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04:09 PM on 02/13/2013
*MOST* cops are nothing more than bullies and criminals, themselves.

When's the last time a cop approached you and you felt safe?

Massive egos inflated by their badges and guns, totally disproportionate to their flimsy moral character and below-average IQs. Most cops become cops so that they can extort respect they don't deserve from us through fear and intimidation.

Cops like those in the video are nothing but state-sanctioned THUGS we have to kiss up to, just so we can avoid being harassed, brutalized, and thrown in jail.

DESPITE what those with badges want us to believe, we're all equal under the law. The men in this video should go to prison for a long, long time.

The saddest part?

This, all of this, is common knowledge the citizenry has simply resigned itself to. We're all under the mistaken impression that we can't do anything about it.

If you're registered to vote, you *can* do something about it.
As an Independent, I despise both parties equally!
07:21 PM on 02/13/2013
This is only partially true. There are cops who are totally professional. Obviously these bullies are not.
Clifford Glover & Randolph Evans - We Remember
03:31 PM on 02/13/2013
They need us to believe the lie. read the police report. the cop said he told him to get on the ground and he did not move. thats a lie. The cop said put your hands up and he did then the cop HIT him while saying get on the ground. the cop also says he was reaching into his waistband as if for a weapon while laying on the ground. This was after the cop hit him multiple times in the abdomen which most humans would clutch their stomach after being struck. He then says after being tazed he would not comply. How can you comply while being tased.

The depressing part of this is it happens every day and without a video most of you would take this report to be gospel.
02:37 PM on 02/13/2013
The natives are getting restless. They want violence because they will reinact that cabin a thousand times over with you in it if you fight with violence. You can change things but it has to be as Gandhi and Martin Luther king did, So that it may expose their corruption and brutality. There is something deep inside most everyone (except narcissistic psychopaths) in the world that inherently hates to see another innocent nonviolent person come undeservedly to harm. Its the goodness that will rise up and change things for the better. There is an old line "what if we had a war and nobody came. "

Let the 1% fight their own wars and battles and see how quickly they will find a way for peace.
01:49 PM on 02/13/2013
Nice talk police officers. I don't know about anyone else but I saw him "park" his bike with kick stand and all, he wasn't going to run, I saw him put his hands up in the air then I saw him be attacked by police officers. He was moving around because it hurts to be hit in the face and ribs. I only wish he hadn't ran from them in the beginning. :( Sad stuff to watch!
01:11 PM on 02/13/2013
The conclusion here is don't ever surrender to a cop because you are going to get beaten up and even maybe killed. Better to keep running. The cop's action discourages people from peacefully surrendering.
Sure thing. Shoot, Timmy.
01:58 PM on 02/13/2013
Don't count me in that number. These cops deserve severe punishment but the best way to avoid cops is to not break the law.
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Kimiko Austin-Rijs
08:51 AM on 02/14/2013
Tell that to the many that have encountered them when they HAVEN'T broken any laws and still been beaten.
12:30 PM on 02/13/2013
More cops abusing power?! Say it isn't so! You get to see someone's true face when you give them power.
11:42 AM on 02/13/2013
Hey... Leave these cops alone! Can't you see they're working hard at making captain?
11:29 AM on 02/13/2013
This is why cops scare the s**t out of me. They are just criminals in a uniform with overly aggressive behavior and fits of rage.
12:32 PM on 02/13/2013
I second that
The Dude67
Authority is not the truth, truth is the authority
10:33 AM on 02/13/2013
Everyone should go read Chris Dorner's manifesto.  Now, and every time you see a video like this - let it burn into your memory.  
10:23 AM on 02/13/2013
This is disgusting. There's no excuse for this. He was surrendering and following instructions when he was jumped and assaulted.
09:02 AM on 02/13/2013
Pathetic and so sad :(
09:51 PM on 02/12/2013
These cops should be fired.
The Dude67
Authority is not the truth, truth is the authority
10:35 AM on 02/13/2013
And then arrested for assault.  
12:33 PM on 02/13/2013
sad thing is they probably wont receive any punishment at all.
Amazing claims require amazing evidence.
09:43 PM on 02/12/2013
They should all be fired and thrown in jail, but they won't, and this is why a lot of people do not like the police.
Robert Card
07:08 PM on 02/12/2013
Outrageous behavior even for cops.
06:24 PM on 02/12/2013
Why is there little sympathy for dead cops?
05:29 PM on 02/13/2013
Which cop did the motorcyclist kill?