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05:43 PM on 01/30/2013
you go guys!
My dog is the best person I know.
03:22 PM on 01/30/2013
I'm amazed that the prestigious citizens of Decatur have allowed Wal-Mart in their 'hood.
12:05 PM on 01/30/2013
This story can't be true. I read this site every day, and I'm always told that merely building a Home Depot or a Walmart puts the little guy out of business. No matter how many local shoppers greedily seek more for less, it is the mere construction of the big box that somehow lead to the demise of Mom & Pop. There is NO WAY that good, solid business planning and strategy could possibly lead to the co-existance of the small store and the behemoth. It CAN NOT be true!
My dog is the best person I know.
03:20 PM on 01/30/2013
Really? That's what you're going with?
Charles Varnum
12:43 AM on 02/01/2013
Let me guess , you are hoping to get a job at the great wal mart of China.
Independent voter/thinker
11:43 AM on 01/29/2013
Home Depot sucks, I only go there when my boss specifically tells me to or I have no choice.
Dream Big,Work Hard & don't let anyone tell you no
09:36 AM on 01/31/2013
We have a Lowes in our area. We also had a local mom and pop that finally closed 2 yrs ago. I mean it was like those you saw back in the day when they had everything in the store from plants for the garden to horse supplies to old fashion cookware and and bowls, equipment to rakes. I mean everything. You could find anything. But they just couldn't compete any more. They were getting old and they were tired.
time to speak up
06:52 AM on 01/29/2013
I think he'll do just fine. The way Walmart is cutting hours and benefits for their employees he shouldn't have much of a problem with them. Most Walmart employees don't know much at all about their departments and most don't care. They don't do price changes to show mark downs
or mark up's. They have all this freight in the back and no desire to bring it out and stock it.
05:21 PM on 01/28/2013
We all know how Wal-mart pressures vendors on pricing which is a race to the bottom
of quality. My sister says her Honda's are built here,. I remind her that, in spite of jobs,
the profit still goes to Japan as CHINA gets big box profits! If we're so smart,. figuring
how to keep money here shouldn't be a problem for the Greatest country on earth.
We would do well to list all the ways money leaves our communities and country.
Nothing wrong with Emerging Market investments long as we take care of our own
back yard first.
How's that go,. "God, HOME, and country ?
12:27 PM on 01/28/2013
Day eight for this article .... Give it a rest please
Independent voter/thinker
11:40 AM on 01/29/2013
No, keep it going huffpo.
writ this down
10:06 AM on 02/01/2013
Better eight than never.
01:08 PM on 02/01/2013
11 now lol
laughter is best medicine
11:36 AM on 01/28/2013
Good for you, Mr. Jones. Well done!! This will keep happening I think. All of appreciate the service you provide.
02:11 AM on 01/28/2013
Hey, we compete quite successfully with Wal-Mart and the Internet. We offer free special ordering and even give extra discounts when you special order a case of something. I have two family stores and we also did over 3 million in sales this last year. If you are smart and motivated, small businesses can run rings around the large ones in spite of Obama and his corrupt big business friends.
10:00 PM on 01/28/2013
you had me until you mentioned obama. the creator of home depot spent millions trying to get obama out of office, so did wall mart. try getting your facts straight
Please, do not feed the Democrats
02:10 AM on 01/28/2013
If you "need a friend" and/or someone to help you find something that cost 1/2 as much anywhere else- go to True mean.... "true Value".
Don't start no stuff; won't be no stuff…
05:45 PM on 01/27/2013
Thinking outside of the box (store). Very creative, very rare these days to actually think instead of complain.
life is a tripindicular ride
02:25 PM on 01/27/2013
I live in a small city in WA state which also brought in a Home Base, which has already gone out of business, a Home Depot and eventually a Lowes. But both of these remaining behemoths cannot compete with our local Mom and Pop store that has been here for decades.

This Mom and Pop store will never lose the increasing customer base because they offer so much more; you can buy less without the packaging and the customer service far exceeds the pathetic, sparce service these indifferent corporations project. A big part of that is because they cannot keep the help they hire since they pay them so little without much for benefits.

These companies live in the moment to support their insatiable greed and it is reflected in the difference in customer support, employee longevity and reputation compared to their successful, more thoughtful and thrivingl competition!
Patriot Games
Hee hee hee
10:04 PM on 01/27/2013
I bet it's McClendons Hardware. Not only do they have everything I want ,they have several styles of what I want and an employee that has been around for years. I never cease to be amazed at the stuff they have and how I don''t have to jerryrig it to make it work.
life is a tripindicular ride
01:12 AM on 01/28/2013
No, it's Hardware Sales, but the same situation you mentioned above. And though people may pay a little more for a few things, it's so worth not wasting time and the headaches of the experience of the larger stores! I would much rather support them anyway!
07:14 AM on 01/27/2013
Kudos to 2 guys who took the bull by the horns and shook him.You played the game right and you won. Good luck with Walmart. With your savvy you will do just fine.
07:10 AM on 01/27/2013
We all need to pay more attention to the smaller stores where you can actually find a manager AND be treated with courtesy. The discourtesty in these giant stores shocks me! I live in a small town in NW GA; the managers at the Walmart here ignore you, block the aisles to have a conversation and are just generally indifferent to their customers. I don't go there unless I must!! Not so very far away a sales associate at Ross told me I could borrow an electric cart from Target next door is I needed one (I have a knee that was damaged by a fall at work). I don't shop at Ross now, either. I don't run around with a sign telling people to avoid these stores but I'm not giving them my business.
07:06 AM on 01/27/2013
I actualy hate the Walmart stores in my area. They are dirty, impersonal and I don't see the big discounts on much except the food items that are staples. I don;t like their cheap clothing preferring one nice item from a catalog orEBAy than the shoving pushing and ill mannered shoppers. I did last year buy several clothing items for a trip but they were shrinking and out of shape by the third wash. I think they pick an area like where this hardware store is because they research where the commerce in an area centers. While I don't "HATE" Walmart I do think it is garbage except for a few things like health and beauty and some canned goods. I have found better prices in local stores on sale.