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03:36 PM on 08/18/2009
It's apparent that Obama will let the czar's run the country.
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02:16 PM on 08/18/2009
Listen up Kathleen Sebelius and Barack Obama:

One of the reasons you are in office is that you promised us health care for all. That is why I voted for you, and that is why I pounded the pavement last fall to get other people to vote for you. I am positive that there are millions of other Americans who can say the exact same thing as I just said.

Do you want to keep your jobs? Here's what you do: Quit trying to compromise with the party we so overwhelmingly defeated last year. Had we wanted to compromise with the Republican agenda, we would have voted Republican.
03:41 PM on 08/18/2009

You hit the nail on the head with a greasy ball pean hammer !

That's what The Giant said to Little David when his brothers were doing battle with the
The Giant said, "Boy, I 'm going to hit you so hard, you're going to hum like a ten penny finishing nail hit with a ga-ressy ball-pean hammer !" Little David said, "hummm, you ain't goning to hurt none of me ! Where's my smooth flat slick river rock ?" Behold ! He came upon a smooth flat slick river rock. He taken it (southern for took) , put it in his blue suede tenny shoe tongue, attaching two pieces of stage line, here and fro, and commence to swing, ving! Went the rock, zap hit the giant and he say Oh! 'Cause it hurt him !
Little David pounced upon him with glee and released him of his coin purse, one of those snap open kind !

That is the origin of Rock & Roll !
Credit: Brother Dave Gardner, circa 1959
04:21 PM on 08/18/2009
Very well said. I agree 100%.
01:54 PM on 08/18/2009
Why is Obama being such a sissy? I would have thought he'd have enough political capital to get his program pushed through and not get jerked around by these idiot blue dogs. I agree with Bill on this one-- a year from now, no one would have remembered or cared. Obama needs to quit with the "kumbaya" tone, and get it done.

Good heavens, if the kid runs the family car into a wall twice in eight years, you don't give 'im the keys a third time. Who cares what what these nutty right wingers have to say? Like, their judgement has been great so far?

The only thing these town hall meetings have proven is that Education Reform needs to be next on this administration's agenda. There is clearly no lack of stupid in this country.
02:57 PM on 08/18/2009
Spot on! The old saying about continuing the same practices and expecting new results comes into play.
01:50 PM on 08/18/2009
Call the Senate for FREE

The media and some politicians say we "don't have the votes" in the Senate for real health care reform with a strong public health insurance option. But poll after poll shows that three out of four of people want a public health insurance option to keep the insurance companies honest.

Click here to call your Senators and ask them to support real reform - reform with a public health insurance option to keep the insurance companies honest:

Please keep posting this site. We can flood the Senate with calls for the Public Option and a strong non-profit delivery system.
01:11 PM on 08/18/2009
Why not add a public option and cooperatives to the mix since the goal is to provide good health care for an affordable price... hopefully not more than 100 - 200 per person per month!

BCBS and other private insurance are costing healthy, young-ish customers around $600 per person per month and this is enabling their CEOs to receive multimillion dollar salaries while denying care to people who need it.
01:08 PM on 08/18/2009
Just a few rograms:
1. Dep't of Health & Family Services
2. Health Care for Children with Disabilities
3. National Welfare
4. Social Security & Social Security Disability
5. Family Resource Centers
6. WIC - food programs & health program
7. Metropolitan & HUD Housing
8. Lutheran Social Service
9. Board on aging
10. Medicaid
11. Children Defense Fund
12. Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
13. Crossroads & Crisis Center
The list goes on & on....
**THE PROBLEM IS THE "OUT-LANDISH PRICES" THAT DOCTORS, HOSPITALS & PHARMACIES CHARGE. Lower prices means lower insurance prices & more affordability.
** Obama pictures portraying him as the messiah with wings & aura is well as ridiculas & discusting.
01:22 PM on 08/18/2009
The prices of doctors, hospitals & pharmacies are set by the free market. That is, they can only charge those outlandish prices because you are willing to pay for them. Refuse to pay for them or go to a cheaper competitor. Then again, if you need a kidney transplant to live and it costs $100,000, isn't your life worth that much to you? Then I guess those prices are not so outrageous. That's how capitalism works. The government certainly can't force these providers to charge less because that would be SOCIALISM!

BTW, did you drive on a government built/maintained street or freeway today? Had to use police or firefighting services? Send a letter or package through the U.S. postal system? Thank you for supporting socialism!
01:29 PM on 08/18/2009
Lutheran Social Service? A government program? Don't you recognize anything that isn't part of your mega church?

What is National Welfare?

Doctors and hosiptals are getting ripped off by the insurance companies also. That's why they are also for reform.

Please go find real facts and not nonsense from insurance industry PR machines
Med student, Colorado
12:07 PM on 08/18/2009
Time for a letter writing campaign. Already sent mine. Took some digging, but I managed to find Sebelius' email address (it IS public, so I'll post it here). Kathleen.S­­ebelius@h­h­
Med student, Colorado
12:09 PM on 08/18/2009
In my letter to her, I gave over a dozen reasons why we NEED a public option. You can find my posting of that letter in some previous comments (I'm not going to cut and paste it again).
03:54 PM on 08/18/2009
I made a public petition at - Pass around!
11:23 AM on 08/18/2009
This better be some sort of a strategy to get the blue dogs in line. A public option is NOT optional. I already gave up on my dreams of universal Medicare for all. Don't even try telling me that some coop thing is gonna fix the health insurance industry making profits and HUGE salaries off the health of the population.

Too many compromises have been made already. We won the election dammit. I want the dems to push this thing thru! Times like this I wish I lived in a purple state just so I could make my voice louder.
11:18 AM on 08/18/2009
Has anyone run across articles the possibility of President Obama nationalizing Medicare?

I saw some posts on HP about it late last night, and I was wondering if anyone had info re: this.
01:38 PM on 08/18/2009
Medicare is already "nationalized" health care for those over 65 or with permanent disability. Has been since 1964.

The suggestion is to extend this popular and well administered socialist program to all who need it.

I can easily support this choice.

We can let those who want to buy private insurance still do so or post a bond to cover themselves in time of need for their disease management. This will preserve the "liberty" of the protesters while not leaving us taxpayers footing their bill when the can't pay after emergency services.
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10:51 AM on 08/18/2009
Is public option still an option or is it simply history? I wasn't even expecting this to come out any other way. 'Health care' is a pseudonym, it means nothing- there is no 'care', it should be called Health Business. Health care is a business.

Americans still believe their voice counts or that the president is all all powerful being. Executive powers go only so far, Obama is not superman and he is learning that now. The fact is that the health care Congress is afraid to support is making people in England, Germany and heck, even in Peru, very happy. I am sure, however, that no one is making big money there and that is the 'rub' as Shakespeare says. 'Tis unfortunate for the numbers of people without health care, but the fact is that this is not a communist country. Health care is a business and business is what makes the country 'go round', the question is, if there was a major health care reform would we take a huge hit elsewhere and if so, is it worth it? It would be very nice, but will anyone pull it off? Clinton was able to free people held in Korea, but he had trouble making health care reform work in his own country. It isn't easy and rather than asking who, what, where and when - people should be asking WHY
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02:28 PM on 08/18/2009
The more private citizens in America can choose to do what they want to do for a living, the more huge corporations will suffer. Do you really think people WANT to work in cubicles or be subjected to Dilbert-esque conditions? No, they have no choice - they select jobs, often entire life career paths, based on which companies offer the best health insurance benefits. It's another form of slavery to the giant corporations - we work for them, regardless of whether we are meant to do something else or not.

So big companies would feel the hit the worst - because some of their best and brightest won't be trapped there anymore.
10:12 AM on 08/18/2009
Sebelius was a poor choice for HHS and she has done an abysmal job on reform. why anyone is surprised is beyond me: she had no background or specialized knowledge and an ideological commitment to the DLC.

Sadly, though, it was ultimately poor judgment on Obama's part in nominating her.
09:50 AM on 08/18/2009
It is obvious who has sold out the american people. I had respected Sebelius, who i thought was an honest person. Just another sell out and it appears another enemy of the american people. It is time for REAL change. Lets see how good their health care is. Put the enemies of change in a condition that they must use their free healthcare.
08:24 AM on 08/18/2009
Call Speaker Pelosi's office and insist on the public option. Obama has given up too much and he must take a stand before the plan is whittled down to the status quo.
05:02 AM on 08/18/2009
All along people have been calling Obama’s healthcare initiative, Obama’s healthcare plan. It is not. It has been initiated by Obama, but created by Congress. By making the “public option”, optional to be in the bill that he would ultimately sign, he has left it for Congress to decide what it looks like, which is what he has said all along. All he has asked for, is to make it as universal as possible and to bring that healthcare cost curve downwards. Any other direction is universally-agreed to be unsustainable, deficit- and debt-wise. Defense+Healthcare(Medicare+Medicaid)+Social Security+Debt Servicing accounts for a whopping 70% of the Federal budget. That means everything else just takes up a tiny 30%. Healthcare is where we can exercise the most control over the budget. So, if we can get that cost curve to go down, we can most likely get the Debt to go down, too. Whether it be co-op or public option doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you turn that curve down. (Guess which plan's the best to do that?). But the big problem ANY plan has is this: YOU HAVE TO GET IT PAST THE CBO (NOT the Lewin Group). So The Left and The Right, start duking it out. Obama did his part (he presented the problem WITH HIS STRONG SUGGESTIONS). But The Left don’t forget, WE won the election!
01:43 PM on 08/18/2009
Since health care represents 16% of the U.S. economy and $.24 of every dollar goes to insurance companies for this administrative cost overhead, we can eliminate and reduce health care cost by 20% just by getting rid of health insurance bookies and running a single payer government administered program at 1/8th the cost for the same thing.
02:29 AM on 08/18/2009
The Democrats should look at what happened when the Clinton health care reform failed. The Democrats lost control of Congress, but Clinton got reelected 2 years later.

If health care reform fails this time, there is likely to be a repeat of the same scenario. The only way to avoid this disaster is to do whatever it takes to get meaningful health care reform passed. Ideally they should use the nuclear option to abolish the filibuster. But if they do not have the guts to do that, they need to use reconciliation to get what can be passed using it passed with 51 votes.
02:46 AM on 08/18/2009
What filibuster? Dems are filibuster proof!
03:06 AM on 08/18/2009
Democrats have a very big tent. Some of actually don't want single payer. Some don't want a government run "public option". Having 60 Senators simply doesn't cut it. We are not that cynical which also means we are not so disciplined. As the Republicans have essentially become an irrelevant roadblock, Dems are left to shape the bill as they want. The truth is there is disagreement as to how to achieve the goals although there is agreement on the goals. Obama doesn't actually agree with the House leadership on this. He is to the right of the Congress on this. The only way to get through the best bill for the congress is to allow the Congress to write the bill and let it move to the right.
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02:31 PM on 08/18/2009
...provided they vote along party lines. The Blue Dog democrats, for example, could sink this ship.