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05:57 PM on 12/29/2012
Keynes himself declared that he would have the government bury newly printed in cash in abandoned mines as a way to stimulate industry.

The man was cleary a nut.

And anyone that embraces the Keynesian vision of economics is a fool.
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05:51 PM on 12/29/2012
Progressive taxes is a key point. Regressive taxes leads to such massive deficits that productive government spending is almost impossible because of the outcries about the debt.
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05:44 PM on 12/29/2012
This is a step in the right direction. All politicians need to read this. Your next assignment is a piece on Rational Expectations and Lucas's thoughts on our current macroeconomic state.
05:37 PM on 12/29/2012
I am not sure I understand what the point of your article is? Keynesian works or it does not. You are saying not all sending (example military) will help grow an economy, by deduction it means targeted government spending can. Or am I missing something?
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05:34 PM on 12/29/2012
Let us recall that it was *economics professors* who got us into the mess we're in today. Milton Friedman was an economics professor who did more genuine harm to this country than the Soviet menace did. The author read like she's a acolyte of Friedman.
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04:08 AM on 12/30/2012
...and erskine bowles
Semper Fi
04:51 PM on 12/29/2012
You're all over the place with this article.

What are you trying to say?
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04:48 PM on 12/29/2012
While rates are low, we should take care of needed infrastructure, plus give jobs a boost (don't know what many have on their resumes for this lost 1/2 decade). The Fed has created plenty of dollars to shore up the banks but very little has trickled down.
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04:43 PM on 12/29/2012
Agreed professor. Too bad your thinking is beyond the imagining for most CONS.
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04:41 PM on 12/29/2012
Not bad. Regardless, we need to start spending a lot more money on our infrastructure.