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Music keeps me sane in a crazed society :-)
06:30 PM on 01/02/2013
There will be plenty of fools watching if it does happen....The more ignorant the more success for the network.....Entertainment at its lowest makes profit!...AND it won't just be blacks supporting and watching the madness...
There are plenty of white shows "Honey Boo Boo Child" shown with much ignorance too and they are quite popular
SOLUTION: Don't watch! Don't support..... Find something else to entertain yourSELF with...
06:17 PM on 01/02/2013
"I could... but it's not necessary"

But that's the IS necessary. It IS necessary to explain why you think this show is worse than Basketball Wives, Honey Boo Boo or Real Housewives of Orange County in the way it depicts or reinforces stereotypes.

"stop overestimating the common sense of most people"

Follow your own advice...don't assume the reading audience or the TV audience in general is going to simply "get" why this particular show is the mainline sewer, while the other reality shows are just the toilet bowl.

EXPLAIN your point! And in doing so, justify the point of writing this article.
Morris W. O'Kelly
Host of The Mo'Kelly Show on KFI AM640 - http://mr
06:59 PM on 01/02/2013
You really just want to skip over all that stuff about stereotypes and SB1070, Muslim stereotypes and 9/11.

You really want me to re-explain that or should I cut and paste?'s clear. I said "it's not necessary" as to explaining why CHILD EXPLOITATION is unacceptable. Do you REALLY need that explanation, or am I overestimating your level of common sense?

Keep on proving my point.
11:08 PM on 01/02/2013
In fact I WANT your point to be proven! I agree with you that minorities bear a heavier burden with stereotype perpetuation. I agree with your sentiment that these types of shows are to put it mildly, "not great" for social and community discourse.

Where I think I don't agree is that BECAUSE people don't understand these issues, I think they do have to be spelled out. I do NOT think this show would be to the Black Community what 9/11 was to the American Muslim Community. Given you feel common sense is obvious with some things, (but not others), I think you shouldn't expect readers to be able to explicitly differentiate (armed only with your very passionate viewpoint) how this particular reality show is an example of "bad" child exploitation, while Honey Boo Boo is "less bad" child exploitation. Other than one is about a more commonly exploited racial group, I can see arguments to be made in both directions, and my mind goes to an "exploit-off", similar to Samuel Jackson and Anne Hathaway's "sad-off". ( could be Viral Video Gold...)

I did view a 12ish minute clip of this Baby Mama show, and the children themselves were barely featured. I obviously don't know what the show itself would be like.

At any rate, thanks for reading my comment, I appreciate the response, and the fact that you are taking the time to listen to/consider your audience! :)
06:13 PM on 01/02/2013
Agreed, signed the petition.
06:09 PM on 01/02/2013
Children should have the right to privacy and protection from irresponsible parents who would participate in such an exploitive project. It is almost as irresponsible as having eleven children.
05:46 PM on 01/02/2013
Two words: "Jersey Shore"... Three more: "Honey Boo Boo".. After those you can bet the worst of every culture, every race, and all of America in general will make it's way onto a TV show somewhere.
On a side note where else would the people on the show be able to make the kind of money they will get? Of all the things that are "bad" for people out there, this is pretty minor.
Life is 100% fatal
06:59 PM on 01/02/2013
Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo don't have the same historical impact to them as this show (and others like it) do.

"Everybody turn 'round to an' fro
Everybody turn 'round, jump Jim Crow"...
07:54 PM on 01/02/2013
Add "Flava of Love"-of course, in that case adult women allowed themselves to be made fools on TV, but it was still a really trashy program.

If people stopped watching none of these shows would be on the air.
Intelligence is just fine with me
05:45 PM on 01/02/2013
Oops, meant Django Unchained - must learn to proofread before posting:)
Intelligence is just fine with me
05:44 PM on 01/02/2013

Has Mr. Spike Lee had anything to say about this show?

Seems about a million times more damaging to the public perception of African-American culture than Djano Unchained.
Morris W. O'Kelly
Host of The Mo'Kelly Show on KFI AM640 - http://mr
06:40 PM on 01/02/2013
You misconstrued Spike's remarks. He was asked about Django and he answered the question as to whether he would see it. He did not offer unsolicited remarks. He answered the question asked of him. He did not ask for a boycott or anything of the sort.

He answered the question.
11:29 PM on 01/02/2013
I agree that Spike was not saying that Django would be damaging to the public perception of African American culture. He he was saying it would be "disrespectful to my ancestors to see that film."

The film may very well be disrespectful (I have not seen it), but I wish Spike would see it first, then say "that was disrespectful!". It's the common mistake we all (myself included) make if we say "I'm not seeing that movie TRANSFORMERS, it would be disrespectful to my childhood." I had to see it to verify that before I could condemn it publicly. Spike could have avoided the backlash if he had qualified his remarks. But Spike is not known for wanting to avoid controversy. (I loved him in the 30-for-30 Reggie Miller film.)
shirley thomas
we have no friends in dc
05:41 PM on 01/02/2013
sadly, by the large numbers of black baby mama's, marriage ain't top on the agenda. why get upset over something is really happening in our community. i dislike the ideal of this show for the same reason i don't waste time watching housewives of, basketballwives etc. they are stupid. i remember reading yrs, that a group of young black teen single moms were asked about getting married and they all agreed that getting married was a "white thing."
06:26 PM on 01/02/2013
So let me get this straight - you think there's nothing to get upset about because the negative steretype set to be exploited by this show is TRUE???? Do you not understand the meaning of this quote - "The time has come to stop rewarding ignorant, irresponsible behavior; stop exalting foolishness."

Apparent you are also having some difficulty understanding the import of your slogan - "forward not backward". Frankly, your comments demonstrate that your thinking process is as backwards as they come.
Robert SF
05:24 PM on 01/02/2013
I hadn't heard of this show, but I agree. It's horrible to make a show about stereotypes, especially when the stereotypes are currently in use to justify bigotry against a group of people that has so little power in the first place.

Whatever happened to making shows that put black people in a normal light, with the struggles, flaws, and follies everyone has? Shows like Good Times, the Jeffersons, Sanford & Son, and even Prince of Belair did not trade in stereotypes, at least not this egregiously.
Taxpaying Veteran
05:06 PM on 01/02/2013
"The time has come to stop rewarding ignorant, irresponsible behavior; stop exalting foolishness."

I agree 100%! someone please inform the 'Obamaphone Lady' and the other "Entitled Ones", and see where that gets ya'!
shirley thomas
we have no friends in dc
05:44 PM on 01/02/2013
another low info fox and fools viewer. do your homework on the the so called, by racist whites, the "obamphone." and if u look at the states receiving the most welfare etc it's those white, buybull thumping gawd awful "christian" red states. facts... an anathema to members of the bircher, whig party of no info
06:05 PM on 01/02/2013
So, we agree to stop rewarding ignorant, irresponsible behavior.
05:01 PM on 01/02/2013
wow so we can have redneck shows and shows about women who have slept their wait to wealth with athletes but no way can we show that you black males, as well as white and Hispanic males are getting women pregnant and doing nothing to pay the bills. This is called shaming someone and it is way overdue. We as a nation have lost the idea of shame.
kolette williams
06:32 PM on 01/02/2013
Actually, it ALL needs to go.
07:28 PM on 01/02/2013
Nope this shows needs to be on 24/7 for about a month and maybe people will get an idea of what the people that make the money are paying for.
Life is 100% fatal
07:01 PM on 01/02/2013
If they are willing to do it, and getting a check, then there's no shame involved.
09:40 PM on 01/02/2013
The idea that you drop your seed and pop out babies that you can never afford should be shameful.
04:57 PM on 01/02/2013
I agree with everything said here. What is the next course of action? Is there a petition in circulation? I'm sure that you would have many supporters if you started one, and it would spread like wildfire through social media. Unfortunately, there are people in this country who would watch this show and think that this is the norm for African American people.
04:47 PM on 01/02/2013
“Let's stop underestimating the power and prevalence of stupidity, stop overestimating the common sense of most people. Let's also stop denying the influence of reality television on both the participants and viewers.”

Brilliant observation…absolutely BRILLIANT!

“The time has come to stop rewarding ignorant, irresponsible behavior; stop exalting foolishness”.

Unfortunately I feel like as long as mindsets are in their current state. Many in the black community will continue to support pseudo celebrity irresponsible behavior.

I can easily hear the argument…“Well this show will allow Shawty-Lo to support his children and their mothers.” Foolishness.
05:21 PM on 01/02/2013
Keep in mind that it is women viewership, almost 100%.
05:47 PM on 01/02/2013
What does that have to do with anything?
07:00 PM on 01/02/2013
I'd dispute that. I was shocked to find out how many men, especially young men, enjoy Oxygen shows like The Bad Girls Club that one would think were mainly viewed by women.
Robert SF
05:26 PM on 01/02/2013
Not only is it foolishness but it's also very sad. Why should the only way out for Black America be sports or entertainment? It's not even a reliable way out. For every Jay-Z, there are thousands of hopeful rappers who never make it, yet even those odds are better than becoming an accountant.
09:45 AM on 01/03/2013
Say it again.