09:47 PM on 12/20/2012
Superman, the boogey man, the flying spaghetti monster, the easter bunny and santa claus ARE all delusion.

Sir....Jesus Christ is NOT!!!!!
09:59 PM on 12/20/2012
Next you will be telling me the planet Kolob isn't real either.
09:18 PM on 12/20/2012
God bless them all.. victims, survivors and everyone touched by this horrid event.
Tiffany the Dalmatian in her Old Navy jacket!
09:18 PM on 12/20/2012
This goes BEYOND pain...
Just devastating.