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07:24 PM on 08/01/2009
this guy will crash and burn, just give him enough rope . . he's got kind of a foreign sounding name. . any one like to see a birth certificate. . .
07:23 PM on 08/01/2009
Isn't Arpaio's job to enforce state law and to fight real crime? He has no legal authority to enforce federal immigration law. He's as much of a lawbreaker as the immigrants he is chasing.
08:07 PM on 08/01/2009
Any LEO can enforce any law - federal or state.

If a local sheriff or State Trooper sees a violation of federal law - like interstate kidnapping, interstate transportation of drugs/tobacco etc - all federal laws - s/he's empowered to arrest.
The GOP. Our bridge to the 18th century
08:18 PM on 08/01/2009
Wrong again. He has no jurisdiction to enforce federal immigration laws. Only local state laws.
08:55 PM on 08/01/2009
Thats why felonies by illegals have tripled in five years right. Because of criminals like the sheriff? Lucky they have not tripled where you wait a minute you just don't read the papers.
The GOP. Our bridge to the 18th century
11:04 PM on 08/01/2009
So crime has increased during sheriff joe's terms? I agree
Proud Atheist
06:48 PM on 08/01/2009
There are reasons why our founders put protections for citizens on our national documents. As Britain was violating the rights of the colonists. Thus search and seizure laws and other simular laws were put in effect.

Pulling someone over because of the color of their skin, presuming of them guilt, be it black, hispanic, asian, middle-eastern, or even white is a violation of the law.

I was even pulled over once, a white man, leaving a bar. The Police entered the bar parkinglot, marked all the tires, then waited at a stoplight near the on-ramp to the freeway.

I was pulled over because the officer "didn't see that I had a front license plate". Upon realizing I was sober and, plain as day was my front license plate, he let me go.

I just always wondered, is there more of a fine for being arrested for a DUI on the freeway vs a normal side street?

Those who drink and drive should be arrested. I am not arguing that at all. But the system needs to be honest. Pulling someone over for leaving a bar, or looking hispanic or black is not justifiable.

The police also need to be accountable for their actions. They are the ones who should be most scrutinized. How can they arrest someone for crimes when all too often they are guilty of crimes themselves.

I have seen time and again of police bruitality that goes either unpunished or lightly punished.
08:57 PM on 08/01/2009
Are you sober now?
11:08 PM on 08/01/2009
Are you still a mental midget?
06:25 PM on 08/01/2009
"Arpaio launched a three-day immigration sweep east of metro Phoenix on July 24. Deputies arrested 74 people; 25 of them were illegal immigrants."

If these were not criminals, he seems to be lashing out indiscriminately, given that only 1/3 of the arrested were illegals.
The GOP. Our bridge to the 18th century
06:33 PM on 08/01/2009
Right .. he used driving violations to pull over anyone of a brown skin color. So, either every brown skinned person in his county is a terrible driver, or he is simply making up criminal violations in order to continue his "immigrant sweeps" to arrest and detain illegal aliens and figure out later who is a legal American being arrested and detained for no reason other than their skin color.
07:12 PM on 08/01/2009
What was the racial makeup of the 74? Do you know? Because it wasn't in the article.
07:12 PM on 08/01/2009
74 were arrested - that means they were held on criminal charges. What's wrong in that?
05:35 PM on 08/01/2009
It seems that a lot of people with authority don't follow the laws of the land or the Constitution. Until they are held accountable and punished, others will just join in with no fear of reprisal. The law seems to apply to only we the people.
07:13 PM on 08/01/2009
He's been investigated up the ying yang - not a single charge against hi - nor has he been arrested or removed from office.
The GOP. Our bridge to the 18th century
07:46 PM on 08/01/2009
just a matter or time. Look at the quitter palin as an example....
08:59 PM on 08/01/2009
People like the the Secretary of the Treasury for instance.
09:11 AM on 08/02/2009
Yes, anyone that it applies to. This is not a left or right issue. This issue is for all people who are in power and do not obey the law or the Constitution.
05:27 PM on 08/01/2009
I guess he is bucking to be the George Wallace of the 21st century.
05:22 PM on 08/01/2009
His middle name wouldn't be 'Bull Conner', would it?
09:01 PM on 08/01/2009
Or J Edgar Hoover......
10:04 PM on 08/01/2009
Hey - I have a picture of my mom with ole J Edgar - she worked for him - and she's even wearing the dress in the picture ;)
04:55 PM on 08/01/2009
Mr Sheriff man is flouting the law far worse than the misdemeanor of illegally entering the country.
The GOP. Our bridge to the 18th century
04:59 PM on 08/01/2009
It is NOT a misdemeanor for being in the US as an illegal. It is a CIVIL violation and subject to deportation. Joe's county does not border mexico, so he would have absolutely no opportunity to arrest anyone for entering the country illegally. So, he is saying he will arrest/detain people for a civil violation which he has no authority to do without Fed authority.
05:27 PM on 08/01/2009
Thank you for your clarification and your persistence in making this point.
05:29 PM on 08/01/2009
Actually it IS a criminal violation, not civil.
09:03 PM on 08/01/2009
Especially the MS 13 crowd. That Sheriff is making me so mad.
-i dont buy the big lie
04:53 PM on 08/01/2009
where is jimmy hoffa.????
04:49 PM on 08/01/2009
I have a friend who's the claims manager for a major insurer. His major headache has always been Maricopa County, especially the Sheriff's Department.
09:09 PM on 08/01/2009
Your friend turned my Grandmother down on a legit claim. She lives in Wisconsin and what gives your supposed friend the right to do that?
10:30 PM on 08/01/2009
If it is so bad then why do they continue to bid on the contract and renew the policy?
10:51 PM on 08/01/2009
I think I like you ;) Common sense is so uncommon these days - glad to see some of it here.
The GOP. Our bridge to the 18th century
04:33 PM on 08/01/2009
It's a bit strange to see people complaining that the laws of our land are not being enforced by immigration & naturalization, yet are supporting a sheriff who is stating he will break the laws of our lands to score political points...

Entering the US illegally and being caught doing so is a misdemeanor. Being IN the US and being caught as an illegal is NOT a criminal violation, but a CIVIL violation and subject to civil fines and deportation. Joe has NO authority to arrest and detain illegals in his county without federal authorization (deputies do not arrest people for civil matter) .. Sheriff Joe is saying he will refuse to follow the law of our land and continue to arrest/detain illegals even if they have not committed a criminal act, and without Federal authorization. Keep in mind Joe's county is NOT bordering Mexico, so would have no opportunity or authority to arrest illegals in his county if they have not committed a crime. They are already there so it's a civil matter.
If you don't like the way that is, work to change the laws instead of supporting a politician sheriff that is ignoring the laws he was sworn to enforce.
04:38 PM on 08/01/2009
The problem is they are the Dems don't want them deported. Most of them come heer illegally to work illegally and funnel their earnings back to their home country. A good majority of them are finding loopholes to get drivers licences and get food and healthcare help while millions of legal americans get nothing.
09:10 PM on 08/01/2009
Short but right to the point ......nice comment
04:39 PM on 08/01/2009
The GOP. Our bridge to the 18th century
04:46 PM on 08/01/2009
Doesn't matter what any party wants, the immigration laws are there and illegals are the authority of the homeland security, immigration and the border patrol. Sheriff joe is stating he will ignore the immigration laws and the federal agencies and do whatever he thinks will get him elected again, including breaking the very laws he is sworn to uphold.

We are supposed to be a country of laws, yet there are many apparently that support breaking laws if it's for their own benefit.

Joe can either follow the immigration laws and continue to remove illegals under fed authority, or he will be an outlaw
Scientist, Teacher, Naturalist, Photographer
04:05 PM on 08/01/2009
I don't know all the implications of this and whether Sheriff Joe is right or wrong according to the laws for what he is doing. I usually don't side with the Police because they are too frequently heavy handed. But let's be straight about this, the Sheriff's got a very valid point. Those illegal Mexicans are not supposed to be here. It is just that simple. Our Federal Government has failed to protect our borders and now there are over 10 million illegal aliens in this country. It's no trivial issue. When is it going to stop ? Our Federal Government has screwed up on this just like they screwed up on not having sufficient regulations to control the greed of the financial sector, which caused the recent financial crisis . It seems to me like Sheriff Joe is doing the job that the Feds failed to do. And you gotta admire Sheriff Joe because he has guts. Keep up the good work Sheriff Joe. I'm on your side.
The GOP. Our bridge to the 18th century
04:50 PM on 08/01/2009
Joe is wrong as he has no authority to arrest/detain/deport illegals just for being in the US as an illegal. Thats a civil and not criminal act. If Joe doesn't follow the immigration laws, and he continues to arrest/detain illegals that have not committed a criminal act, and continues making up criminal acts just to arrest brown skinned people (illegals and Legal Americans), he risks being arrested by the fed, and even more civil rights violation lawsuits.
08:37 PM on 08/01/2009
Sure he has the authority :)

Again - what's the makeup of those 74?

You keep making allegations against the man because of your own prejudices and belief in stereotypes about white men. That would make you the racist.

More civil rights violations? Where has he ever been convicted of such things in a court of law?
09:43 PM on 08/01/2009
wrong wrong wrong, proven over and over again. Guess actually learning is as impossible for you as actual research.
03:59 PM on 08/01/2009
I beg to differ. In California the Spanish began the conquest of the indigenous people through conversion to Catholicism so CArlos III could take the land. THe missions stand as reminders of that goal. Missions built by the Indians.

Then the Mexican gvmt took over for about 15 years.

Then the 49ers came in hordes and killed the Indigenous people like they were deer. Read, or watch the story of Ishi. It will break your heart.

The story of California Indians is one of tragedy. The US Congress sent 3 men from the east coast into the Central Valley to treat with tribes there. Finally they persuaded them to sign treaties to cede 8.5 million acres to the Indians in return for the rest of the state. Congress never ratified these treaties which were suppressed until 1905.

Oh, never mind. Too much history to relate here. Point is--Europeans did not buy the land. They claimed it. You know--manifest destiny.
Free America End Big Government
03:47 PM on 08/01/2009
Just like our new progressive government. Do not arrest people that are breaking the law. We need those people because acorn will register them next election and they will vote for who we tell them to. Our new progressive government thinks it has more control than they do. This is a sheriff voted into office by the people of the county he represents. The Federal government cannot tell him to not enforce the law. This also makes you worry about where the heads are of our New Homeland Security. When this sheriff arrest these illegals I am sure he gets drug dealers also. I am sure this is a place a terroist might avoid crossing. So god forbid if this sheriff makes us just a little safer
does not suffer fools gladly
04:22 PM on 08/01/2009
FYI...Federal authority trumps local authority
07:51 PM on 08/01/2009
Yes it does. And a LEO can arrest anyone breaking any law that occurs in his jurisdiction.

AZ Law gives him the right to check and investigate immigration status and arrest those here illegally. That law couldn't exist if a Federal law trumped it.
The GOP. Our bridge to the 18th century
04:56 PM on 08/01/2009
The immigration laws say that being caught in the US as an illegal is NOT a criminal act, but a civil violation subject to deportation. Sheriff joe doesn't have any authority to arrest/detain illegals that have not committed a criminal act. He is threatening to ignore the laws he is sworn to uphold, and if he does, he will be nothing more that a political outlaw that faces the possibility of being arrests by the feds. Feel free to continue supporting him into becoming a criminal (although many already think he is).
07:53 PM on 08/01/2009
There ya go again - lies lies and more lies. It's illegal - even the feds say it :) He has all the authority he needs. He didn't ignore any law - he told Homeland Security to shove their REQUEST.
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02:31 PM on 08/01/2009
Ironically, I just turned on HBO and who was on it? Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
It was a documentary called "Americas war on drugs" from 2007
The meth and coke and even pot smugglers are the ones that Joe should be going after.
The border states in the US and Mexico are the breeding grounds for terrorists.
Beheadings are common, bodies found that have been tortured and even a young boy had battery acid injected into his heart by the ruthless gangs.
This is where I want all agencies to focus on. Sheriff Joe, ICE and the federal govt.
not some poor sap who's doing a days work to support his family., some kid who was brought here as a baby and has live here their whole life.
I posted this earlier but I don't know if it made it through.
05:37 PM on 08/01/2009
I am recording it now to show my brother. I told him about it, but better he see it for himself. Our democracy is being murdered by our corrupt government.