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Hang on Help is on the way
08:33 PM on 01/28/2013
Im tired of looking at this weenie mobile driver and host at the congress gym. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM RYAN. Resign.
North Light
Liberte Egalite Fraternite
08:21 PM on 01/28/2013
Lol Ryan candidate 2016?
Only in the democrats wet dreams. And no, not because of his sad puppy eyes and awesome marathon time.
global view
08:16 PM on 01/28/2013
Dear Paul, stop dreaming and wake up. You will never be Hilary's Treasury secretary.
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08:13 PM on 01/28/2013
It is kind of creepy that Republicans keep referencing the Clintons in such a warm fuzzy light now. They impeached Bill Clinton. They pilloried the Secretary of State for health care reform, for not staying in her place as First Lady, and for being ambitious enough to run for Senate in a state different than Arkansas or Illinois.

The Republicans did all that opposition research for 2008 so they could unload all over Hillary Clinton. I really doubt information from 30 years ago is relevant now.

Paul Ryan couldn't deal with his job as budget guy or else he'd would produced a budget capable of being passed by both Congressional bodies .
09:00 PM on 01/28/2013
They want Hillary to run in 2016 so they can attack the Clintons all over again. It is what the GOP do - usually with no success.
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10:05 AM on 01/29/2013
Every time they attempt to beat the Clintons, they tend to be surprised all over again that the Republicans 'win' the argument (getting Hillary before the Benghazi committee) and get embarrassed (why didn't they read their own classified or unclassified reports before coming to the committee giving Fox talking points?).

It is sad that they don't learn that they won't win overall regardless of what new hair brained scheme they've come up with.
08:12 PM on 01/28/2013
Paul when your own party is afraid to get too close to you how do you think the rest of America feels about your snake oil taxes & debt reduction?
08:05 PM on 01/28/2013
Hilary would have made a Much better president than Obama hands down but has lost respect in her handling in the killing of Americans in Libya which there is no good excuse for! She was AWOL in her responsibility's to our people over there.
09:16 PM on 01/28/2013
Yes, if only she could've been there to personally stop it all. Shame on her.
A Groover has to expect a few setbacks .....
09:22 PM on 01/28/2013
Did you know there were eleven such attacks during George W. Bush’s term? It's true. And Democrats didn't hold hearings, to gain political points. Surely, if one embassy attack in four years is a sign of "weakness" on Obama's part, one would think the eleven embassy terror attacks on American embassies while Bush was president should make Republican hypocrites sick to their stomachs. Four of them occurred during his first term alone; one would think they would have tried to prevent his reelection. Rand Paul certainly should have been upset about it, one would think.
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God Bless Obama
09:49 PM on 01/28/2013
thank you mcmutter, this is a valuable site and can be used over and over to show hateful republicans whats what.
08:00 PM on 01/28/2013
Republicans make none-sense comments. Why is Paul Ryan saying "shoulda" 'Woulda" Coulda"? Clinton's time is in 2016. Brace yourself and I hope you keep your support of Hillary until then or are you going to flip flop?
Rob Devitt
I like intelligent debate and debunking lies
07:56 PM on 01/28/2013
Just so i have this right, you think the democrats picked the wrong person to back and you and that other muppet STILL lost!!
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Charles Thielman
All Hands on Deck! says GrandFather Poet
07:52 PM on 01/28/2013
This guy Ryan has the intellectual core of a geode. Really, what president could do better, given what Obama faced in the beginning of his first term? Bush/Cheney had been bailing out Wall Street firms for over a year and a half, while said firms continued the same practices that caused their problems, CEOs getting richer while being confidant the government would continue bailing them out.... shore enuff, that's what happened. Letting Lehman Bros go under was a political payback. Obama is also too much in Wall Street's pocket. So Ryan, the staunch Catholic misogynist-denier of women's right to make their own medical choices, is complimenting Hillary Clinton, does that seem slick and shady to you?
Hope always wins over hate
07:47 PM on 01/28/2013
I think a large part of the tbagger/rethuglikon party is so deeply invested in the idea that "you can fool all the people some of the time" and the great success they've had with lying to the American people since the days of Ronald Reagan that they've deluded themselves into thinking "we CAN fool all the people ALL the time." The greatest Republican of them all, Abraham Lincoln, knew better, but to today's tbaggers/rethuglikons Lincoln is "Abraham who?"
07:44 PM on 01/28/2013
That will come back to bite him in 16...
Jimmy Gitz
Independent - and it shows...
09:57 PM on 01/28/2013
It's just a demonstration of his intellectual prowess -- he has no clue...
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have come to chew bubble gum and kick ash
07:43 PM on 01/28/2013
I think this falls under the category of "if you can't beatem then joinem". Eventually the tide has to turn with the GOP. As stupid as they are even they must see that. If any of them stand a chance of being around after 2014 they are going to have to become productive and stop stonewalling the Democratic base.
Alden Rosbrook
The Far Right is Really Wrong
07:35 PM on 01/28/2013
Lying Ryan is a mumbo jumbo double talking word polluter that hypnotizes all Republicans, Democrats and anyone else that will try and listen to him.

The people that least understand him, praise him the most.

Has he published his infamous budget yet?

He is a copy of the Wizard of Oz for the 21st century..
Honni soit qui mal y pense
07:30 PM on 01/28/2013
that poses an interesting question...will we ever see a two party ticket....say Clinton & Ryan...
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Increase gun safety, decrease gun violence
07:28 PM on 01/28/2013
Uh-huh. Keep talking, Paul, it makes no difference what you say.

You will never, ever, be President of the United States.

And for that we are all eternally grateful.