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01:39 PM on 02/12/2013
Two ways to make money in America. One - start a company, work hard, put assets at risk and if successful, pay day. Two - file a lawsuit and demand a payoff ala Je$$e Jack$son and Al $harpton.

David Einhorn is jealous he has no $ in his name. Thank you America. More money for attorneys to fight over the policies of a company. If Apple stock falls can the rest of us sue Einhorn since he believes he has the right to run Apple?
More of the same ol same ... A change has to come.
01:53 PM on 02/12/2013
Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton made their money from Law Suits?
02:23 PM on 02/12/2013
More like corporate $hake down$.  All were after the $ame thing - $$$$$$$$$ without working.
11:32 PM on 02/12/2013
What does this have to do with Sharpton or Jackson?!? If your going to interject that crypto-racist trope about lawsuit shakedowns, you need to be reminded of Larry Flynt vs. Jerry Falwell. Keep in mind the Falwell and Swaggert are the white versions!
NRA, making a list and checking it twice!
01:31 AM on 02/13/2013
Not to mention the very white Westboro baptists, who are rumored to enjoy filing small potatoes lawsuits against the municipalities they picket in if anyone so much as shoves them.
12:14 PM on 02/13/2013
Fine by me.  Include them all.  They are all swine.
De gustibus non est disputandum
01:32 PM on 02/12/2013
Today's Apple = No Bravado ;-)
01:25 PM on 02/12/2013
They could spend some of that money upgrading their iworks's 4 years old!
Politeness: the most acceptable hypocrisy
01:09 PM on 02/12/2013
Finkle is Einhorn. Einhorn is Finkle. Einhorn is a man!
NRA, making a list and checking it twice!
01:38 AM on 02/13/2013
All righty then. You know that gingivitis is the number one source of tooth decay.
Internationally unknown
12:50 PM on 02/12/2013
Reminds me of the Steve Martin joke: 'How to make $1 million (dollars) and not pay taxes... first get $1 million'. Whereas Apple accumulated that hoard of cash by not paying (it's fair share of) taxes.
07:18 PM on 02/12/2013
"Whereas Apple accumulated that hoard of cash by not paying (it's fair share of) taxes. "

This is unclear to me. It seems you are saying that anyone paying "fair share" of taxes cannot accumulate money. The only way to do that is the French proposal of taking EVERYTHING you make over a certain amount, and just most of it up to that amount.
12:00 PM on 02/12/2013
Apple is just not making any friends are they?
07:20 PM on 02/12/2013
"Apple is just not making any friends are they?"

I don't know how to answer "dont they do they" questions but they seem to be in the computer business, not the friendship business.
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Science is the antidote to the poison of religion
08:17 PM on 02/12/2013
Actually they're in the marketing business. Their R&D department is ridiculously small when compared to GoogIe's, Intel's or Microsoft's, but their marketing budget is very likely more than those three combined.
09:04 AM on 02/13/2013
True, but they have sued so many & now are getting counter-sued & sued by others, If they didn't start suing everyone maybe they wouldn't be getting sued themselves so much.