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10:01 PM on 01/13/2013
true love is always unconditional. I helped take care of my best friend and was touched by her husbands undying love to her. He was at her bedside for many years through a long illness. The morning she passed her told her, I will hold your hand and when you feel Jesus take your other hand then I will let you go.She passed shortly after. I lost my husband 6 years ago also from a long illness so understood his horrible pain. He was my friend for alot of years along with his wife. Today he is my husband and he loves me the way he loved my friend ans my first husband loved me..... unconditional.I wish everyone could feel that it makes you a better person.
Jan Badinski
Blessed are the peacemakers
02:12 AM on 01/14/2013
Thank you for sharing. True love never dies.
02:41 AM on 01/14/2013
TRUE THAT ! I think thats what ralationships should be , my wife and i have it and have been together for 36 and we are better people because of it as are our children and grandchildren , when i see and read all the anger and hatered that the children of today are growing up with it makes me sick ? yes true love , unconditional love , sole mates ,these are good things and to keep , and attaine them sometimes takes a little work,and humility . but its more than worth it ...
11:24 PM on 01/15/2013
yes it is.I have been twice blessed.
Lane Campbell
Say what?
09:47 PM on 01/13/2013
This is truly heartwarming. It renews my faith all the way around. My wife and I are into our 70s, and know we'll need to support each other, any way we can. This gives me renewed hope that we'll age together, but never lose each other ... not really ...
09:01 PM on 01/13/2013
It's really the little things that one's partner does to show their love. One of the little things that my husband does that really tickles me - almost every Saturday,my husband buys bagels. My multigrain bagel is always on the bottom of the bag beneath the others. This tells me that he always orders mine first. I find that so sweet.
Jan Badinski
Blessed are the peacemakers
02:13 AM on 01/14/2013
That is sweet. Showing love is a little act here and there, not some Hollywood film of epic proportion.
08:33 PM on 01/13/2013
My partner had a stroke two years ago. I stayed with him for 2 months in rehab while he learned to eat, walk, talk and use his arm and fingers again. I can totally understand what these guys are going through. Great story.
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03:16 AM on 01/14/2013
Yours is a great story, too. Hope all is well for you and your fella. Peace!
The living legend
Proud American...Proud Veteran
07:43 PM on 01/13/2013
It's nice to read a story like this which shows the love between two individuals during a very difficult time.
07:36 PM on 01/13/2013
This is such a sweet story, what a fortunate woman. =)
Jan Badinski
Blessed are the peacemakers
02:15 AM on 01/14/2013
I love stories like this. A lot of media centers around the negative, so I enjoy stories like this even more.
06:59 PM on 01/13/2013
This is so cute. This just shows how true and faithful they are to each other. The real definition of love.
Momma said there'd be days like this
06:48 PM on 01/13/2013
Wow! Some girls have all the luck in love! When I was in need of my first major surgery my boyfriend whined about having to drive me to a 6 a.m. hospital check-in and then pulls up to just drop me off so he could go to breakfast!
06:50 PM on 01/13/2013
And your new boyfriend's name is................????????????????
07:17 PM on 01/13/2013
i sincerely hope you kicked him to the curb!!
09:11 PM on 01/13/2013
Hey, some guys just can't deal with the caretaking side of relationships. After the birth of our second son, my husband said to me (while I was still in the recovery area), "Well, if you're done here, I'd better get back to the office". But this is the man who knew the day we met that he would marry me. We're getting ready to celebrate our 30th anniversary in a few months. He's taking me back to where we spent our honeymoon. And he stil wears his wedding ring, as well as the ring I gave him when we got engaged. Yes he gave me a lovely engagement ring, but I was wearing a ring on THAT finger (you'd be surprised how easily you can weed out losers with such a placement!), so I gave it to him. He might not bring me aspirin, but he still sends me, if you know what I mean! If not, I'm SO sorry.
Once more into the fray, into the last fight...
06:26 PM on 01/13/2013
That friends, is what it's all about...............
06:08 PM on 01/13/2013
Angel Quinones
05:52 PM on 01/13/2013
I'm confused.... Are they married or not?
ronald regan
still a soldier
10:31 PM on 01/13/2013
me too what the hell hp
05:18 PM on 01/13/2013
Looks like a good way to spend all that time they have. She forgets, he teaches, she forgets, he teaches, I bet it beats BINGO... (and in STARBUCKS, no less, talk about a photo op. and 15 seconds of fame on O.)
05:10 PM on 01/13/2013
When your loved one has a stroke, you do everything you can to help them recover, my dad did this for my mother for 7 years. That is a sign of true love. Sadly we lost her in 1999 and my dad in 2000. What a pair of role models.
JD Straw
06:25 PM on 01/13/2013
And my stepfather had several heart attacks and strokes, one stroke that led to right side body partial paralysis which caused him to be in a wheelchair. My mom was so sweet, caring for him, but he was extremely independent, doing all he could for himself, while accepting the care that my mom so lovingly gave in the areas he found he couldn't do for himself. It was a sad day when he died because he was a very fine man and a great stepfather while being so wonderful to his wife, my mom. It's sad how people are now considered throw-aways when other feel they are useless. Nobody is a throw-away. Folks from the 20s, 30s, and 40s era had a much better outlook and pattern for living life and knowing how to treat each other; and they treasured marriages, relationships and family. This man has a lot of love and patience. God bless this man and his wife.
Jennifer Malcom
Waiting for the revolution...
04:23 PM on 01/13/2013
OMG! I'm moved to tears! That is so sweet.
Dolly Knight Hughes
Blessed Be Goddess
04:16 PM on 01/13/2013
Title wrong. Girlfriend? lol

I liked the photo. You don't see this much any more. Most of the time, any sign of something going wrong and POOF...the other half disappears.