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02:55 PM on 08/12/2009
I made this for you, Uncle Robbie.

Aw, thanks, Freddy Kruger.

That's not nice... Very creative, though.
02:55 PM on 08/12/2009
I wonder if she used her "socialist" monies to buy the supplies for the sign? I am Amazed that No One who is On Medicare etc is willing to give it up yet are completely Against President Obama's restructuring based upon the very thing that Makes Medicare, AFS, Food Stamps etc Possible. My God, are people, Seriously, This Lazy as to Not research on their Own? To Not Think on their Own?
I'm for the separation of church and hate!
02:53 PM on 08/12/2009
These are the "C hr istian" right! You know, I've got mine, but I don't want someone else getting what I have!

Even though they are probably living on social security and no longer pay taxes at all, they just don't want anyone else to have it -- like, you know, a black man in Alabama!

I'm so sick of these people! I think their tactics might just be backfiring. No one had a clue where Senator Bennett from Colorado stood on the public option. Yesterday he had a townhall in Pueblo, and suddenly posted a video and a statement on HuffPo saying he is for strong health insurance reform and that includes a strong public option. I think he came out because he was angry by the fact that they were yelling no reform -- and he thinks it's a moral obligation in America that everyone get the health care they need!
02:53 PM on 08/12/2009
The fact that this women whose family has survived with Medicare and stll believes that President Obama will somehow affect Medicare is being misled by the anti-health reformers. What is wrong with the government offering an alternative to private health insurance???? Listen people. Health care reform is to HELP those without affordable health insurance. Listen people.
03:00 PM on 08/12/2009
Yes and with the current plan millions will be left uninsured.
Does that sound like a well thought out plan?
03:11 PM on 08/12/2009
Out sounds like Korporate F******!
03:46 PM on 08/12/2009
Still believing the lies I see.
Need more micro-bio fuel for my mitochondria
02:48 PM on 08/12/2009
The irony, it is they who are behaving like Nazis and fascists.
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02:44 PM on 08/12/2009
Ummm...the man in the picture holding the ObamaasH!tler poster...could that be the same guy who was "accosted" in St. Louis?
03:06 PM on 08/12/2009
No - it's not
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03:16 PM on 08/12/2009
It certainly looks like Kenneth Gladney to me.

He must be a quick healer...heh.
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02:34 PM on 08/12/2009
She doesn't need medicare, and apparently doesn't want it. So take it away.
03:12 PM on 08/12/2009
She can buy a private plan for a grand a month and help a CEO buy another yacht.
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03:24 PM on 08/12/2009
No private, for-profit health insurance company would issue her a policy due to her age and pre-existing conditions.
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02:33 PM on 08/12/2009
"In Iowa, a self-described “dumb southern Iowa redneck” told Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, “I see nowhere in the Constitution where health-care is a right.. . ."

I wonder if the lady and her family would agree with this lady from Iowa?
03:13 PM on 08/12/2009
And to that same person: I see nothing in the Constitution that gives corporations a right to conduct legalized theft.
02:30 PM on 08/12/2009
These people make Daffy Duck look like Albert Einstein.
02:28 PM on 08/12/2009
I was at a town hall meeting yesterday and saw several of those signs with Obama and a Hitlerite moustache superimposed. In that particular instance, they were carried by followers of Lyndon Larouche.
03:07 PM on 08/12/2009
Exactly right - and they are Single-Payer System advocates.... the same as many of the liberal posters here are.
03:14 PM on 08/12/2009
And what's wrong with that? i am a liberal and a single payer advocate. In other words, i belireve in truth, justice, and the American way, not the Korporate Amerika way!
02:27 PM on 08/12/2009
When I read about these "birthers and conspiracy theorists" and hear their dumb comments I can't help but remember a line from blazing saddles when Gene Wilder ( The Waco Kid)
says to Clevon Little ( Sherrif Bart) the following
"What did you expect? "Welcome, sonny"? "Make yourself at home"? "Marry my daughter"? You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons." and that sums it up for me!
02:27 PM on 08/12/2009
take her families medicare away from them, than they can make all the signs they want. at least the money from medicare would go to a more deserving person. how do you fix stupid?
Always choosing between the lesser of two evils
03:09 PM on 08/12/2009
Better yet, they can try to apply for health insurance and see what happens!
Liberal Island in a land called Utah
02:26 PM on 08/12/2009
After thought and consideration I've decided this is no longer a debate on healthcare, it is all about racial intolerance. A certain percentage of Americans cannot accept a black man as their President.
Why so much hate???
03:01 PM on 08/12/2009
Aldus Shrugged. The Antidote to Ayn Rand.
02:24 PM on 08/12/2009
(ok, i know he is not)

if Obama really had that mustache....if he really was who they say he is....

...i say SIEG HEIL!!!
02:24 PM on 08/12/2009
These Medicare cheats are robbing our tax dollars so they can ruin our right to health care? Let's go with the GOP health plan calling for suicide for anyone applying for Medicare