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09:53 AM on 01/07/2013
Actually the real "rape" of the treasury has been and is by Halliburton and other neocon contractors.
My macro-bio ate my micro-bio.
10:20 AM on 01/07/2013
11:20 AM on 01/07/2013
Halliburton was awarded no-bid contracts started by albertArnoldGore who found them "uniquely qualied." You aren't going to challenge the inventor of global warming and the internet, are you?
09:30 AM on 01/07/2013
This guy looks this old and decrepit and he is only 62? He must have sold his soul long ago to look like that.
10:20 AM on 01/07/2013
No... he's a quadraplegic from a serious accident
Barbara DeZan
Knowledge is Power
12:57 PM on 01/07/2013
No he isn't.

He's paraplegic...from a diving accident in 1972. Only his lower limbs are affected.
talking point squasher
We've got the trickle down frown...
01:17 PM on 01/07/2013
No, he's a soulless ghoul.
09:13 AM on 01/07/2013
Lord. Why is it taking 48hrs + to post a comment. Come on Huff there's got to be a better way to get these comments through pending status.
08:59 AM on 01/07/2013
Nothing like using moderate language--nothing like the word "rape" to get everyone's attention, no matter how inappropriate it is. The man has no shame.
08:53 AM on 01/07/2013
What is going on in this country is disgusting. I live in a Sandy-zone and these private insurance companies are not paying. My neighbors had flood insurance (we didn't) and they still have not gotten money from their company. We had hurricane insurance but the company was going to throw us a few dollars for our trouble. These insurance companies do not want to pay! They will take your premiums and leave you for dead.
08:46 AM on 01/07/2013
Why don't they list the additions to the bill and who added to it? This way the adders are outed and maybe it will discourage this kind of activity.
11:22 AM on 01/07/2013
Good point. I'm guessing you could find them with a search, but I think their names should be listed with their contributions to the bill so that we can see them.
08:10 AM on 01/07/2013
Krauthammer is correct in his statement.Wake up America, the government will only take your money there is no aid there.The people will see very little aid come their way. Fema funds need to be redirected to the states. Each state should be allotted equally the same amount of funds then the states should be required to build and keep a emergency relief fund. This money can only be used for emergencies. I know the states could do a better job.
Govt needs more sunshine.
10:05 AM on 01/07/2013
Sixty seven days for Congress to act. on an EMERGENCY Relief Bill.
You may not be aware of this: New Jersey AND New York BOTH contribute MORE to the FEDERAL government than they receive.

Krauthammar spends too much time with Red State TAKERS, he should spend time with BLUE state MAKERS.
11:23 AM on 01/07/2013
New York and NJ do not contribute funds to the federal government. Individuals do.
04:41 PM on 01/07/2013
my point exactly let them keep it to take care of their people.
08:04 AM on 01/07/2013
politics as usual..
07:54 AM on 01/07/2013
The next time the south get's hit with a katrina like storm,, we should debate for 2.5 months on their relief package.. The just can't see the forest cause all those darn trees are in the way..Don't these people know it is a double edged sword.. This is the UNITED STATES we all pull together when on of us is hurt like that, You can't stop a disaster, It's like a home owner when the hot water heater blow's, it is an is and has to be dealt with, not debated. These T/PUBS had no offset's for the 2 war's
07:53 AM on 01/07/2013
Boehner works for himself, not those who elected him. He needs to go, and I cannot wait until the 2014 election. I believe it will put an end to this nonsense in the house.
08:16 AM on 01/07/2013
So it is okay with you that there was more Pork in there than aid for the survivors of Sandy?The Politicans on both sides should be fined for adding such an absurd amount to a very important bill. People like Chuckie Schumer and many in Washington are drunk on power and spending our money.Enough is enough.We are broke, the credit card is maxed and the Chinees will someday want repayment.
proud member of the Liberal √Člite
10:46 AM on 01/07/2013
but it is Chuck's district that needs aid why would he not be asked where to spend the money
anyone voting against aid for home while voting to fund wars is as unAmerican as they come and you should stop defending them as you sound well...unAmerican.
in and out of the garden he goes
07:49 AM on 01/07/2013
the gop is just utter and complete filth
07:40 AM on 01/07/2013
The sick think here is that the corrupt politicians inserted pork into such an important piece of legislation. That is what is wrong with Washington. If there was one single thing in that bill that did not directly go to support the people directly affected by hurricane Sandy then the bill should have been rejected and another one drawn up with the same amount of money going directly to the states that have been destroyed. Get rid of the pork and get rid of the clowns in this circus that is aka Washington politics.
07:38 AM on 01/07/2013
Politicians of both parties loaded up the Bill with Pork. Help the victims and get rid of the special interest pork in the bill. Bohener showed leadership in this case.
07:33 AM on 01/07/2013
Krauthammer for president will be the next GOP choice..LOL
07:32 AM on 01/07/2013
O = more pork than any politician in history!

Wake up America!
08:05 AM on 01/07/2013
I doubt that....I think you're looking harder at Obama then any other President..
09:57 AM on 01/07/2013
Considering that pork comes from Congress you seem to be just using this to blame Obama, again.