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11:16 AM on 02/08/2013
Hmmmm....the judge will decide if she get her gun and permit to carry back? Really? Why should anyone who does something like this EVER get their gun back? How is it that a past crack/heroin user is able to obtain a gun or permit? This is crazy! Her actions show that she NEVER-EVER should have been able to purchase or carry a gun. She showed her inability to use good judgement. I would question why anyone would be allowed to bring a weapon into a place where children are, to begin with. Everything about this is wrong.
Well who hasn't been there before?
10:57 AM on 02/08/2013
Oh, yes, please give back her gun.

This way she can point it at someone when she goes to Mickey D's.
the gop made it personal...!!
10:55 AM on 02/08/2013
crappy cardboard tasting pizza will do it every time...
rock and a hard place
10:32 AM on 02/08/2013
...NRA thinks we should all have the right to carry arms but, more disputes would be settled in this fashion...yup !....Just the site of that Chucky Rat can cause tempers to rise..
02:37 PM on 02/08/2013
The NRA favors putting people like this woman in jail. And in fact, the number of murders with guns has gone down as the number of concealed carry permits has increased. That is indisputible fact. The per-capita gun murder rate in 1991 was over 7 per 100,000 . It is now half that. HALF.
03:15 PM on 02/08/2013
Again, you don't speak for the NRA.

Stop pretending you do.

"And in fact, the number of murders with guns has gone down as the number of concealed carry permits has increased."

You seriously need to be taught the difference between cause and effect.
10:22 AM on 02/08/2013
This lady and people like her are the people the NRA should be going after if they truly believe that their flock of "responsible gun owners" are under persecution. This lady gives owning a gun a bad name.
01:01 PM on 02/08/2013
why should the NRA go after her. we have laws for this such thing.or police. that worked well didnt it. society has a problem and untill we all see this then everything else is just noises in the distance
02:32 PM on 02/08/2013
There are laws already in place to allow people such as this to be arrested. The NRA says loudly, daily, that it favors enforcing such laws.
03:54 PM on 02/08/2013
I wasn't talking about the laws that are clearly in place. I was stating that if there is an enemy to the NRA's cause, it's people like this. People that think they can whip a gun out to resolve any dispute are not helping.
free us from the craziness
09:26 AM on 02/08/2013
People are getting crazier, they have a gun now just pull it out.
And regardless of the outcome, people are not thinking clearly anymore.
02:42 PM on 02/08/2013
People have never thought clearly. The idea that olden times were somehow better, is nothing but imagination. In my youth, black people were lynched for voting. Was that thinking more clearly than we think now? About a century ago, women were not allowed to vote. Was that clearer thinking? 150 years ago, we viewed the Native Americans as savages and felt free to annihilate them. Was that clearer thinking? A millennium ago, believers of two great religions slaughtered each other repeatedly in the Crusades. Was that clearer thinking?
03:05 PM on 02/08/2013
Whoa Danielldgj; Your in the wrong gear, R is not right straight ahead. Come on back to the 21st century and help solve the problems we have now. Spouting history will do nothing with our problems in this century.
free us from the craziness
03:42 PM on 02/08/2013
Life was more simple.
Of course not for everyone.
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04:04 PM on 02/08/2013
Which people? Not all of us come from the same gene pool!
free us from the craziness
10:58 AM on 02/09/2013
Too many leave it at that.
09:14 AM on 02/08/2013
Would shooting Chuck E Cheese be considered assassination?
08:31 AM on 02/08/2013
At a Chuck E. Cheese? Does not surprise me at all. At a Chuck E. Cheese near where I live, they have this happen all the time. The cops are always near by almost every night and especially on the weekends and Sunday! Terrible, many of our local people will not even go there anymore and this eatery is in a faily good neighborhood. But the trouble makers are coming from over the river where there are shootings every day and killings, mostly it seems lately the killing of young teens, 15 and up! Sad situation.
Freedom FROM religion, not Freedom of Religion
08:31 AM on 02/08/2013
Responsible gun owners, haha
USS Constellation CV-64
12:27 PM on 02/08/2013
I don't think so.
02:34 PM on 02/08/2013
The NRA favors putting people such as this in jail. The organization calls repeadedly, loudly, daily, for enforcement of existing gun laws. Laws allowing her arrest already exist.
03:16 PM on 02/08/2013
"The organization calls repeadedly, loudly, daily, for enforcement of existing gun laws"

And behind our backs they fund attempts to relax gun laws.

You're not fooling anyone.
Fan me
07:49 AM on 02/08/2013
Seriously, we need TSA agents at every private and public buildings. America is getting scarier by the rate of gun misused.
07:47 AM on 02/08/2013
Be careful in the ghetto and KFC !
06:56 AM on 02/08/2013
I would consider this woman to be very dangerous - Pulling a gun because another child pushed her child is just pure garbage. And why was she released on bail? She should have been sent to a mental institution. Children push each other every day, this is not violence, this is indemic to children. A more appropriate response was to engage the children in conversation and let the "pusher" apologize, but then a woman like this who has no concept of conflict resolution will go on and on with her gun until she kills someone. And confiscating her gun is not a resolution. she will get another one because the head of the NRA said she could.
USS Constellation CV-64
12:29 PM on 02/08/2013
"she will get another one because the head of the NRA said she could. "

Try and think before you post. You may want to think FBI, not the NRA.
06:19 AM on 02/08/2013
Chuck E Cheese? lol. I've never been there. :( Tthere should be a stiffer penalty for crimes committed in places that are meant for fun and children. IF McDonald's has a couple of black people dressed as the Hamburglar and starts something with Sesame Street so they can bring in a umm . . .Big Bird . . they can be protected under this law too. :)
The future is unwritten
05:03 AM on 02/08/2013
A very good person?? Angry woman with a gun
03:53 AM on 02/08/2013
An ex-coke head with a carry permit???? Are you serious???? And now after pulling her gat in a crowded restaurant full of kids, a "judge will decide if she gets her weapon and permit back"???? Really????