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12:36 PM on 02/04/2013
I dont care what you all say!!!!! This is a man's game and if not for its "holiday staus' and dumb halftime shows, most women wouldnt be watching anyway! Bring more sexy into commercials! Sex sells ! Yeah Baby!
12:33 PM on 02/04/2013
How about the ad for Two Broke Girls? I don't watch the show and now I am convinced it must have no redeeming qualities if the two main characters, both female, had to striptease to promote it. Just awful.
12:19 PM on 02/04/2013
The problem is with unsexy americans. If there weren't any sexy women, there wouldn't be men interested and therefore it would be the end of the human species. Get over it. Women should look their sexy best at all ages. There are too many androgynous soccer moms out there.
03:25 PM on 02/04/2013
I agree. And I want to see all men looking like that dude in the Calvin Klein commercials.
My "Micro-bio"? are we talking germs?
12:05 PM on 02/04/2013
terrible taste.... especially the RB's one with Kate upton...WTH...
12:04 PM on 02/04/2013
The one thing feminist prigs like Nina lack is a sense of humor. So puffed up with self-righteousness and "I am woman, hear me roar" nonsense, the Nina's of the nation never got past Advertising 101 ... RULE: If it sells, use it.

"Super Bowl commercials too often opt for sexual objectification," she bleats. WAAAHHH. Same for fashion ads, makeup ads, car ads, shampoo ads, and (yes) Doritos ads.

You bore me, Nina. Your world IS boring, doctinnaire, rigid, legalistic, colorless, and fundamentally feminist. HINT: You are not the thought police and we don't give a rip that you are "offended" by the Super Bowl ads with masculine men and beautiful women.(You probably hated the Beonce half-time show. Too sexy, too much skin, too many women prettier than you)
12:01 PM on 02/04/2013
The Fiat ad was Awesome!! Jame needs to take a pill. The ad drove home the Italian heritage of the car, the sophistication of Italian design, that Americans would like it, etc. It caught our attention (male and female) and raised the awareness level of the Fiat brand. If anything, it showed that this particular woman was offended by her American admirer but was eventually overcome by him. As an American male, I'm the one who could offended that the ad painted as a geek... But I'll get over it. Anyways, the woman in the ad dressed and bent over for attention... She got it. So what FemiNazis!?
11:51 AM on 02/04/2013
I like the Fiat ad best. And then the one where the woman was expressing her breast milk. Oh, yeah-h-h....
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10:06 AM on 02/04/2013
had no idea that all i had to do is go to huff po women to see ads of hot chicks :)
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09:43 AM on 02/04/2013
I'm 64 year old woman and I can tell you with certainty --this is child's play compared to what women had to put up with in the 60's thru the 70's and even the 80's. Look at those ads sometime. Sexual harrassment was a constant kind of "badge of honor" for most men. I was convinced that most of it was done for the benefit of other men, like a rite of passage and a great way to prove they were not gay.
09:37 AM on 02/04/2013
I am a cute woman and drive a Fiat 500. Y'all have no idea how much action I get because of those Fiat ads! Thank you Fiat! ;>)
Living in a 'Pro-ignorant culture'
09:53 AM on 02/04/2013
It is one of my favorite ad's.....No action here dear ;)
Calvin and Hobbes Existentialist
10:38 AM on 02/04/2013
I always thought the Fiat ad was kind of amusing :)
09:30 AM on 02/04/2013
Are you kidding me? What is wrong with this author? Even as a feminist i didn't find some of these sexist. The Adriana Lima one was hilarious, and so was the FIAT one. This author must be some sort of prude.
09:42 AM on 02/04/2013
Dont worry. Femnasis are typically make the mistake of being hypocritical.... Example: They typically ask. "where did all the chivalry go?"
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12:03 PM on 02/04/2013
I hope you don't have daughters. We were disgusted by some of the ads we had to endure (on mute) with our family. Hard to explain to our precious girls why every ad focuses on boobs. They are worth more than that. Oh, well... I guess it's better than the prop 8 commercials during the World Series. Proud to be a prude with self respect.
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09:26 AM on 02/04/2013
Funny, I watched most of the game, and don't remember seeing any of these.
09:20 AM on 02/04/2013
Article written by a woman. Enough said.
09:17 AM on 02/04/2013
In her native tongue, "Bahadur" roughly translates to "Debbie Downer."
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09:16 AM on 02/04/2013
Uh, last I checked, men ARE gullible and sex-obsessed and have been for the past million years!