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12:06 PM on 01/07/2013
That KK's style has more influence on people than Kate's is no big surprise simply because Kim's fashion runs the gamut from elegant to street-walker chic. Kate is bound by her royal status, which requires simple, understated designs and modesty where Kim's style doesn't seem to be bound by anything except for her pathological need for attention. No one needs to hide in the bushes and take pictures with a telephoto lens to see KK's breasts.
02:20 PM on 01/07/2013
Kate wasn't so simple and understated when she walked outside in the nude with absolutely nothing on. I think she forgot her "royal status" that day. What a bunch of rubbish all this gab about status and class. Americans are obsessed with tom foolery.
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04:58 PM on 01/07/2013
Kate was on private property and had an expectation of privacy when the nude pictures were taken. I personally don't care who's walking around naked as Kate did; it's sleazy to hide in the bushes and sneak pictures of people. Do you think if Americans weren't "obsessed" with status and class that royals would start dressing like sex tape celebrities? Some of them might dress like that in the privacy of their own home (doubtful) but they don't present themselves that way in public. As "royal status" seems to offend you, substitute "professional", "conservative" or "Sunday best" as descriptions of Kate's style. However you choose to view it, Royals ARE bound by centuries of protocol, history and tradition that inform their behavior and practices, whether you find them offensive or not. Do you find "wardrobe malfunctions" as offensive?
11:42 AM on 01/07/2013
Of course the Duchess has less widespread appeal as there aren't many 19 year old women looking to dress so demurely. However, I would wage a bet that as the demographic changes maybe the 25-35 box, her appeal is much greater than Kim Kardashian.
11:16 AM on 01/07/2013
More like: Beauty & The Beast!!!!
10:58 AM on 01/07/2013
That is bc Kate has to dress like a lady all the time and young girls who are Kims target group dress more like her. Kate is different bc she's part of the royal family now.
03:54 PM on 01/07/2013
Does dressing like that "lady" you mention include going outside completely nude. My bets are on Kim all day long when it comes to dressing like a lady. I am just not that into nudity.
10:55 AM on 01/07/2013
I recently read some not so great things about Kate before she was a duchess which have altered my perception of her a bit. That being said I like her style and I also like Kim's style but the two should never be compared.
10:43 AM on 01/07/2013
There is know comparison Class is Class Trash is Trash
10:40 AM on 01/07/2013
Puleeeeeze.....there's just no comparison between Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian. Kate has class, poise, dignity, and excellent taste. Kim has, well, let's just say, less than all that.
10:17 AM on 01/07/2013
Of course you don't notice a lot of people dressed like Kate. It's a matter of perception. It's difficult to pull-off the understated style Kate is known for. And therein lies my point ... understated dressing is intended not to draw too much attention to oneself (though the Duchess still manages to do so in spite of it). Thus, you are less likely to notice women who dress in a similar fashion. Kardashian 'fashion', on the other hand, is all about about drawing attention. Thus, you are more likely to notice similarly dressed individuals.
Karen Berish Heilner
11:43 AM on 01/07/2013
I think simple, understated taste can draw attention, in the right way. I've always dressed that way, and have always gotten complements (and looks) on my style of clothing. Bells and whistles are just that, and look dated in a year. You can dress things up, or change the look w/ accessories.
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10:17 AM on 01/07/2013
Kim really isn't that much nice but not all that much BUT Most people are tired of Kim and her Mom trying to be first at everything. Kim and the Family need to get Lost for a year or so and give the pubic a brake.
10:16 AM on 01/07/2013
Kiim K is a piece of work - she married - having anothers baby - and has no talent that can be shown on TV during prime time.
10:08 AM on 01/07/2013
Whenever Kate M is in the news, then Kim K attempts to follow in KM footsteps. Dont you think its ironic that when Kate announced being pregnant then Kim also announced being pregnant?
Livin' the salt life with a twist o' lime!
10:31 PM on 01/07/2013
Coincidentally she is about three months along and Reggie's baby mamma announced their pregnancy about three months ago.
Am Everywoman not Superwoman.
10:06 AM on 01/07/2013
Except for the Royal thing and being British (2 factors that totally indimidates Americans), I prefer Kim's fashion. I also understand that Kate has to really mind what she wears while Kim can just have fun, fun,fun with her wardrobe.

Kim does have the universally acceptable body type and a far more beautiful face.

BTW, the comparison is about fashion ONLY.
Glinda Vegliacich
Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.
09:58 AM on 01/07/2013
Please do not compare Kim Kardashian to Kate the Duchess of Cambridge. The Duchess is a lady while Kim is trashy and married to one man and pregnant by another. Some one needs to tell Kim Kardashian you don't get married or pregnant as a publicity stunt. I feel sorry for Kim's and Kanye's unborn child because neither one of them is fit to be a parent. Please do us all a favor and do not insult the Duchess by mentioning her and Kim in the same sentence much less a whole series of articles for months.
09:58 AM on 01/07/2013
Class versus trash and cash!
09:56 AM on 01/07/2013
its like a penny vs a dollar.