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stop the nightmare, end the GOP
10:40 AM on 08/12/2009
Some of the claims in this article have been repudiated.
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From Nashville, Tennistan.
10:53 AM on 08/12/2009
Such a cogent argument. I'm convinced.
John Galt's last name is McGuffin-Smithee
10:35 AM on 08/12/2009
Chuck Woolery?
Dr. Sam
10:23 AM on 08/12/2009
Is this a surprise to any one who knows the underlying truth? Pharma companies own members of Congress and politicians in Washington and all around the country! It is as simple as that! These Congress people and politicians make profit when pharma companies make profit ;because they own shares in pharma companies they are supposedly trying to regulate. Thus, they share a common interest with pharmacuetical companies. Note also that these companies constantly try to bribe politicians with a variety of incentives--holiday packages to exotic places, shares in their companies, jetsetting, campaign contributions, social events, women/men, sweet deals, and more. And who do you think is paying for the campaign ads of many of these politicians? Our politicians are indeed for sale.
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Taa - dah!
11:02 AM on 08/12/2009
So are doctors.
Mike Sprinkel
09:40 AM on 08/12/2009
I'm not too schooled on these health care matters, but doesn't it make sense that "Big Pharma" has a lot of pull? It seems to me that they're the only ones that make the drugs, right? So...that's a pretty big bargaining chip, right? So you have 2 parties: 1) The gov't, which makes nothing; and 2) Big Pharma, which makes the drugs that save peoples' lives. Is this really a controversy, folks? There's no law that requires Big Pharma to manufacturer drugs, so in a way we're at their mercy. I'm just saying that I'm not angry at Big Pharma -- If I started a company that made medicine that saved hundreds of thousands of lives, I'd resent the gov't (which is mostly useless) coming in and trying to run the show.
10:03 AM on 08/12/2009
You should do some research via google to find out actual stories of what these life-saving drugs are doing for people. Most of the significant drugs that might be real life savers are not advertised on TV. The ones that are advertised are the blockbusters and they are killing people. Not one of these doesn't have a slew of lawsuits against them. Unfortunately, these lawsuits end up being settled and gag orders put in place (such as the famous Paxil settled lawsuits in 2005) so the public never finds out the truth. Here's one article on that:

If you want to find out more on these wonder drugs and how wonderful and life-saving the pharmaceutical industry here, just click on Evelyn Pringle's name. She has 181 articles on the subject of pharmaceuticals. When it comes to Pharma it would be nice if the government would come in and at least regulate "the show" a little bit. Unfortunately the FDA is in bed with Pharma and has been for quite some time. Again, the information is out there for anyone who is interested in the truth.
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but I bat the right
12:05 PM on 08/12/2009
Exactly Samalabear..... Here's a small example. Big bucks for advertising & marketing "Imitrex" for migraines....Imitrex absolutely does not work for me...however, there are many newer, better triptans like Maxalt, that have been out there for a few years that are 100% effective. When these second generation triptans appeared on the scene about 6 years ago, my prescription coverage was $40 for 18 doses of Maxalt (a month's supply). Now with the same coverage, I can only get 6 pills for $60 per month, unless I have no prescription coverage where the cost is $160. for 6 doses. Now it costs me $420. for a months supply. That's an increase of $380. per year since 2002. This a total scam. They push drugs that are less effective, and inflate the cost of the newer drugs that work. Maxalt was due to go generic in 2011. FDA approved extending Maxalt's patent for another 7 years.
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From Nashville, Tennistan.
10:32 AM on 08/12/2009
Actually, the government spends far more on drug research than does PhARMA.

The government discovered one of the most successful cancer drugs, Taxol, as an extract of the Yew tree. They gave it to Florida State University to develop a way of synthesizing it. FSU licensed it to Bristol-Myers Squibb for manufacture in return for royalties. For years and years BMS paid nothing. When forced, they paid a fraction of what they had agreed to. They made billions from the results of your tax dollars.

Taxol was not advertised. Why? Because it was effective and doctors knew it was, so the public didn't need to be told to ask for it. The Salk vaccine didn't need to be advertised. It was so important that the news media spread the word.

If a medicine is effective and worthwhile, there is no need to advertise. If a drug serves no real medical need or is ineffective or has to compete with too many "me-too" drugs, it depends on advertising. A rule of thumb: if a drug is advertised, avoid it. Only the US and New Zealand permit advertising.

The government is useless? Who protected you, finally, by getting Vioxx and a bunch of other harmful drugs off the market? Remember, prescription drugs, taken as prescribed, not abused, are the 4th leading cause of death in this country.
09:36 AM on 08/12/2009
I don't think it was a "bargin" between the Obama administration and big pharma. I think they just worked out a good marketing strategy to sell what they already agreed upon.

Obama is NOT on the side of the American people. He's working with large corporations to maintain the status quo.
09:12 AM on 08/12/2009
..lets wait for a BILL.........before we start screaming about BIG PAHARMA
08:57 AM on 08/12/2009
We need an independant. Neither party can be trusted. Howard Dean might be a good option
09:44 AM on 08/12/2009
Howard Dean is independent? Huh?!
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From Nashville, Tennistan.
10:36 AM on 08/12/2009
He certainly isn't finding too much support from either party.
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11:33 AM on 08/12/2009
Not according to Lou Dobbs. And Lou is right about everything.
To Your Health, America. Live Long and Prosper!
08:52 AM on 08/12/2009
What can one say? We are a bought and paid for society by the elites.
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Taa - dah!
11:03 AM on 08/12/2009
Truer words have not been spoken!
08:52 AM on 08/12/2009
Uhhh...wait a minute...WHO's making these deals? Obama, ain't it?

Your beef is with Obama. Pharmaceutical companies are just dong what businesses do, trying to stay in business and earn money for stockholders. That's their job!
08:30 AM on 08/12/2009
Welcome to Washington, oh yes and this includes his royal speech giving highness Mr. Obama, the town that is literally owned by their master$$$ in corporate America. The sleeze, the rot, the corrupt sickness of Greed that is rampant in every fiber of being in Washington sickens beyond description. Sad thing for Washington politicians though, you see America is waking up. America is getting angry, and when America wakes up and gets angry, politicos lose their jobs. It may not make a difference since the next batch of replacements will be bought and paid for before they take their oath of office, but this round of owned rats who put special interests before the American people will BE OUT OF OFFICE, and it is going to be a delicious thing to watch come election time in 2010 and yes Mr. President, in 2012.
08:20 AM on 08/12/2009
A mistake by Obama team but not fatal

For obvious reasons this industry cannot and should not go away.

But we should not trust current Big PhRMA for years. Their venal and greedy practices have harmed millions of Americans.

Right now they need to be tightly regulated with enforcable provisions with real teeth. And some of their CEOs need to go to jail.

If and when they regain out trust we can work with them as a responsible industry.

Dr. Rick Lippin
08:33 AM on 08/12/2009
Obama has created a one term presidency for himself. Only a fool gets handed Washington with control of everything and blows it like he has done, no not like he is doing, like he has already done.
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Looks like it's another snark week.
09:28 AM on 08/12/2009
But WHY were we so foolish? Why didn't we "hand Washington" to you, since you are clearly superior to Obama and in the possession of some divine anti-foolishness knowledge?
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08:00 AM on 08/12/2009
The policies of the republicans and democrats are not much different from each other, since they both do the bidding of their corporate campaign donors. The corporate campaign donors will donate to whatever party is in power and dictate their policies. The only way to get democracy back is to make private campaign financing illegal, which obviously is not going to happen because those who make the laws are too happy receiving bribes.
07:41 AM on 08/12/2009
Excellent article.
Medicare Part D is STILL ridiculous and gives little benefit to consumers but big ones to Big Pharma which decides drug costs (obviously skyhigh) and Insurance Co's, who decide which drugs they will cover (and they can drop drugs anytime they want, even if you signed up with them because they once had a comparatively "decent" coverage on that drug.)


This is NOT Democracy, it is rule by the Corporations, pure and simple.
07:28 AM on 08/12/2009
Why are we still debating whether to reform or not to reform healthcare? I thought that was settled in the Nov. 2008 elections when we carefully selected the right causes, programs and agenda from more than 8 candidates in 2 years! Among the Democrats, we selected Candidate Obama's agenda to , among other things, reform health care. Then compared it to Mcain's and the majority of Americans (53%) voted for Democrats and specifically Obama's Healthcare. The president and democrats and all those who voted for this reform should be out there reminding everyone that the election was over in Nov. 2008. What is going out in these townhall is a "coup" where by Republicans want to overthrow the decision Americans took to reform Healthcare in Nov. 2008, through Obama' agenda. Don't temper with our Votes!!!!!!!! We don't want a watered down version either. I know that the republicans are hoping to water down the bill on healthcare reform by their protest and intimidations so much so that no one would be happy with it, and the majority being unhappy, would never vote again for Obama, because he hasn't delivered for those who voted for him, in a doomed effort to satisfy those who didn't want him in office in the first place: The republicans.
10:29 AM on 08/12/2009
It's known as democracy. Victory for one doesn't mean silence for the defeated. Read the Constitution.
11:12 AM on 08/12/2009
Now is the time to pass health care plan with a strong public option that is kinder to ordinary Americans, not to the bank accounts of insurance company execs and pharma execs. Now is the time to pass it, later we won't have this chance, so let your voice be heard people and help your neighbors see through the myths and the lies flung by the fear peddlers!
07:08 AM on 08/12/2009

You make it sound like they were tricked.

The RP is the one with the dim bulbs - Joe the Plumber, Sister Sarah, Sister Michelle, Senator Throwback.

The DP is highly intellectual - before imposing "pay for performance" on teachers, they're applying it to themselves.
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11:36 AM on 08/12/2009
"Repubs are d-u-m, dumb. We are s-m-r-t, smart. We musta been tricked!"

Great argument.