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03:33 PM on 02/03/2013
that's one small step for a monkey....
Reason and logic are the greatest weapons on Earth
03:26 PM on 02/03/2013
Alright now we know Iran is 35 plus years away from having a viable space program. Heard someone say on the talk show this means Iran can eventually launch a ballistic missile in 10 years or so. Oh boy yeah that makes much sense considering we have the power to turn Iran to glass and dust a thousand times over and they don't even have nuclear material. In fact they can't send a monkey to space without lying about it. Seems like such a simple thing to do- not lie about an event. They show a monkey strapped in for take off and another in apparent healthy return; but when caught in an obvious lie of different monkeys they resort to the old standby oh it was a photo mix-up. No- it was a lie and they got caught. Simple fix tell the truth- show the actual monkey that went into space and the same monkey alive today-wow isn't that too easy?
03:17 PM on 02/03/2013
Fantastic! Iran learns you can shoot about anything into space. Something everybody else already knew.
Joe Mando
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03:11 PM on 02/03/2013
In the first place, FU.
In the second place, FU.
03:09 PM on 02/03/2013
That is one frightened looking monkey! It looks so unhappy that it probably would
fling poo if it could!
dupe of delusion
03:28 PM on 02/03/2013
Which would you pick, to ride an Iranian rocket into outer space, or have your head cut off? Basically, I would have picked the same thing he did.
Lonnie R McVaigh
- The Paterfamilias -
02:56 PM on 02/03/2013
Search these terms for intereting reports regarding the Iranian and American (Israeli) Counter Intelligence going on behind the scenes:

"Engineer Behind Iranian Saucer Technology Comes Forward"


"Keshe Foundation - Home"
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02:49 PM on 02/03/2013
Perhaps Cornelius requested a dye job before being thrust or rather (strapped to the chair..")
02:49 PM on 02/03/2013
Come on. Why would Iran lie? There's no prior history.
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02:47 PM on 02/03/2013
I sure would like to put that Iran Presidents head in that box and send his no good a-- into space. They should not use animals for this research its wrong.
02:45 PM on 02/03/2013
Talk about cruel!
02:43 PM on 02/03/2013
what the hell!
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02:38 PM on 02/03/2013
Monkey looks MOST unhappy to go for a ride.Surely a 'martyr' could have been found.
04:19 PM on 02/03/2013
That's no monkey, that is President Achmedinajihad wearing his wife's new open faced burka. He had to wear it because they were afraid the rocket was too powerful so they needed something to create a little drag.
02:27 PM on 02/03/2013
Humans need a reset. Hopefully nature will take care of us at some point and bring us back down to Earth a little. We treat animals like garbage and the planet in the process. It is too bad biology took its course and made us what we are now. We have done nothing but destroy and waste it.
03:16 PM on 02/03/2013
Omg are you kidding? They treat their women like garbage too and most of their citizens. As if they care about a monkey. These people are just wired differently to you and I they have little regard for life. Period. Let alone an animals.....
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04:08 PM on 02/03/2013
WWIII will reduce the population if mother nature doesn't beat us to it
02:10 PM on 02/03/2013
Their president went to space?
03:07 PM on 02/03/2013
How many times you intend to repeat the same stupid joke. It is neither funny nor intelligent any more.
04:12 PM on 02/03/2013
I thought it was your daddy.