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11:38 AM on 02/02/2013
This makes me very angry! 112 mph is wreckless operation where I live, and combined with no insurance plus the drug charge there's absolutely no reason she was allowed to drive off. What is wrong with the people we pay to protect us? 88 mph is deadly. If this story ended with her crashing into a church van full of teenagers and killing all of them how would we be feeling? A 49 year old, a mother, a grandmother too- this person is exactly what is wrong with our country.
03:52 PM on 02/02/2013
"If this story ended with her crashing into a church van full of teenagers and killing all of them how would we be feeling?"


Good point. It is not just the DUI drivers who are a menace.
05:23 PM on 02/02/2013
All those given the privilege of a driver's license need to respect the power that is in their hands. I have donated bone fusing my neck because an 18 yr. old didn't brake in rush hour traffic. He said "the light was green"! It was, but in bumper to bumper traffic he ended up slamming into a guy who then hit me. Never look if you hear a "boom" behind you. Just brace yourself for impact and pray.
Independent thinker, atheist, scientist, engineer
01:17 PM on 02/03/2013
"crashing into a church van full of teenagers and killing all of them"

That would indeed be bad. On the other hand, had she crashed into a van full of atheists, I would assume that would have been perfectly dandy with you.

Btw, 112 mph in and by itself is NOT reckless. On many German autobahns there's no speed limit, and quite frankly, they are quite a bit safer than many US highways.
05:37 PM on 02/03/2013
Make an "as* out of 'u' an me" why don't ya'? If a group of athiests is traveling in a "meeting van" (or do athiests have church vans too?) and this woman runs into them and only she walks away from the burnt rubble of people and vehicles she caused I'd probably feel angry about that too. In Ohio, over 89 mph is reckless operation. I myself have had the pleasure of going 167 mph at Mid-Ohio race course, as a passenger, sadly. And I've flown the Concorde and know the feeling of breaking the sound barrier. I love speed. But it has it's place. And even though I have never caused a traffic accident in over 32 years and about a million miles driven, I would never ever call 112 mph anything but reckless when done on a public highway that has vans of athiests and Muslims and Polacks using the same space. Riding on the autobahns is terrifying. Perhaps if I had been at the wheel I would have enjoyed it, but as a passenger it was terrifying to trust the driver. God, I hope you and I never share the highway!
11:18 AM on 02/02/2013
Gee, I'm glad that I just boosted my insurance to standard collision. With maniacs like that loose on the road, I'm liable to need it.
Money changes everything.
11:07 AM on 02/02/2013
There is another solution, have a family tape the granddaughter's performance and play it back on facebook or something like that. You don't want to mess with Wisconsin cops or troopers, trust me! I live here.
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A little sass never hurt anybody...
11:04 AM on 02/02/2013
I doubt seriously her granddaughter was in a recital. She was just using it as an excuse. Anyone that reckless has no consideration for anyone else, family included. Just my opinion.
Carpe Diem! This aint rehearsal
10:43 AM on 02/02/2013
Gee leave early next time??
10:47 PM on 02/02/2013
or get a faster car...
10:49 PM on 02/02/2013
Here in New Joysee, no proof of insurance = tow truck to the impound lot.
Carpe Diem! This aint rehearsal
01:47 AM on 02/03/2013
New York 100+ county lock up
10:36 AM on 02/02/2013
I suppose if she had killed someone during all that the cops would have reconsidered her misdemeanor trysts. Oh wait--the cops do not make those laws, the voters do. Oops.. carry on!
10:05 AM on 02/02/2013
Don't blame her, blame the guy who gave her the 3rd ticket and let her go.
10:51 AM on 02/02/2013
No, I will blame her. She was the one in the driver's seat and pushing the gas pedal, not the Officer that wrote the 3rd ticket. If you read the entire article, you would have seen that under Minn. law "State Patrol Lieutenant Eric Roeske told WCCO-TV that all of Lacy's offenses were petty misdemeanors, so jailing her wasn’t an option." If there is no statute against getting multiple tickets in a certain amount of time, the Officer had no choice but to write her a ticket and let her go.
08:59 AM on 02/02/2013
Had she killed someone, after her 2nd ticket, wouldn't the police be liable for that persons death?? Especially after putting out a statewide alert to be on the lookout for her??
12:47 PM on 02/02/2013
NO the police would not. You can not put someone in jail for speeding. Traffic offenses are a civil forfeiture for the most part. At best what she was doing moved up to a misdemeanor per the article which then could be reason to take her into custody. You can not hold the police responsible for not doing more when they are following the law to the letter. The statewide alert was to watch for more speeding but as I said speeding is not criminal.
"Hey Kowalski, you out there?"
08:54 AM on 02/02/2013
Now, on the positive side, most grandmas drive too slow, and not uncommonly drive down the wrong side of the road. We should be happy this grandma was moving out fast.

I supported Obamacare in the hopes that the gov't would pull the life support of people like granny here.
Arthur Vecchiotti
08:11 AM on 02/02/2013
Who let her out of her cage? Her car should have been impounded with the first ticket, and she should have been arrested. Are the cops stupid???
10:48 AM on 02/02/2013
Did you not read the entire article? "State Patrol Lieutenant Eric Roeske told WCCO-TV that all of Lacy's offenses were petty misdemeanors, so jailing her wasn’t an option." different states have different laws governing when a vehicle can be impounded and the driver arrested. It appears that in Minn., speeding is not an arrestable offense. Don't blame the cops for the laws the politicians pass.
Kimberly Chapman Harris
Keeping it Real!
08:04 AM on 02/02/2013
This woman should not have a license in the first place because she obviously isn't responsible enough. Driving is a privilege and it is one that she doesn't deserve.
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12:51 AM on 02/03/2013
I agree, while were at it stupid people shouldn't breed or vote.
Kimberly Chapman Harris
Keeping it Real!
12:09 PM on 03/05/2013
Fantastic response!  I think couples should have to take an IQ test before being allowed to conceive!  Have a great day, cdfatt!
07:46 AM on 02/02/2013
just revoke her license impound her car before she kills somebody and put her Americas Dumbest Drivers.
07:35 AM on 02/02/2013
That is one tolerant State. The combination of speed and no insurance should have been enough to get her off the road before she killed someone.
07:31 AM on 02/02/2013
WOW!!!! Not having insurance in Wisconsin is a misdemeanor??? In NJ, your car gets impounded until you can provide proof of insurance. You would think though that after the 3rd ticket, something would have been done with this maniac.
I'm just sayin'
08:14 AM on 02/02/2013
Not WI...MN. When I lived in MN driving more than 20-25 mph over the speed limit landed one in jail for reckless driving. That state always was too soft on uninsured drivers...I agree, their cars should be impounded.
10:32 AM on 02/02/2013
Boatnmaniac wrote: "That state always was too soft on uninsured drivers..." Translation here: Minnesota will look the other way at the usual drivers who are without insurance as they presumably can not afford it. For those who obviously can, but are without insurance, the state will throw the book at them.
07:28 AM on 02/02/2013
And yet people like this don't have their licenses taken away. How stupid.