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02:15 PM on 08/21/2009
My religion states that my chickens must have their heads facing west prior to decapitation and that the butcher must wear high heels, not wedges or pumps, while singing "I Will Survive" during the butchering. If I eat chicken that was not butchered in this manner it is truly an affront to gawd and I will burn in hell.

Oh wait, THAT would be silly wouldn't it?
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01:47 PM on 08/25/2009
Silly, but would you restrict her rights to religious freedom?
04:03 PM on 08/26/2009
No, I'm just pointing out that in 2009 restrictions and rituals based on religion are stupid.

Eating healthy-good. Proper care of farm animals-good. Restrictions and rituals made by an invisible man in the sky-stupid.