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dougie monty
03:58 AM on 12/28/2012
When the headline read "Godzilla retires," I thought it meant the monster has retired from terrorizing Tokyo, scaring Raymond Burr, and dying in Tokyo Bay. Shows how much I know.
Shallow and Pedantic
I believe in fairytales.
09:11 AM on 12/28/2012
Same here. Ahh Raymond Burr, definitely his finest performance... although it's the only movie I recall seeing him in.
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09:20 AM on 12/28/2012
What's ironic is that Raymond Burr usually played a heavy in B-movies, then eneded up playing an attorney on TV. As a kid, we never missed Perry Mason in glorious black and white. Thanks for reminding about Ray.
better to be looking at it, than looking for it!
03:26 PM on 12/29/2012
1967, Chief Robert T Ironside, (Burr) a detective taken down (but not out) by a snipers bullet. I think it ran for two seasons. You can find it on netflix. It was pretty savy for it's time, took on alot of the issues during those times.
buy the ticket-take the ride
08:25 PM on 12/28/2012
Mothra will be pleased...
02:06 AM on 12/28/2012
Retired from playing but I hope we see you again in Baseball some where else.
12:37 AM on 12/28/2012
Matsui entered Japan professional baseball with the Yomiuri Giants 1993. He gained fame as a HS ball player at the annual tournaments there and after graduating he immediately joined the team. He became an instant success replacing the venerable Sadaharu Oh as Japan's baseball hero. He was called endearingly "Godzilla" due to his pock-marked skin but its meaning eventually changed to reflect his hitting power. It's unfortunate that his lack of English ability will prevent him from becoming a coach if not a manager in the Major Leagues. Japanese as a rule are not good linguists at all. My guess is some Japanese team may offier him a job as a coach when he returns to Japan.
I always seem to be wherever I am...
11:41 PM on 12/27/2012
I hate to see such a competitor retire.

Being a lifetime Yankee fan I enjoyed the work ethic and professionalism that Hideki Matsui brought to the Yankees and to major league baseball.

Just as Joe Torre said, Hideki is a winner.

Have a great retirement Mr. Matsui.