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11:58 PM on 01/06/2013
The Lab Tech will get pushed for results ; the Jeweler doesn't know when a guy wearing a ski mask wielding a 12 gauge will show up; the Medical Records Clerk will be tasked with 30 other things to do in a Doctors office, or work crappy shifts and holidays in a hospital; the Tailor will , at best, travel between multiple storefronts of a retail chain to earn that paltry 25k a year; and the Professor will consider himself lucky if he finds some students genuinely interested in his topic, his research grants in place every year, and is able to secure tenure in a world of part-time teaching.

This article was current in the year 1980.
11:39 PM on 01/06/2013
university professors have stress! they always got to do research and get published etc etc etc!
this is silly! least stressful job is being a hand model! :)
01:49 AM on 01/07/2013
Hand model has stress too. They are not allowed to touch a lot of things.
02:01 AM on 01/07/2013
supply your own joke!
A Groover has to expect a few setbacks .....
06:23 AM on 01/07/2013
don't become "THE CLAW"
05:21 PM on 01/07/2013
and it truly is publish or perish.
05:48 PM on 01/07/2013
i heard that.  geeesh, they always got to keep abreast of all the latest info in their field.
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09:48 PM on 01/06/2013
More brilliant work done by 2 watt light bulbs.

These days, no job is non-stressfull. Demanding employers, cranky customers, and budget pressures at home make it that way. But the pick of a professor was over-the-top. I think half those guys (and ladies) keep a stash of liquid refreshment in their office to unwind.
I am an Obama supporter
08:37 PM on 01/06/2013

Assuming that one can get a job as a professor, that is. Tenure track and tenured faculty now make up about a quarter of the faculty in American institutions of higher education. The rest are adjunct wage slaves and visiting faculty, who may or may not also be wage slaves.

So there are very few decent jobs. Not only that, there are few decent jobs in any place that anyone would want to live. If you don't mind living in the middle of nowhere, Cow-pat County, you could maybe get a tenure track job at some little school nobody has ever heard of, but hey--it's a tenure track job, so you better be grateful!! And sure, the pay is 42k a year and your student loans are staggering and you're single and there are no appropriate singles...but it's a tenure track job!

The very few decent jobs in the wonderful places to live are grabbed by those who have the right connections and/or who came out of the right schools.

Getting a tenure track job is like getting yourself a contract with a record company or a starring role in a movie or something. For every one person with talent who makes it, there are a hundred more who have been ground to dust and spit out and left on the roadside.

So being a professor is stress-free but that presupposes surviving the grueling and miserable and mostly insurmountable path to get there.
08:55 AM on 01/07/2013
Denied tenure huh?
I am an Obama supporter
03:12 PM on 01/07/2013
No, I got ground up and spit out before I got that far.

Ultimately, I decided that living in a decent area and trying to earn a decent living was more important to me than being able to say "I'm a professor" (even though it meant I lived in the middle of nowhere, had no dating prospects, earned only enough to rent a studio apartment or a basement, and had to kowtow to deadwood with less of a publication record than mine but an incredible sense of self-ness). It was a hard decision. Very painful. But academia is changing rapidly and for the worse, and I did not get in the door early enough or far enough to survive it.

That's all.
05:24 PM on 01/07/2013
you are husband is a tenured professor.....but he had to come to a school in fort wayne indiana to find a tenure track position
08:26 PM on 01/06/2013
This should be called 'how do you live on less than 60K a year" ...If you can have any sense of a life with not making money like that you should publish a book. Insane.
04:48 PM on 01/07/2013
If you have any kind of normal debt (yeah yeah not a place to get on your soapbox about saving and not being in debt) than you really can't. Even with sharing rent, the reality of having student loans[only about 32k], car debt and credit cards, makes it really hard to live on, which makes my normal life outside of work very stressful. I wish I had a little bit more work stress, I would gladly have it, if I could actually have enough to take a vacation or buy myself some nice things once in a while.
08:14 PM on 01/06/2013
Professor is not a stressful job?
08:23 PM on 01/06/2013
For students today? heck no...everyone got a trophy and now everyone gets a B+ ...easy
08:29 PM on 01/06/2013
But professor is very hard job.
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07:57 PM on 01/06/2013
That girl has some big dogs.
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has coffee in it
07:37 PM on 01/06/2013
Compared to what? Blogging?
Cyber Nick
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07:05 PM on 01/06/2013
Evidently the author never heard of “Publish or Perish” with respect to university professorships? Lack of tenure is pretty stressful, never knowing if you will have a job next year. Stress is having to fund your own research program, on which many employees depend, via competitive grants.

Every one of these jobs has deadlines, must deal with people and some, like lab tech—be concerned about making mistakes that could impact people’s lives.

Perhaps being a writer of erroneous articles is least stressful of all?
05:28 PM on 01/07/2013
I agree, and writing really poorly researched articles must be stress free. Terribly bad article
Teacher and Old-School Liberal
05:54 PM on 01/07/2013
well said
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
06:42 PM on 01/06/2013
The article doesn't say that being a university professor is stress free. Only that it is less stressful than many other careers. As one who has had a career in the military, in industry, then as a tenured professor of engineering, I can attest that the stress diminished with each career change. One of the reasons talented people elect academia is for its quality of life and limits on daily stress. (It sure as hell isn't the salary.)
07:31 AM on 01/07/2013
Your stress may have diminished as your skill set increased.
05:49 PM on 01/06/2013
Any education job tends to be very stressful and university professor is no exception (especially for new professors without tenure). How exactly did they determine these jobs were less stressful than other jobs?
Common sense has become less common.
04:58 PM on 01/06/2013
Any of these jobs can be stressful when you are trying to be the best in your field. Leave it to the Democrats... Another article attempting to make people feel like there is no-one better, or no-one worse at what you do.

Besides, in Democrat-land, nobody is paid better depending on their qualifications... Democrats like to set wages. This story is ridiculously misleading.
04:52 PM on 01/06/2013
Hmm. My dad is a university professor, he is also in an administrative position. There is plenty stress because of all the bs politics that people like to play. He teaches close to 500 students and has only 3 TAs. Has to turnover midterm/finals grades within 48 hours. Works in a building that has tons of asbestos and has been condemned 4 times. He can tell the chair of the department what classes he will and won't teach and I guarantee he won't be there for longer than 5 years. Helicopter parents who constantly call and email him or try to sit in class, budget issues, grant issues, constantly cranking out publications to keep his position, managing a roster of PhD students in mathematics, being forced to run every minority program because he's the only minority faculty member in the math department, doesn't come home until after 9 pm every night not to mention the $35,000 pay cut from his previous position in industry. Yep, very non-stressful. Change university professor to tenured university professor.
03:16 PM on 01/06/2013
First off I have deadlines and will always have deadlines as a professor (grad submissions, curriculum development, accreditation) . With the shrinking budgets professors have to teach classes they haven't taught before. I have 40 assessments per student in a semester, which comes down to 1600 grades. You have students bugging you constantly throughout the semester. Sure if you are tenured, you can tell the school to take a hike, but that's not what the purpose of tenure is, and most professors don't act that way.
This study seems to be from a third rate (or TTT) website.
07:34 AM on 01/07/2013
It's from CNBC, according to the article.
03:10 PM on 01/06/2013
If you love the job, then there isn't much stress.