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live from the PHX
02:18 PM on 12/28/2012
More of the same. Cheap, uber-processed meat, bread, cheese and potatoes and a catchy new title slapped on it. The scary part is that they probably went through a ton of marketing research and testing before rolling out these products. Is this really what the public wants?
07:40 AM on 12/29/2012
The fast food customer base consists largely of people with a fairly limited range of taste appreciation who at the same time want at least the illusion of variety. So the savvy thing to do from a marketing perspective is to take the same ingredients, rearrange them in various clever ways, and give the product a new name. This provides a sense of novelty while staying within customers' "comfort zone".
live from the PHX
10:47 AM on 01/04/2013
Agreed. It just would be nice to see these corporations try to reach people with broader tastes. I know I won't be getting a McCollard wrap or BK Dosa anytime soon but one can dream.
02:17 PM on 12/28/2012
The Italian Chicken has been on and off the BK menu for at least 10 years. It's the best chicken sandwich I've ever had as I like the bread, the marina hits the right notes for me and the cheese has the right gooeyness to it. The chicken is not offensive and the breading is nice.

While I doubt most would find it as enjoyable as I do, it works for me.