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05:47 PM on 08/21/2009
Oh no!! The anti-semitic smoke screen has been played the the greedy, selfish, nation destroying, Wall Street crooksters at Goldman Sachs. Their criticism has nothing to do with the super majority of honest, hard working Jews, but rather the immoral, greed inspired abuse, propagated by the crooks at Goldman Sachs.

Please give the Jewish people some respect and a break by not pulling them into your evil wickedness.
06:19 PM on 08/21/2009
I am Jewish and will tell you this statement is disgusting and makes everyone believe that Jews should get a pass when they are guilty of something.

If you are a Jew PLEASE pull all your investments form Goldman because what they are saying is offensive to so many of us it is unreal
Peter Noble 2
05:19 PM on 08/21/2009
This is one Jew who is happy to own stock in GS but does not buy the BS that I detest the out-sized bonuses GS are getting because they are Jews. What next: I am a self hating Jew for not agreeing they are victimized for being Jewish? America is the best place in the world to be Jewish. It's an insult to make such hateful claims. Times have changed and Jews are not in cattle cars and to suggest a virtual Pogrom is a disgrace.

GS: you are hated for benefiting from AIG bailout and the Lehman collapse. You are hated for making split second computer trades that make it all but impossible for 401k plans to work or for the little investor to survive. You are hated because you helped engineer this collapse by offering junk as gold. You are hated because of your lack of ethics and morals but you are not hated more than any other bank or investment house.

You are hated for a good reason: you insist while you flaunt your new found bounty that we love and adore you for it too.
05:34 PM on 08/21/2009
Right on, brother. I like your writing. Concise and to the point.
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07:30 PM on 08/21/2009
But I love how you help ME make money--so nevermind, eh Peter. More GS stock, please.
05:16 PM on 08/21/2009
This ethnic card is way overplayed nowadays. Try another tack.
05:09 PM on 08/21/2009
Maybe they are despised because people think they are a bunch of frauds ...

The public is disgusted by their greed ...

Where is the "pay czar"??????????
05:01 PM on 08/21/2009
hiding behind religion is "the last refuge of scoundrel"
04:38 PM on 08/21/2009
Trust me. I would feel exactly the same about you if you were a devout christian or Hindu or anything else. Your religion or ethnicity make you neither more or less scummy!
04:38 PM on 08/21/2009
Nice try playing the old race card/anti ______________ (insert whatever religion/ethnicity you are in blank) after you get caught. Marion Barry tried the race card, Clarence Thomas and so many others including some pretty recent ones. Why aren't those GS guys in jail?
08:55 PM on 08/21/2009
Because they financed the jail.
04:26 PM on 08/21/2009
It's not antisemitism to accuse someone of stealing your money. The little men at Goldman Sachs aren't criminals because they're Jewish, they're criminals because they're looting this country and everything we love about it.
04:11 PM on 08/21/2009
Goldman Sachs has good reason to worry about its image and anti-semitism. For months, I have felt that Goldman was a code word for Jewish. The press couldn't very well blame the steep recession on the Jews, but it had no problem criticizing Goldman for doing what the other firms were doing, but doing it better. The Bernard Madoff scandal certainly did not help matters. Perhaps the senior people at Goldman ought to do something in a very major way that helps some of the people at the bottom. Here is the story of what another rich Jew recently did to polish his image: This year and the next few years will be a time when the nation's plutocrats, Jew, Christian and Muslim alike, should keep a low profile. They should take their $50 million bonuses and give $49 million to highly visible charities. It is not the time to buy a co-op at 747 Fifth Avenue or a large estate in the Hamptons or a yacht. Even a Rothschild was gassed at Auschwitz.
04:03 PM on 08/21/2009
of course it not thier fault they're lying greedy jerks that trashed the economy and are personally responsible for the misery of millions - it must be that some of them are jewish???
WTF is wrong with these people are they that out of touch with the rest of the world?
03:55 PM on 08/21/2009
The people running Goldman Sachs have complete disdain for anything but money and whether they pretend to be Jews or Gentiles is of no matter to the people they have screwed over the decades with their disregard for honesty and integrity in their business practices. They are crooks regardless of any other label and to attack their corrupt behavior is not to attack these other labels they wear like a jacket that they can put on or take off as it suits them.
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03:51 PM on 08/21/2009
Did ever occur to those folks that maybe their behavior which included questionable or shady dealing as traders, packagers and market makers had something to do with their low repute? This, along with expecting & receiving help because of influential former GS employees in key government positions.
C'mon, fellas, the scapegoat card is being played once to often, methinks.
03:41 PM on 08/21/2009
Look! it's a flying canard!
Insignificant, yet eternal God Fractal
09:57 PM on 08/21/2009
03:36 PM on 08/21/2009
That's hilarious. And even more baseless than the same knee-jerk response of Zionist extremists to any criticism of anything Israel does, however reprehensible.
03:19 PM on 08/21/2009
I hope one day these investment banks like Goldman, can be nationalized and wound down into oblivion. Take your pick on what is destroying this country, the far right lunatic fringe or the NYC based investment banks.