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Moderate Dem
11:32 AM on 08/19/2009
I can understand Charles Warner's point. But if companies don't pull their ads off of shows like Glenn Beck, it gives the appearance that they don't care WHAT he says. This could affect their bottom lines by making them look bad, and this is the last thing that they want.
It's better to be a black king than a white knight
11:21 AM on 08/19/2009
Just because they're not advertising during Beck's show doesn't mean that Beck's fanbase won't buy from them. It's also unknown how much of their own customer base is divided into Beck's fanbase and Beck's detractors...and if detractors outnumber fanbase, it's just good business sense to pull the ads because they answer to stockholders.
Rebelling against wilful ignorance is a duty
11:20 AM on 08/19/2009
If you carry your argument to its rational conclusion you would have no problem with advertisers putting banners on lynching trees. To suggest that advertisers bear no responsiblity for the messages that they facilitate represents corporate greed at its most contemptable.

There is an old saying; You will be known by the company that you keep. The market place for ideas also includeds the idea that if you support hate speech you are likely to be punnished for that support.
Peter Madaka
11:18 AM on 08/19/2009
Your argument is unconvincing. Advertizers should dump Beck because it is our consumer dollars that are funding his vile rants. Consumer boycotts work. They broke down apartheid in South Africa. They can breakdown Beck. You cannot pretend to be offended by a show and keep paying dollars to see it.
MENSA, Gay, Atheist, Married , age 58
11:13 AM on 08/19/2009
Yet the right wingers don't support your right to free speech. For example, they censor any publication from public libraries when it presents homosexuals in a less negative light. They censor the ability of science teachers to teach true science, if it contradicts their fave mythology.

Yep, stand up for the right wingers, but just know, they will stomp you down when they get the chance.
11:10 AM on 08/19/2009
Your argument assumes that Beck et al have something to add to the conversation.

They don't.