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Richard Aron
Be the change you wish to see in the world. Gandhi
09:23 PM on 01/20/2013
If we just impose a no-fly zone, hundreds of thousands of lives would have already been saved. So unfair.
01:25 AM on 01/21/2013
What? Like in Libya? Had a look at Libya lately? So many terrorists, they're overflowing into Algeria, Mail, etc etc. Meanwhile Libya is “run” by 250 different gangs of armed fanatics: many are painstakingly recruited by Americans in NATO, to be shunted off to poor Syria!
But hey, maybe you live in the United States of Amnesia! Just get onto your local congressman and tell him to stop subverting the rest of the world: you have plenty of problems at home.
Bill Hummel
02:33 AM on 01/21/2013
Gun control may cause civil unrest in us.
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09:05 PM on 01/20/2013
I'm sure there will be a lot of celebrating in Syria the day this butcher Assad is gotten rid of-one way or the other!
04:53 AM on 01/21/2013
Alqaeda will definitely be the first to celebrate cause he is actually fightin them....
08:58 PM on 01/20/2013
This is news on HUFF-PO. It is similar to the mass killing in Newtown. it gets all the attention while the 60K killed in Syria so far get little notice..While our president sits on his hands.
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10:01 PM on 01/20/2013
Syria is not America.
10:23 AM on 01/21/2013
What? You have no compassion for anyone outside of The US?
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10:41 PM on 01/20/2013
Are you saying issues in a nation the US has little to do with are more important to Americans than issues within the US? It's horrible in Syria, yes. Intervention is necessary, yes. But Syria is not part of anyone's sphere. Former Ottoman nation. More Israel's concern.
10:22 AM on 01/21/2013
No I'm saying that there is a biig difference bewteen 60,000 killed and 26 killed-not withstanding the location of each. It is perfectly visible that we have not done enough to protect the Syrians. Yet our administration is going full bore for political reasons domestically to try come up with ideas to stop gun violence..Another anyalogy is why has he never brought up the over 500 children killed in Chicago from gun violence over the past 5-6 years? You know the answer..Becase his closest friend Rham Emanuel is the current mayor and his previous chief of staff-Daly was previous Mayor fo Chicago. Obama is the best when it comes to politics or running as a candidate-none better..
06:28 PM on 01/20/2013
I believe the opposition group should had a leader and organize and do it the way Egypt did. Peacefull demonstrations and not using force. Deposing of a President take preparation, organization and dialogue. Assad has all the right to defend his presidency even though too many were killed but at the end both factions end up killing eachothers and usually the minority which are the Sunnis going end up losing. It became a civil war than trying to depose Assad.
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10:42 PM on 01/20/2013
It did start with peaceful demonstration. Assad shot them. Then when more people began peacefully demonstrating, he started bombing them. He used airstrikes on unarmed protesters. That's how it went from a peaceful demonstration to a crisis.
04:45 PM on 01/20/2013
It is quite sad that there are people living in an environment like that. But, that is nothing in comparison with reported civilian casualties from US "drone" strikes. Especially since obama took office. Those people are trying to overthrow their government. What did they expect would happen. And we give billions of dollars for military aide to countries in that part of the world. Dont know why this is news anymore.

Meanwhile back in the US a kindergarten student is suspended for pink bubble gun.
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10:43 PM on 01/20/2013
How is 60,000 dead not worse than the absolutely miniscule amount of civilian deaths as a result of drone strikes?
01:35 AM on 01/21/2013
Faved. Actually drones are estimated to have killed 3,500 people, as opposed to Obama's death squads in Syria who've killed 50,000-odd (less their own massive losses).
The real effect has been to make the world hate America, as only 2% of drone kills are Taliban or al-Qaeda militants; the rest are innocents, (around 200 children)...
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03:21 PM on 01/20/2013
more comments then usual. only palistinian blood counts in the islamic world, even a splinter gets more play if its a palistinian.
02:41 PM on 01/20/2013
This is awful The brutal Syrian regime is starting to act like Israel in Gaza!!?
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03:19 PM on 01/20/2013
maybe in 50 years
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02:37 PM on 01/20/2013
Don't they tell us that families are collateral damage when killing terrorists? Uh, oh wrong bombers.
luv from Canada.
cheesesteak wid
02:29 PM on 01/20/2013
and people over here cry about collateral damage of the drone strikes. If people over their don't give a crap, we certainly don't have to
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02:10 PM on 01/20/2013
Shouldn't it state al-CIA-da instead of activist?
01:44 PM on 01/20/2013
s*** happens